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A look into the event 'Notting hill carnival', and an analysis of the event itself showing past present and future outlooks

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Course: Events Management HND Module Title: Festival & Events Management Module Code: LT2X04N Student I.D: 06015294 Word count: Report Title: A look into the event 'Notting hill carnival', and an analysis of the event itself showing past present and future outlooks. Overview - Nottinghill carnival has been an annual carnival which takes place on the last weekend each year in august. The event began in 1965 when immigrants from countries such as Trinidad and Tobago decided to bring together the people of nottinghill who faced countless amouts of r****m. The event itself had an objective of raising awareness of r****m, cancelling it out and bringing about a more acceptably diverse society, the carnival also worked to raise awareness of the lack of employment oppurtunitities for the black immigrants as wel as the poor housing conditions. According to he official nottinghill carnival website, the carnival has six disciplines that make up the event we know It as today, those are as follows: Mas' (Masquerade), Steelband, Calypso (Political, Social and Satirical commentary, set to music), Soca (The traditional music of carnival, a fusion of Soul and Calypso), Static sound systems, and samba. Nottinghill carnival has evolved each year until it has become what we know it as today, a colourful soundful and free spirited event that is recognised worldwide. Elements of tourism strategy - Strengths - In 1995 nottinghill carnival became a nationwide event attracting more than 1 million people worldwide and contributing towards 93million towards the U.K. economy. ...read more.


Documentation is critical to transforming the way in which the event is portrayed and ultimately perceived by the public, ultimately enabling the organisers to form a strategy to entice, attract and control carnival go-ers. organisers and those responsible for the delivery of the Carnival must play a proactive role in co-ordinating and initiating the collection, preservation and dissemination of information about the Carnival's history, contemporary significance and meaning. An idea of how to do this is to develop a strategic approach to the development of a Carnival Archives and Heritage Collections programme. Not only is documentation each year of the carnival, useful in developing a tourism management and strategy programme, but it is also most useful in developing measurement strategies in order to figure the success of the event. Carnival organisers and sponsors no doubtedly use each and every carnival of theirs as an evaluation on how they can improve upon it the following year, profits counted can also be used as evaluation, however, they must also take immediate steps to ensure that appropriate mechanisms are put in place so that the views of residents are represented throughout the Carnival event planning and decision making process. So far, resident views and carnival go-ers views have been marginalised to such an extent that it seems as though their opinions have not even been a factor into the decision making and planning process of the carnival each year. This no doubt is a huge mistake, not showing at the moment of course due to the popularity and expectations of the event each year but future wise, if participants, residents and attendees opinions are not heard, they could easily tire of the carnival not having any new features to partake in. ...read more.


Measures to facilitate participation of the local community - Partticipation by local community is integral to the ongoing of the carnival, as they are the ones to be effected by it mostly. Questionnairs are posted to local community members in an attempt to gain public opinion. Measures to promote health and well-being - Nottinghill carnival also aims to promoe health and well being, by acting as an insluential event towards society not only by recycling and managing their waste, but also encouraging healthy eating by having more organic food stalls. Measures to evaluate the event - An interim report is issued towards all organisers and those directly involved within the event in order to measure the event each year and try to improve upon its successes as well as the may be failures. Questionnaires are past out amongst people, online polls are formed, opinion pages are reviewd upon all to measure how successful the 'people' thought that years festival was. Sponsors and partners are also informed upon in order to gain opinions on the carnival annually. The Notting Hill Carnival should be embraced. It is a major world-class event that should be even more so supported both politically and financially. Clusters of carnival creatives can be found throughout London. Having initiated this review, organisers should focus on the following for improvements: * Community outreach and development * Event operation and management * Fundraising and finance Although the future prospects for the festival are more or less a definite success, the carnival itself can be improved upon radically, if proper strategic programmes are put into place for long term improvement and success. ...read more.

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