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After extensive research it has come to our knowledge there are many issues with BP, these are, organisation, health and safety, motivation and communication amongst the employees, predominately between managers and workers

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To: The Managing Director of British Petroleum After extensive research it has come to our knowledge there are many issues with BP, these are, organisation, health and safety, motivation and communication amongst the employees, predominately between managers and workers, the latter of which will be discussed in detail in this report. With communication being the large part of any business this caused many issues in the workplace beginning with the understanding workers have of the project, to the way in which they feel they are treated. Beginning with the sociotechnical system, it illustrates how an organisation can have a closer relationship between management and lower ranked employees, by taking into consideration the social and psychological needs of the workers. Although the flaws here lie with the long process this would take and with large organisations such as BP, past history proves that it is very effective. There is research that demonstrates in the March 23rd incident 'some BP operators had worked 30 days straight, 12 hours per day, some with two-hour commute times,' (Carolyn W. ...read more.


With organisations like BP, who have a large number of employees this can prove to be very difficult, as employee opinions are often easily disregarded; for example Marc Kovac, a mechanic and welder for BP, informed them of the problems during the Alaska spill, he stated 'The condition of the [Prudhoe Bay] field is a lot worse and in my opinion a lot more dangerous' (Leopold, 2010). This opinion was completely disregarded regardless of his knowledge and experience, had the company hierachy not been so important he would have been acknowlegded. The Hales 2001 model, it has two principles; personal and positional, applying this to a company, personal is head of department and positional being managers. He describes the positions having different responsibilities and diverse authority levels, and by using this hierarchy gives every position of employment power and the ability to voice their opinion, by applying this to the above scenario it would mean Marc Kovac's statement would have been acknowledged, which as an example of how communication can solve problems. ...read more.


In conclusion it is clear to see that communication is a vital part of a company, the way in which managers behave reflect the company to show what standards they provide. By having this as a flaw, it can cause problems such as the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. However by improving on this sector it can help to build a company that is proven successful and help to prevent future problems. By adapting theories such as the sociotechnical, it will help to build a relationship between a managers and a worker, and by using Hales model it can allow managers to build on their character and the way in which they perceive those ranked below them. Overall, it is clear to see the way in which BP behave originates from their hierarchy culture where the workplace is one that is mechanical (BP: $30 Billion Blowout, 2010) and appears on the surface to be organised but when dug deeper it is clear the mechanical workplace is what stops them from being a controlled and functional organisation by adopting the models as addressed these issues may become a thing of the past. ...read more.

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