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Life coaching course essay. I present in this essay an understanding of what motivation is and the importance of understanding and clarifying what motivates the client, in order to empower the client through the coaching relationship to attain what they w

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Title: "An effective coaching relationship � can motivate clients and unstuck the stuck. People come to coaching for lots of different things but the bottom line is change" (Co-Active Coaching " L. Whitworth, Jkimsey-House, P. Sandahl). Course: Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching Coaching creates a channel of self discovery for the client, so that they can find within themselves a greater understanding of what creates fulfilment and happiness and balance in all areas of their life to achieve their highest dreams and ambitions. The Coaching relationship is a powerful relationship that proves a secure space for a client to open themselves up to possibilities and opportunities in their life. We all have the answers within ourselves. We know what we need and want in our life, coaching provides a place where we can tap into our inner knowing to find these answers in order to achieve our goals and dreams in life. Coaching is a wonderful relationship that gives a client an opportunity to learn about themselves to enable them to move forward and leave behind negative behaviours or thoughts that limit their true potential. I believe it is so important for all of us to have the opportunity in life to create a positive vision for our future and learn to enjoy the whole journey we embark on to fulfil our goals in life. Laura Breman Fortgang uses this beautiful metaphor to describe coaching: "I'd like you to imagine that we are working on an archaeological dig, with me as your coach. We will brush away the dust from your life in order to allow its outline, the blueprint for your best life to come to the surface". Fortgang, L B. 2002 This really resonates with me because it is so true for me in my life, I believe through coaching I have been able to allow my real self to shine through and clear away anything blocking me in moving towards my real life purpose and goals. ...read more.


I held a value very close and dear to me around security. To me it was of key importance to always live in a way that will secure me financially. However it prevented me from opening up to the possibility of embarking on a new career because of my fear of earning less money. I began to realise I needed money to live but this value wasn't serving me because it held me back from fulfilling a dream and passion and I felt stuck in the job I was in. When I looked closely I realised this was a value that was instilled in me from my upbringing and from fear of not having enough. This value wasn't serving me in my life and I also became aware it wasn't my value to hold on to. A coaching relationship allows a client to become aware of their values, which ones are theirs, which ones they need to honour and which ones they need to let go of to prevent them being held back in their life. When I let go of my need for security around money, the possibilities of my life, my career and my passions opened up and I feel so alive and motivated to and I am now on my life path with greater clarity and freedom. We can feel stuck in our lives because of our belief systems that we hold and our beliefs that define who we are. We are stuck because our beliefs can be limiting. When we are unaware of these beliefs it can be difficult to move away from our limitations. The coaching relationship allows us to look inside ourselves and question ourselves and speak about who we are. The effectiveness of the coaching relationship brings to our conscious awareness how we define ourselves through beliefs. What I have learned is that we all have beliefs, and these beliefs are part of us today and we have built up these beliefs from our surrounding environment and upbringing. ...read more.


as important to investigate with a client what it is that's in their power to have an influence over and what they don't. The reason this is important is because we can do open the client up to options and choices that exist for them while also ensuring they understand what is within their control. If we try to change things out of our control create frustration and keeps us stuck. A good tool that I have used with clients for establishing this is the GROW model. Once the client has established what needs to change, then I can open up the client to looking at feasible options, and checking for the reality of these options in order to ensure they are all within their control. This motivates the client because they can become clear on precisely what they can do to attain and what real options are available for them to attain this. The client is empowered and motivated by creating their own options and coming to their own realisation of how they are going to make changes. I have come to realise through writing this essay that in order to have what you want from life and feel fulfilled, we need to be true to yourself. When we can strip away the layers that we use to cover ourselves up and protect ourselves and to get recognition and love from others, we come back to our true self. When we are able to look at what we need and feel from the core of our being we can come to our own awareness of what we value and in turn we can find our motivations to attain goals and live the life that we want. The coaching relationship allows us to clear away thoughts that don't serve us and allow us to look at ourselves in a different light, a positive light where we can get the best from all our personal qualities and shine and live the best life for ourselves. ...read more.

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