Life coaching course essay. I present in this essay an understanding of what motivation is and the importance of understanding and clarifying what motivates the client, in order to empower the client through the coaching relationship to attain what they w

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Title:  “An effective coaching relationship ¦ can motivate clients and unstuck the stuck. People come to coaching for lots of different things but the bottom line is change” (Co-Active Coaching “ L. Whitworth, Jkimsey-House, P. Sandahl).

Course:  Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching

Coaching creates a channel of self discovery for the client, so that they can find within themselves a greater understanding of what creates fulfilment and happiness and balance in all areas of their life to achieve their highest dreams and ambitions.  The Coaching relationship is a powerful relationship that proves a secure space for a client to open themselves up to possibilities and opportunities in their life.   We all have the answers within ourselves.  We know what we need and want in our life, coaching provides a place where we can tap into our inner knowing to find these answers in order to achieve our goals and dreams in life.  Coaching is a wonderful relationship that gives a client an opportunity to learn about themselves to enable them to move forward and leave behind negative behaviours or thoughts that limit their true potential.  I believe it is so important for all of us to have the opportunity in life to create a positive vision for our future and learn to enjoy the whole journey we embark on to fulfil our goals in life.

Laura Breman Fortgang uses this beautiful metaphor to describe coaching:

        “I’d like you to imagine that we are working on an archaeological dig, with me as         your coach. We will brush away the dust from your life in order to allow its outline,         the blueprint for your best life to come to the surface”.  Fortgang, L B.  2002

This really resonates with me because it is so true for me in my life, I believe through coaching I have been able to allow my real self to shine through and clear away anything blocking me in moving towards my real life purpose and goals.

In this essay I examine the way we often live our lives trying to satisfy other people and live in accordance with what we believe we “should” do in life.  When we live like this we are de motivated because we are not fulfilling what we need and want.    I present in this essay an understanding of what motivation is and the importance of understanding and clarifying what motivates the client, in order to empower the client through the coaching relationship to attain what they want in their life.  In order for a client to have the life they want, the fundamental need is for change and through the coaching relationship the client can understand what needs to change and the actions necessary embrace these changes.  

My own interest in this essay is the importance of understanding a client on a deeper level and looking at ourselves from all the important areas of values, beliefs and our motivations in life for change.  Throughout my essay I explain each of these important areas of coaching and techniques that are suitable and reflect on instances where I have used these techniques to show my understanding of how coaching is powerful and has a positive effect on motivating a client and moving them away from being stuck to a position of power and effective change.

Coaching relationship helps the client come to an understanding of what motivates them in order to move the client from a place of being stuck to place of fulfilment by finding out what drives them and makes them tick.  It is important for me as a coach to understand motivation.  Intrinsic motivation allows a person to feel pleasure from inside themselves and gives them individual satisfaction and fulfilment.   Intrinsic motivation is not dependant on any outside rewards or other people. Motivation is the driving force within an individual that allows them achieve their goals in life.  The coaching relationship it is important to find their intrinsic motivations. 

The coaching relationship provides a vehicle for self discovery which can motivate the client. A person can explore and discover who they are, what they want and how they are going to get it.  The 3 step coaching technique can help them find out what makes them tick, what they really want, and what makes them happy.  This coaching technique brings about awareness to the client, using the questions “The who, The What and The How”.  

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I had a client recently who felt unmotivated in her life. First I used the 3 step coaching technique to begin the session to ask her who she really was and what it was she wanted for herself in her life and then how was she going to get it.  She was able to tell me about herself and that she was unsatisfied where she was living and unmotivated in many aspects of her life.  Once she was able to establish who she was and what she wanted, I wanted for us both to understand what was blocking her.  I ...

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