Are there any circumstances in which it would be acceptale to use animals for scientific research?

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Are there any circumstances in which it would be acceptable to use animals for scientific research?


Man has been entrusted with the right by the nature to be the king of the globe. Life of human is ever valuable and important than other living matters. So, any step for the betterment of human civilization through the use of other living things is acceptable. But it again does not mean that animals don’t have any rights. Yes, they have but the extent of their right should not be the obligation to human progress. So, animals can be used in scientific researches under certain circumstances provided that they guarantee the betterment of human lives without torturing used animals.-103

Firstly, scientists need to use animals in their research when there are no alternatives to obtain desired results besides using animals. They need to make it clear in front of public and government authorities that animals are sole matters which are the basis of their experiment that is going to be carried out for human welfare rather than for devastating purpose. Again, it is most that they need to assure authorities or let them check that positive outcomes of the research are apparently possible and plausible as well as valuable. So, animals can be used in scientific research basically when there are no alternatives and results are likely and favorable for human benefit.-110

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Secondly, animals used in the positive scientific researches like medicinal and teaching researches should never be the ones brought from their natural habitats and wild stations. They should either be grown up in the breeding farm or produced in bulk through artificial methods like cloning so that their use in such researches does not damage balance in ecosystem and provide challenges to natural environment. But it should be noted again that the proper care during breeding as well as their use in research need to be an outstanding issue beside the freedom to breed animals and to use them ...

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