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University Degree: Marine & Freshwater Biology

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    Plankton - Marine Biology,Scientific Paper

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    These different mesh sizes would hopefully catch a range of plankton from Mesozooplankton to Picoplankton. The water samples would be taken back to the lab where we would attempt to identify the individuals to species level. To do this we would use different microscopes, depending on the size of organism and identification guides. We had the option to either use a binocular microscope or a monocular microscope. Discussion Nutrients is vital for the survival and formation of a food web, it is essential for the growth of plankton. In the marine environment Nitrogen is usually the growth-limiting nutrient.

    • Word count: 1497
  2. Expanded Analysis of Catastrophic Soil Erosion during the End-Permian Biotic Crisis

    The organic compounds and carbon isotopes compounds were confirmed by Sephton et al. using high-resolution gas chromatography - mass spectrometry. The organic soil matter was specifically furan structures which are produced by the dehydration of cellulose and, when found in fossilized organic matter, which are usually presumed to be the remains of dehydrated polysaccharides. This DNA implied that the initial soil conditions were very good for burying and preserving eroded organic soil matter in the marine ecosystem. To further support the hypothesis of the end-Permian Soil Crisis, Sephton et al. needed evidence of excessive soil erosion from other land masses that had been a part of the single land mass of Pangaea.

    • Word count: 1637
  3. A comparison of marine organisms on shale & limestone coasts. Doolin, Ireland.

    Brightly coloured lichens form distinct bands on the high shore, seaweeds are present in abundance, and where sediment occupies rockpools flowering plants dominate. This assignment will look at the comparison of marine organisms on two wave cut platforms; shale and limestone. There are three simple aims for the fieldwork at Doolin, all of which are achievable and important to our findings: 1. To determine if there is any relationship between organisms and bedrock type. 2. To establish if there is any correlation between bio-diversity and distance from shoreline.

    • Word count: 1714
  4. Abundance, Distribution and Species Diversity of Invertebrates Collected By Commercial Trawler From Near Shore Coastal Areas of Karachi, Pakistan (Northern Arabian Sea).

    KEY WORDS: ABUNDANCE, DISTRIBUTION, DIVERSITY INDEX, H', COMMERCIAL TRAWLER, COASTAL AREAS OF KARACHI, (NORTHERN ARABIAN SEA). INTRODUCTION Commercial trawlers along the cost of Karachi are conducting a lot of bottom trawling. One of the supports of the regional economy and fulfill the needs of protein source of the country. Little information is available in the literature on the bottom dwelling macro-faunas of the coast of Pakistan. There is thus a grate gap in our knowledge about our own marine fauna.

    • Word count: 1681
  5. Overpopulation of Humans along the coasts causing reduced fish population

    In the ensuing process of reclamation of the land or the ecosystem to suit the specifications of man, the environment suffers a great deal. The environment, whether very harsh or conducive, is home to other animals. Encroaching on these lands and making them habitable for humans inconveniences the rest of the animals a great deal. The inconvenience may result in the animals reacting in diverse ways; these could be as diverse as some of the animals dying in mass thereby resulting in extinction of species (Kevin, 1998).

    • Word count: 1584

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