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Asbestos: The health risk This report discusses Health and Safety issue that appears in Bolton Wanderers FC

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Mark Nsianguana - 21123801 Bolton Wanderers ? Health and Safety Issue Bolton Wanderers has a large number of helpers and volunteers who offer their services free of charge to the club. They assist with community initiatives and at matches, giving the club a sense on continuity and involvement with the local community. The volunteers have the use of a meeting house at the edge of the ground which they use as a base for fund-raising initiatives and social events. It has just been confirmed that the roof space contains asbestos and the building will be evacuated and made safe immediately before it can go back to use. What advice do you have for the club?s management team in relation to legal and procedural issues? Asbestos: The health risk This report discusses Health and Safety issue that appears in Bolton Wanderers FC. Asbestos, a highly toxic substance was found in a roof on one of the buildings. Several people were exposed to that substance and managers are forced to take immediate actions. However, the problem is not just based on Health and Safety matters but communicating the problem with the public, and so a risk assessment must be involved as well as legal procedures that have to be carried out. An organisation that is publicised must not only deal with the employer?s liability but as well as the public liability issues under duty care of regulations. ...read more.


Also, considering it was found on the premises of a football club, there could be many potential victims of the substance. At the moment, it was proven that the roof of volunteers? meeting house contains asbestos, therefore the individuals are immediately exposed to the material where volunteers and members of the staff who work in that building. Those are the people that have to be informed about the problem in the first place and also, a formal letter should be issued to anybody that the problem concerns. It is recommended to gather all players, volunteers and employees in the meeting and communicating the issue. Within the meeting, it should contain information about asbestos, possible consequences, solution proposal and a promise of possible compensation from the club in case of illness connected to the situation. According to HSE (2012), a person is in danger only if she or he is exposed to asbestos on a daily basis and work directly with the material, the longer the time of the exposure, the higher the risk. Diseases are unlikely to result from a single, high-level exposure or from a short period of exposure to lower levels. Therefore, the public who comes to watch games, children who play occasionally or random shoppers should not be in danger. ...read more.


Conclusion According to HSE (2012), asbestos is not active if not exposed; therefore, there is no need to remove it from the premises. The important thing is to examine the premises regularly and gradually remove asbestos. Bolton Wanderers FC is the owner of the premises, in which asbestos was found, therefore the organisation has to ensure the substance is controlled and the plant is properly maintained. Evaluating how much asbestos the premises contains what type of substance it is and locating it should be a priority. In addition, the management is responsible for examining the condition of all the buildings. If any part of the building is damaged, it would have to be fixed and possibly get the asbestos removed. Also, a detailed plan concerning all actions taken is necessary and should contain actions planned, their practical implementation and tools such as qualified specialists who have a licence to manage asbestos. Moreover, a plan should state a progress expected as well as regular checkups conveyed by licensed inspectors. The document is crucial in case of any claims against the organisation from employees and public members, who may sue the company concerning potential health damage. It will be evident that necessary actions were to be taken immediately after identifying a problem and that the company is not guilty of negligence with possible health damaging result. If found guilty, the organisation would be obliged to pay compensations to any individual or group who claimed it which can destroy Bolton Wanderers FC. ...read more.

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