The Professional Sports Person.

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The Professional Sports Person

Sport can play an enormous role in an athlete’s life and can sometimes get too much for them. For Professional athletes, sport is a full time job. These athletes get a lot of both positive and negative publicity which they have to deal with in an appropriate and orderly manner. More often or not sports officials are independent contractors and deal independently with the media when it comes to personal features or general questions about the profession.        

There are many different situations where professional athletes and their behaviour can be influenced. Sports professionals are affected by media, drugs, racism, fans, management, fashion and many more.

 Media attention can be very intimidating for old and new athletes and the press can make athletes feel under great pressure because of the stories un covered and made up which might change a fans out look on an athlete.. Media is formed in many different ways such as radio, magazines, television, tabloids and many others. Athletes get viewed for their performance on the pitch, behaviour off the pitch, for what they drink, what they wear and how they speak. When dealing with the media, athletes have to be careful what they say and how they act as many of the younger generation look up to professional sports people as role models and copy many of their images. For example every time David Beckham went out and changed his hair style, you would see hundreds of children with the same hair cut the next day. As David Beckham has advertised many things such as sports wear and drinks, many of these brands have had an enormous increase in sales as many young boys and girls want to wear the same trainers as him. Media pick up on anything and will make a story on especially if they think it might attract attention from the public.

When the athletes get attention from fans and media, it may not always be positive attention. Most athletes have a great passion for their sport and are very dedicated to training and being the best. They have to train hard on order to succeed in their sport. The press pick up on everyday life things such as who they socialize with, where they go, how they act and what they do. David Beckham is one of the biggest and one of the most well known football players in the world and also the biggest advertising icon. His fame could carry almost any club as he is an amazing football player with great skill appealing to many boys but is also has a sexy image and is a big fashion icon. He has modelled for various things such as Vodafone, Pepsi, clothes and many other adverts. He has also promoted police glasses, signed a software contract for computers, computer games etc. David has been copied, ridiculed and idolised by many. The media have a huge obsession with him and with no doubt, any story on him would make a good story or a definite well read, popular article.

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 The media look for an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, things that make them unique such as their individual elements and cultural influences.

The media have turned many sports men and women into celebrities. They attract attention for sponsors and advertisers.

Some athletes may feel that they need to go a little bit further or try harder to be better than other athletes who may have a lot of sponsorship offers etc and feel they need to boost  their performance level in order to become one of these role models yet go the wrong way about it.  Some feel forced ...

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