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University Degree: Planning

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  1. Travelling Salesman Maths Investigation

    I will try to cycle along the shortest possible route between towns. I can only look at a few of the routes between the 10 nodes out a possible (10-1)! /2 = 181440. This would be far too many to individually analyse. Some of the possible arcs will be left as either the routes between the towns do not exist or the route passes directly through another node. I feel my network is adequately sophisticated as there are 10 nodes and many of the nodes are joined to each other.

    • Word count: 1568
  2. What were the advantages of Tesco choosing their business location where they did?

    This was good for many reasons; one was that it was easy for them to get planning permission for a new store from the council because the derelict factory was an eyesore to a town priding itself on its natural beauty. As well as being easy to get the permission to build on the site it was also very cheap to purchase the land much for the same reason as before.

    • Word count: 359
  3. Identify the issues arising from change within the centres of towns and cities and access the effectiveness of policies designed to bring about improvements.

    Not only this, but new industry was choosing to locate elsewhere, often on the outskirts of the city. This was due to the fact, that newly developed suburban greenfield sites offered large expanses of flat land, good infrastructure for raw materials and product transportation and these industries no longer needed to be particularly close to their workforce. This was compounded by the fact that these areas offered attractive surroundings, wide-open spaces and leisure facilities. In comparison, the inner city areas with Cardiff docks being a good example had a dirty environment that was heavily polluted in some cases and the land was cramped and simply did not have what any new industries would look for in a business location.

    • Word count: 1891
  4. Economics & Finance in Construction - Cost control techniques

    The kind of help available all depends on the business owner and how successful the business is itself. Types of Project Delivery Methods Project delivery methods are a system which is used by business owners and agencies for organizing and planning of: Financial design construction and development of a construction project operations and maintenance services for the structure or facility by complying into some form of legal agreements with one or more entities/parties. The type of method used all depends on the building being designed in terms of what is available. This is why different cost control techniques must be used to evaluate the pro's and con's of a construction project then a good action plan will be in place as to which technique to use and why.

    • Word count: 2083

    Just one image comes to my mind; and the root cause of the environmental issues that we are facing today is the volatile growth in population without forgetting the rapid economic development in the emerging countries. Furthermore the social and political issue exceeds the obligation. There is no perfect definition of sustainable development yet but there are a few of them that Wheeler (2004, p. 24-25) quoted on his brief of example definitions of sustainable development: ??is development that meets the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their owns need? (Brundtland Commission, 1987)? ??means improving the quality of human life while living within the carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems? (World Conservation Union, 1991)

    • Word count: 2554
  6. This report aims to analyse the reasons behind delays in site set up and why costs may have increased at the newly proposed Office building.

    The finalised design should be a benefit to both its purpose and for its users by being well balanced and correctly integrated. There are many reasons why design methods and processes are used in building projects. They include budget management, enhanced communication, more efficient project completion and quality control. The use of budget management within the design method can be discussed during the design phase. This allows cost implications to be identified before the beginning of any build works and helps minimise any potential cash flow problems and ensures the client is aware of the final project cost.

    • Word count: 3390
  7. Major urban regeneration programmes in the UK

    (Tallon 2010, p.5) Both definitions states that urban regeneration is a process integrating environmental aspects, the physical-urban, social and economic alternatives proposes to improve the quality of life of the population in any defined area. In this case, urban regeneration is generally is understood as the catalyst for a transformation aimed at promoting comprehensive improvements in blighted areas. Changes in a city always exist as living systems, change and evolve. The changes are however unpredictable and may not necessarily be good.

    • Word count: 4829
  8. Impact of Planning in the Property Market

    Developers are competing for this land to develop properties with the use that will command the highest value. There are different theories to what would happen if the developers were left to there own devices in the property market. The uncontrolled market should in theory be guided by Adams Smith ?invisible hand? in where supply and demand will always return to its equilibrium however the market without regulation would ignore social needs (Balchin et al, 1995). The developers would only develop to meet their own needs and to maximise profit. Developer?s motivation is for the result of profit where as in planning it is for the good of society.

    • Word count: 2973
  9. Identify an organisational problem with a project that your firm has been involved with.

    The project took off with traditional procurement system and started on the proposed date because of the time bound factor. Practical Problems encountered Brief: Within the second quarter of the project since it began, it was evident that the project was not moving forward, i.e. the project schedule had overrun. All well planned schedules that looked good during planning stage were falling apart. Some of the elements of the project were not finalized and the details were provided at a later date.

    • Word count: 2051

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