A look into the event 'Notting hill carnival', and an analysis of the event itself showing past present and future outlooks

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Report Title: A look into the event ‘Notting hill carnival’, and an analysis of the event itself showing past present and future outlooks.

Overview – Nottinghill carnival has been an annual carnival which takes place on the last weekend each year in august. The event began in 1965 when immigrants from countries such as Trinidad and Tobago decided to bring together the people of nottinghill who faced countless amouts of racism. The event itself had an objective of raising awareness of racism, cancelling it out and bringing about a more acceptably diverse society, the carnival also worked to raise awareness of the lack of employment oppurtunitities for the black immigrants as wel as the poor housing conditions. According to he official nottinghill carnival website, the carnival has six disciplines that make up the event we know It as today, those are as follows: Mas’ (Masquerade), Steelband, Calypso (Political, Social and Satirical commentary, set to music), Soca (The traditional music of carnival, a fusion of Soul and Calypso), Static sound systems, and samba. Nottinghill carnival has evolved each year until it has become what we know it as today, a colourful soundful and free spirited event that is recognised worldwide.

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Strengths –

In 1995 nottinghill carnival became a nationwide event attracting more than 1 million people worldwide and contributing towards 93million towards the U.K. economy. The strength of he carnival just kept on getting greater and greater, the increase in tourism within the U.K. raised drastically, as people from all over the world were being drawn towards the carnival, more merchandise was being sold and more profit eventually being made. Due to the poularity of the event and word of mouh sprrading throughout the objectives of the carnival were also getting closer to being successful. London was becoming more and more culturally diverse and not only this but it was also becoming acceptable for cultures from all over to lvie in harmony with one another.

Weaknesses –

Despte its many strengths and unbeatable popularity, nottinghill carnival is not without its weaknesses, some of which are as follows: Although to date, it attracts up to and sometimes over 1million people worldwide, the carnival seems to slowly be losing its concept which as mentioned above, was to raise awareness of the lack of employment, the poor living conditions and the racial inequality within our society. The carnival has now become a place to go not for raising awareness but more for a place to party and drink and be merry. Another weaknes is also to do with the popularity of the carnival, this is the crime factor. In 1976 the festival hit a record amount of people and 14,000 police officers were brought in to protect people from the growing amount of crime that became more apparent and worsened as the years went on. The police force that were brought in, although brought in to protect attendees of the festival from thiefs and pickckets, they adopted a stop and search policy bringing tension to carnival goers who were unable to enjoy the festival with so many arrest being made public and injuries. Finally crowd control was a major problem even with new forces being brught in for preotection, due to the carnival being an outdoor event as well as the major numbers of people attending, the need to control the people whom were attending became more and more obvious, however it also became more difficult. Barriers could not be put up due to the fact that the carnival was surrounded by local citizens who lived amongst the areas of the carnival, the police force could only control the crowd to an extent without increasing the problems themselves by contributing towards the number of attendees.

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Oppurtunities – nottinghill carnival in 2007 a record number of tw million people attended the two day carnival wth another record amount of police force being deployed to protect the surrounding area and the citizens. There has also been talk that nottinghill carnival will expand to not only other parts of great Britain, but also into other countries. This would be a profitable lead forward for the PLC, because s far they have dominated the carnival sector within London each year bringing in the most amount of peole into their carnival than any other carnival totalled up together throughout ...

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