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What is Biodiversity?

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Biodiversity Simone M Brady SCI210 Dr. Hoffman August 31, 2005 INTRODUCTION Biodiversity will inevitably take a beating. Humans care about nothing but themselves even though every action a human makes effects another organism in some way, shape or form, whether the effect is positive or negative. The world is past due for a change in attitude and activity on this planet in order to ensure more positive effects are practiced because biodiversity sustains all life on earth. This paper will discuss biodiversity and the effects human have on it. WHAT IS BIODIVERSITY? Biodiversity is the variety of life here on Earth. ...read more.


Yet to some, biodiversity concerns the maintenance of ecosystem processes and is called bio-processes (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2003). HOW ARE HUMANS IMPACTING BIODIVERSITY? Climate change is impacting biodiversity, and human activities are the cause. Unfortunately, climate change will soon threaten (Bird Life International, 2005) all biodiversity with such a rapid change that reversal of the damage done will be impossible. "Changes in phenology and distribution detected among almost 500 species are overwhelmingly in the direction predicted from climate change" (Bird Life International, 2005). Many species will become extinct, as burning fossil fuels is a major reason for the climate change and a 2 Celsius change will be more than some species can bear for breeding purposes. ...read more.


Maintaining biodiversity is extremely essential for human sustainability. For example, forests help all organisms to sustain life by maintaining the chemical balance of soil, water, air, they stabilize climate, break down pollutants, recycle nutrients clean the water and air, are vital to soil formation, watershed protection, the habitat for wildlife and carbon storage (Boreal Forest, ). It seems that if trees bear fruits, and soil aids in the growth of vegetables, fish is healthy to eat, we eat animals, the circle of life keeps organisms alive, and water is essential to sustain life; then biodiversity is keeping humans alive. WHAT CAN BE DONE TO MAINTAIN TODAY'S CURRENT BIODIVERSITY LEVELS? > Gene banks containing genetic material from plants and animals > Promoting food security worldwide > Preserving zoos and botanical gardens > Create biodiversity protection laws (United Nations, n.d. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This piece of work shows an awareness of the main points that should be considered in writing an answer, but in several cases lacks the detail expected from a serious undergraduate essay. Based on the other pieces of work submitted by this student it appears that there was a word count set, and so it would be unfair to criticise too harshly the lack of detail. However it should be noted that merely listing key points is not sufficient. Each new area should be clearly defined, and backed up with biological examples, preferably from the peer-reviewed literature. As a short piece of work, where only 700 words were allowed, this would receive 3 stars / 5. If no word count were given then significantly more detail would be required.

Marked by teacher Rebecca Lewis 03/04/2012

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