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8 P's of Starbucks and 5 Factors that influence the service quality in Starbucks

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Introduction Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn Bhd is jointly owned by Starbucks Coffee International and Berjaya Corporations Berhad. The company operates Starbucks retail locations throughout Peninsular Malaysia and is committed to offer the world's finest coffee while enriching Malaysians' life one cup at a time. (Business & Company Resource Center, 2002) Starbucks, with more than 15,700 stores in 43 countries, the most famous chain of retail coffee shops in the world, mainly benefits from roasting, selling special coffee beans and various kinds of coffee or tea drinks. (Business & Company Resource Center, 2002) The first Starbucks retail store in Malaysia was opened in KL Plaza on the 17th of December 1998. Starbucks stores may be found in urban and suburban areas, as well as many rural communities worldwide. In addition to well-situated stores, Starbucks sells coffee, tea, food and entertainment products through its specialty operations. By the way, the Company's performance has been further enhanced by the management's acute understanding of target market needs and the provision of a correct product-mix. Product and Elements Starbucks' products are expertly prepared by hand, made with the world's best coffee and wonderful premium ingredients. Starbucks serves a variety of beverages including brewed coffee, hot chocolate, espresso and teas. Starbucks also offers blended beverages which are the extension of the Frappuccino line targeted to the non-coffee drinker. (Business & Company Resource Center, 2002) Besides that, Starbucks supplements the beverage offerings with pastries, ready-to-eat salads and sandwiches, muffins, and cakes. Moreover, Starbucks also provide coffee-related retail items as well as an assortment of coffee and espresso-making equipment and accessories such as coffee grinders, coffee makers, espresso machines and coffee filters so their customers can create their own coffee in home. ...read more.


Finally, Starbucks must work closely with hundreds of business partners. Productivity and Quality Among the main reason Starbucks can perform well in the flattening global economy is due to they focus on quality and productivity rather than the price. Starbucks image is one of the key elements to their success, Starbucks coffee experience is like no other because of their great lengths to find the world's finest coffee. Starbucks is committed to conduct business with the highest level of integrity, Corporate Social Responsibility. Starbucks seeks the world's best coffee to ensure there is always a ready supply to their customers. Starbucks is improving their customer service through service, hygiene, quality and effectiveness. The growth of the company will occur through expansion of the retail market, product innovation, and finally service innovation. They will try to cluster their stores by locating them in close proximity so they can saturate the market. Starbucks will focus on building a loyal customer base that will use their services. Starbucks employees must know how to make drinks in a timely manner. That's why hands-on training is necessary. Starbucks provides a place where every one can enjoy a cup of coffee and also utilize the latest technology in their upscale atmosphere as they provide wireless internet connection services in every store. Starbucks can be found almost at everywhere from the street corner to the airport .They wishes to create new products annually and add on new combinations to diversify their menu and increase customer satisfactions in the future. People Employees at Starbucks are very important for them because they realize that one of their most valuable resources is their employees. ...read more.


As long as it's a customer complaint, Starbucks tries to listen and respond positively, not defensively. Besides, Starbucks is embracing a highly streamlined approach in communicating to and understanding their customer with this online initiative maximizing on a CRM tool (customer relationship management) such as through MyStarbucksIdea.com to better understand customers needs, desires and complaints. Recommendations Overall Starbucks performance is actually sufficient to attract loyal customers and position themselves as a leading coffee retailer in Malaysia. Nonetheless, there are some areas still can be improved. The product part for example; Starbucks has a reputation for new product development and creativity. However, they remain vulnerable to the possibility that their innovation may falter over time. Due to this, Starbucks have to being more flexibility that not only provides coffee product but also others alternative such as juice. Furthermore, Starbucks should enhance further their supplementary service such as facilities for handicap people. For example, provide wheelchair to them. While for the place part; aggressive expansion of Starbucks could lead to managerial and financial problems. The company should continue to take excellent care in picking locations. It is extremely important that Starbucks' international stores reflect uniqueness in their location and layout. Having locations in a variety of locations will ensure large market exposure. Conclusion Starbucks is known world-wide for its high-quality food products and differentiated "Third Place" atmosphere, it has changes the behaviors and view points of global consumers to coffee and caught the global attention. Starbucks should renew the "Starbucks Experience" through driving improvement and change in all areas that "touch the customer." Even as the company was focus on coffee, but it is still vital to innovate by creating new products and experiences that complement the coffeehouse experience and drive transactions. ...read more.

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