Why do we strive to achieve?

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        Why do we strive to achieve? People are constantly working to make more money, or discover new things. It makes no difference whether we are trying to get rich or to cure cancer; people strive to achieve their goals to better their quality of life or the qualities of other’s lives. Animal research has played a key role in advancing the quality of life. Animal rights groups, such as PETA, may try to convince people that animal research has no benefits and is only cruel and unusual. However, animal research is essential to the advancement of human life.

        Medical advancements are perhaps the most prominent area of research where animals have aided the advancement of human life. Medicines for all types of diseases are being developed everyday, and would not be possible without animal testing and research. Universities around the world conduct vigorous research that has led treatments for cancer, penicillin, and many other medicines.  Lab rats have helped in finding a medicine for AIDS that may lead to an eventual cure for AIDS, the biggest epidemic in recent times. Animals have made it possible to extend the life expectancy of humans significantly. In an article in AIDS Weekly, it reads:

Dong and coauthors concluded, "Together, these results demonstrate that neutralizing antibody responses can be induced in mice within two to three months that are similar in potency and cross-reactivity to those found in the chronically infected, long-term non-progressive donor of HNS2. These findings support the expectation that induction of highly cross-reactive HIV-1 primary virus-neutralizing activity by vaccination may be realized." (Quinnan Jr 1)

        In the grand scheme of things, value must be placed on things in order of importance. Animals are important. There is no questioning that fact. However, I would not rate a lab rat in the same category as a dying grandfather or deathly sick mother. The humans are forever more important. If it comes down to saving my grandfather or a rat, I take my grandfather over the rat every time. I believe everyone would make similar choices. That is not to say that the rat should be mistreated and harmed in a cruel manner. There is an ethical way to go about everything. There is great deal that can be learned from animal testing and we would be foolish not to take advantage of it.

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        Animal research is also leading to other new and exciting advancements in medical technology. One of the most public advancements is cloning. Since Dolly the sheep was first cloned, new issues and advancements have surrounded the idea of cloning. In USA TODAY, Elizabeth Weise reported that scientists were close to cloning primates, saying, “Now scientists at the University Of Pittsburgh Medical School have discovered why primates are so difficult to clone and may have provided a road map to get around the problem. Their research appears in the journal Science” (Weise 1). This is a huge advancement that may allow ...

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