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University Degree: Planning

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  1. Redevelopment of Bexley College

    There is also a library to the west of the tower block and various other buildings including a detached dwelling and single storey classrooms. There is an existing student car park adjacent to Tower Road and another for staff next to the Tower Block. Title deed documents obtained from Land Registry Office shows that there are some were restrictive covenants existing over the land dated 1868 and 1870 which will have been overturned by the 1971 development. The closest train stations are Erith train station which is approximately fifteen minute walking distance from the subject site (0.58 mile)

    • Word count: 2083
  2. Feasibility Study

    There are few shops in the village and the local school has recently closed due lack of pupils attending. The village also has the River Stour running through and parts of the village are on a flood plain as well as a flood way. Hothfield has very few facilities in the village, most of which are located in Ashford. There is also no train station in the village and also a very irregular bus service with poor standard bus stops. Proposed Site The proposed development site is located at Home Farm, set around 250m from the centre of Hothfield.

    • Word count: 1831
  3. Planning theory.

    Planning is a valuable asset. The physical environment of planning has been given measures such as, development control and litigation on conservation and design. From which issues of loss of countryside and habitat loss can be addressed. Within our economic environment the distribution of resources within the regions would be part of planning policy; this could also involve the social environment. There have been many theoretical debates as to what environment from the social, economic, political and physical environment that planning deals with.

    • Word count: 2081
  4. The Environmental Quality of Housing Areas in Ipswich

    The railway system run's at a frequency of trains to the capital every 15 minutes, and a short commute time of only 1 hour 5 minutes, to the capital. As a result of these benefits businesses are moving to Ipswich. Ipswich's population has been growing, steadily; this is due to its popularity increase from smaller businesses, trying to make advantage of its short commute time, and its cheaper prices, of labour, and land (than London). As the businesses have started to flood in, there has been an increase in population in recent years.

    • Word count: 4852
  5. Dartford History

    The existing buildings can give us a good idea of what the town may have looked like in the 1800s, and even earlier. Also it can tell us what the High Street was used for, as most of the remaining buildings are still used for the same purpose as in the 19th century. Also the buildings show us links between Dartford's previous uses and its current uses. For example, the Bull &Victoria hotel would've been used as a coaching inn; we know this because the entrance was big enough for a coach to stop in.

    • Word count: 1874
  6. intro to setlement course work

    Years later, in 1545 Henry VIII watched his fleet set sail from Portsmouth only to witness the sinking of the 'Mary Rose' which capsized due her guns not being secured correctly and the ship being overloaded with soldiers. In 1982 the wreck of this ship was reclaimed from the sea and is housed in the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth. A Town Hall was opened on 9th August 1890 by the Prince and Princess of Wales. The prince said, "You have every reason to feel proud of this fine building, worthy of the largest naval port in the United Kingdom, and of the architectural beauties which it displays."

    • Word count: 1315
  7. With reference to a named city, explain what is meant is by 'urban re-imaging'?

    The 2004 Index of Deprivation indicated Manchester as Third, estimating 234,000 residents within the city living in 10% of the most deprived area in England. Such types of severe deprivation can lead to enormous challenges such as, high levels of crime, high levels of unemployed, poor skill levels, continuing poor educational achievement for children at school, Poor health and housing that is in constant poor condition. However, Manchester seeks to reframe this situation and has been doing so since the 1950's.

    • Word count: 1171
  8. How can academic work on cities and identity help us compare the portrayal of an aspect of urban life in the following films: Boys 'n the hood and Minority Report.

    With the film Boys 'n the Hood, the major changes that had happened in the last quarter of the century was black people getting equal rights, but although still not totally accepted within society in some areas and being poor, education was not the priority of some people. As the next generation grew up they had the previous generation as their role models, jobs were scarce and some people started dealing drugs in order to support their families; and with drugs, crime goes hand in hand.

    • Word count: 1105
  9. creative writing

    The only problem we had was accommodation; the people never had a big apartment to accommodate us. You can pass the night in my Attic...Said the Old Lady AN ATTIC... exclaimed Sandra Hell no, How can I live my big bedroom all just to come and sleep in an attic, there is absolutely no way that is going to happen (she whispered). We were not thrilled by the old woman's offer so we refuse it. Having being attracted by the golden bright writing 'A HOME FOR PLEASURE' on the front of the big bright mansion that was up the road

    • Word count: 977
  10. Critically examine the development of Town and Country Planning in the United Kingdom

    2002). It is widely acknowledges that the greatest flowering of formal town planning before the Industrial Revolution came in the Baroque era in Europe, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. At this time, Britain had no absolute monarchy resulting in the aristocracy and the new merchant class dominating the growth of cities and determined their form. This resulted in a different but distinctive form of town planning from the rest of Europe.

    • Word count: 2901
  11. the role of a regional centre. Australian towns.

    The movement by larger companies attracted an agglomeration of smaller companies that are linked by services and industry. Bathurst was chosen for its stable work force, good transport links, support services and the financial incentives offered by the Bathurst-Orange Development Corporation. An example is the abattoir industry which would then attract side industries that would feed off it, such as food processing and frozen meats companies. This in turn boosts the whole economy of the regional city, as the industries attract a larger labour force which then makes it viable for the city to expand even further. Another example of decentralisation is Buckman Laboratories, a chemical manufacturer, which moved from Sydney to Wagga Wagga.

    • Word count: 1306
  12. In what sense can cities be said to be unsettling? Explore the implications of this view for social and natural relations in the city. dd304

    We saw how Bangalore in India is taking advantage of its' highly educated yet low paid workforce and move into the information technology industry, the city has decided to take this route, hoping it will bring prosperity and growth to the area. Cities are places that draw in migrants, regionally, nationally and internationally,as we can see in the example of Bangalore as each wave of immigration takes place a new set of relationships are formed, as the new arrivals remain connected to their previous homes, through communication, ethnicity, values and possibly the repatriation of funds.

    • Word count: 2373
  13. How useful is the identification of tensions to an understanding of cities dd304

    Individuals harbour indifference to others that they may meet on the streets and mass transport systems as they travel from home to work and back again. Within the daily rush hour those returning home following their night jobs, such as cleaners and security guards, are lost in the sea of individuals working 'normal' office hours. Louis Wirth suggests that because of the large numbers of individuals living in close proximity that 'contacts of the city may be face to face, but they are nevertheless impersonal, superficial, transitory and segmental' he sees this behaviour as a form of immunisation of individuals from others expectations, there are too many people to get to know them all.

    • Word count: 2343
  14. good, bad and ugly-original writing peice

    He could remember having travelled for a good few days in the blistering heat of the west's deserts and the sticky sensation of the leather as it rubbed and clung to his sweaty back as he leaned ever so casually against the rickety fence of the old stables, waiting for the duo of sheriffs that had been following his path for the past days. He remembered glancing over the town as he waited, listening to the wind whistling through the streets and blowing sand around, as he looked over everything from the buildings with their faded paint, to the silent grey gelding that had been tied to the front of the town's bar.

    • Word count: 653
  15. When I had all my results recorded I had to design graphs to make my results easy to explain.

    For instance the main advantage I can think off for people coming from Southern Ireland into the North is the value of their currency. Even though euro is a very weak currency compared to the sterling pound it is still a lot cheaper for people from the South to shop in the North. Also some of the towns are served better by the public transport therefore the towns served better by public transport will have more people coming into the town.

    • Word count: 1686
  16. Aim: to examine the process of gentrification and discover how this form of urban change affects all of urban society.

    It is an extremely visible process where the new people change the character of the existing community. There are many contributing factors that affect whether gentrification occurs in a specific location though it is very difficult to predict whether or when change will occur. On the supply side you need areas that are ripe for redevelopment in either having a large stock of dilapidated often architecturally interesting buildings or 'brown-field' sites of post-industrial land. The ability to make a capital profit seems to be a key factor. The factors affecting the demand side, the pool of those able to gentrify, are wide ranging and highly complex and not all are involved in a specific location.

    • Word count: 1652
  17. "Cronica de una muerte anunciada", Gabriel Garcia Marquez. "The town itself is the protagonist of the novel. The novel's chief interest lies in its exploration of the town's collective psyche or communal values". Develop and Discuss.

    However, the ways and customs of the country at that time mean that the majority of those who believe the Vicario brothers also believe that they are doing the right thing in restoring Angela's honour and do nothing to prevent the tragedy. Those who are told and do try to prevent the incident are unsuccessful, as a series of unforeseeable events gets in their way. It was "una muerte anunciada", a death foretold. Although the basic outline of the plot is essentially an account of all the events leading up to the death of Santiago Nasar, the chief interest is undoubtedly the town as a collective.

    • Word count: 1477
  18. Discuss What Relationship Bret Harte Elaborates Between Frontier Experience and the Formation of Society.

    Harte decided that the best way to overcome this problem was to import romantic situations and plot structures in an unmapped and unknown landscape. Hid Californian mythology was founded on ideas taken from the Bible, from Greek legend, Washington Irving, Walter Scott and Dickens. Harte's sentiment is obvious, yet restrained and his pathos is not paraded and insisted upon as Dickens's was. However, even though there is a variety of incident and going on in his stories, there is still a controlling unity of theme and tone.

    • Word count: 1700
  19. Evaluate the Impact of PPG 16 on Archaeological Practice

    plans should include policies for the protection, enhancement and preservation of sites of archaeological interest.'4 And furthermore: 'Authorities should bear in mind that not all nationally important remains meriting preservation will necessarily be scheduled; such remains and... other unscheduled remains of more local importance may also be identified... as worthy of preservation.'5 This last point is pertinent in light of the comments made by Peter Addyman, in a paper given at the Society of Antiquaries of London in February of this year, where he stated that one of the effects of PPG 16 was to allow national agencies to concentrate

    • Word count: 3028
  20. Queensland University of Technology

    Central to Lawson's production was Symbolism - the systematic use of symbols to represent or allude to something, a subversion of what is "real". Throughout the production Lawson creatively put the techniques of Symbolism to work in the form of staging, prop use, characterization, sound, and lighting. Even the title was apt. The siblings representational of wild-eyed feral creatures, yapping and snapping at each other, scavenging like dingoes, their survival instincts driving away the normal social niceties of urban existence.

    • Word count: 1604
  21. Management Planning and EthicsFor a public affairs office to be effective, it must ensure it implements proper planning at all levels of management

    Likewise, if a community member wants to know whether the base is holding an air show and what the procedures for admittance will be, this person also contacts the PA office. To be able to answer all these queries accurately, the PA office's leaders regularly meet to devise and implement action plans that enable the office to successfully manage, distribute and organize how it communicates with the local community. These plans are divided into several key categories: crisis management, information management and distribution management.

    • Word count: 1158
  22. Community and Culture

    Finally the provision of facilities in Crook are as follows: Pubs Solicitors Pizza shops Parks Libraries Town Hall Takeaways Banks Schools Building Societies Video shops Hairdressers Leisure centre Surgeries Housing estates Dentists Supermarkets Taxi services Council Building Shops Job centres Garages Post offices Petrol Stations Outdoor markets Cafes Chip shops Betting shops Working mans clubs Chemists Amusements Bowling Greens Newsagents Gym Police station Fire station Ambulance station Churches Tennis courts Football Pitches Hamsterley Hamsterley is a village situated in Co.

    • Word count: 3595
  23. Hypothesis 1The retailing experience in 'The Oracle' is more enjoyable than at either 'The Broad Street Mall' or the 'High Street'.

    The purpose of this hypothesis is to create a feasible scheme to regenerate the poor scoring district. Methodology will include assessment of overall quality, a study of amenities and a look at land use and possible problems that lie there in. Geographical Theory This investigation will be focusing on the three major retailing areas of the Reading central business district (CBD) - 'The Oracle', 'Broad Street Mall' and the 'High Street*' and the relationship they have with one another. The aims of the investigation are as follows: * Investigate the popularity of the three areas and determine which provides the most enjoyable retailing experience.

    • Word count: 7861

    Firstly, with the number of immigrant continuous increase, there is a radical shift in the nation's ethnic background. According to Ronald Allen Goldbery, around 14.3 million people arrived in America between 1900 and 1917. In 1920, there were around 14 million foreign-born people out of a total population of 105700000 in America. That is why many American had a fear of being overwhelmed and of suddenly finding one day that they are no longer themselves. Secondly, according to Alan Brinkley, by 1890, most of the population of the major urban areas consisted of immigrant: 87 percent of the population in Chicago, 80 percent in New York, 84 percent in Milwaukee and Detroit.

    • Word count: 3433
  25. The inner-city problem is one of both growth and decline. Discuss.

    Initially a development within capitalist economies, following the Industrial Revolution, industrialization now transcends any single economic system. Compared with pre-industrial organization it took the form of factory production, involving a division of labour tasks among workers. A prominent feature of industrialization, and the one that is most relevant to this discussion, is the geographical concentration of industry and population. Industrialization is considered to be largely responsible for the growth of cities, and is closely linked to the process of urbanization. Nineteenth century industrial practices were limited, geographically speaking, to specific locations, usually areas possessing valuable raw materials such as coal, or areas that facilitated the transport of inputs or end products, such as port locations.

    • Word count: 2776

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