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University Degree: Social Psychology

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  1. A study was conducted to examine the motivation and impact of group-based emotions in modern society. The researchers conducted four different studies on members of the Israeli nation

    In the second study, students were encouraged to participate in two experiments that appeared to have no connection to one another to conceal the researchers' intention and provide the basis for unbiased results. In the second study, the researchers wanted to investigate Israelis' perspectives and feelings toward contentious issues in Israeli social discourse. Numerous concerns about religiosity, political orientation, age, gender, and other coverable were investigated in these experiments. Researchers concluded that individuals would adopt the feelings of a group to strengthen their sense of belonging to that unit.

    • Word count: 952
  2. In The Future of Love by Barbara Graham, she cites a variety of people and opinions as research about views on romantic love. These views fall into two general schools; those two schools are biological and environmental.

    Graham didn?t seem to notice the disgusted look on his face in the picture her mother took. According to Graham, ?We put our hopes on romantic love so early? (Graham), this can be seen in the example of her first wedding. Graham goes on to say that we search for perfect love all too young, which could be a result of growing up with fairytales where everything ends perfectly or ?happily ever after.? One aspect she talks about is Joseph Campbell?s Myths To Live By, and explains how ancient India saw the relationship of marriage and passion.

    • Word count: 910
  3. Drawing upon what you have learned about City Road in Cardiff, outline how differences are made and remade on a street which you know

    The High Street used to be the main road of the town centre many years ago. These days it is completely pedestrianised during the day then opened to the small amount of traffic that uses it in the evenings until the early morning. City Road has not changed in this way, but has become more used by people using it as a conduit to get through to other places (?Material lives?, 2009, scene 2). This highlights the change of social organisation of both streets. In the High Street, where years ago it used to be used as more of a through road with parking at the sides, it is now used as more of a shopping and relaxing environment during the day.

    • Word count: 891
  4. Multicultural Paper. This paper will discuss how psychologists are encouraged to understand and to become knowledgeable about other cultures and their belief of the world. Psychologists are also advised to examine their selves when interacting with clien

    In American Psychological Association, (2003) guideline 1 talks about psychologists may be bias and hold attitudes, beliefs that can have an effect on their perception with interacting with individuals who are different from themselves. Psychologists are encouraged to learn how other cultures view the world. This article expresses how psychologist or just people in general view other people in categories in order to understand that person?s behavior (American Psychological Association, 2003). These types of behavior easily lead to bias and ineffective communication. Psychologists are advised to be aware of their own attitudes and be more tolerant of other cultures.

    • Word count: 945

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