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The development of steel structures in High Rise Buildings

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Murat keles History and Theory TFA 1121 Charles Hippisley- Cox The Development of Steel Structures in High-Risers Introduction Steel is one of the strongest and most affordable materials. It is used in all types of buildings and in all aspects of construction. Compared to other building materials steel has a favourable strength to weight ratio and it offers the greatest strength per volume. For century's steel has been in use for many applications. Particularly in construction this alloy has allowed a new type of building, known as the skyscraper. After a certain point, it just wasn't possible to keep building up. In the late 1800s, new technology enabled these limits. Suddenly, it was possible to live and work in colossal towers, hundreds of feet above the ground. Steel has helped urbanised locations with the use of skeleton structures by allowing more floors to be added to the construction. Steel allowed architects to utilise floor space on multiple floors. ...read more.


NATWEST BUILDING LONDON HOME INSUREANCE BUILDING CHICAGO When coming to a conclusion about the type of material to use, we must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of steel. The main advantage of steel is that it is good in compression and tension making it ideal for the great range of applications whether it be bracing, horizontal beams or steel piles in the foundations. However the material properties cannot be the only reason for its strength but also the structure used. The weight of steel can be important to the structures strength however floors nearer to the base have much more chance of failure due to the above weight being much heavier at the bottom rather than at the top, this is why high-risers are engineered by mechanically driving piles deep into the foundations to stabilise the building and carry the weight of the whole building. This is also done by bracing the building in strategic areas as add strength and reduce movement. ...read more.


Manufacturing on a small scale results in much higher costs as the tools to extrusion the structure have to be made, the trouble with this it will be costing heavily into the budget. Not only this but construction being one of the biggest industries to use up materials such as Iron ore, reusing such materials at the end of the buildings life on other developments. The result of cross sections will result in more wasted steel as it cannot be reused. The procedure of recycling is not as environmentally friendly the reason being is the temperatures needed to reach are high to break the bonds of steel in order to reform it. To conclude to this steel has been an important material to use on skyscrapers however as with every material along with its strengths it also has its drawbacks. Steel when used to help buildings add to its floor levels this is an amazing growth in buildings reaching storeys up to current amounts of 100+ floors. .REFERANCES * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tower_42 * http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/buildingbig/wonder/structure/home_insurance.html * http://science.howstuffworks.com/skyscraper2.htm ?? ?? ?? ?? MURAT KELES MURAT KELES TFA 1121 ...read more.

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