Mitochondria and The Golgi Complex

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Work Book Section II

1a(i) Mitochondria

1a(ii) The structure and shape of the shape in the diagram suggested to me that it was a mitochondria cell. The structure of the all round shape and also the inner walls to the mitochondria cell.

1b(i) Golgi Complex

1b(ii) and 1c

A membrane bound compartment in the interior of a cell. This compartment is involved in modifying, sorting and packaging lipid, carbohydrate and protein molecules for secretion or for delivery to other organelles.

One of the organelles that is in both the animal and the plant cells is the golgi apparatus. In this organelle, the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) sends (The function of the vesicles are to mainly transport proteins and other cellular material between cells and organelles) to the Golgi complex where they fuse with the cell membrane. Their membrane, which has now added to the membrane of the sacs of the golgi, empties it's contents of it into the golgi sac.

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1d Single-membrane structure.

The thickness of structure C shows to be only a single membrane cell. Also the structure when compared to other similar looking cells on the diagram, such as structure D, looks less rigid and unstable. I believe structure D to be a double-membrane structure

2a Large molecular structure increases penetration rate

2b Small Number of Hydroxyl groups decrease the penetration rate

2c Low lipid solubility decreases penetration rate

2d The Hydrophilic nature increases penetration rate


3b The cytoskeleton is a network of protein elements that extends through the cytoplasm in eucaryotic cells.



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