This House Would Ban All Experiments on Animals.

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This House Would Ban All Experiments on Animals

        The first reason why I believe that all experiments on animals should be banned is because it is totally against all our morals. Humans aren’t superior to animals and should most certainly not have the power of life or death over another living species, whether it can speak or not. All animals have emotions and can feel pain, and it’s cruel to make animals suffer for the benefit of humans. Apart from this, the living conditions of the animals are catastrophic. Chimpanzees, which are often tested on share 98.4% of their DNA with humans. How would you feel if you were stuck in a cage where there is so little room, you can’t even move, and you know that in a matter of days, you are going to be injected with life-threatening chemicals? You know there is a strong possibility you are going to suffer huge amounts of pain, or perhaps even die.    

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Another reason to ban all experiments on animals is the reliability of these tests. Dosing a mouse or a rabbit with drugs won’t have the same effect on humans, and the chances of these tests resulting in a cure is next-to-nothing. The most common way in which these tests are performed is by dripping substances into rabbits’ eyes, which would obviously cause tremendous pain, or applying it to the shaved backs of rabbits or guinea pigs and studying the resulting irritation or damage. Animals are also force-fed to assess effects.

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