Business Management SCIM case study. This paper attempts to provide an analysis of the activity, structure and management strategy of a construction company called SC SCIM SA based in Constanta. Its purpose is to establish the main function

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S.C. SCIM S.A. (Constructions, Installations and Assembling Company) CONSTANTA


Lect. Dr. Anca Mandruleanu                                                                          Magda UNGUREANU

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  1. Introduction
  2. Business description

2.1. History of the company

2.2. Shareholders’ structure

2.3. Current business

2.4. Services

2.5. Management team

2.6. Human resources

2.7. Financial indicators for 2010

      3.   Market analysis

                3.1. The industry

                3.2. Clients

                3.3. Suppliers

                3.4. Competitors

        4.   SWOT Analysis

        5.        Management functions

                5.1. Planning

                5.2. Organizing

                5.3. Leading

                5.4. Controlling

        6.          Bibliography


Abstract: This paper attempts to provide an analysis of the activity, structure and management strategy of a construction company called “SC SCIM SA” based in Constanta. Its purpose is to establish the main functions of management applied at the organizational levels and areas of activity. In this paper, one can find the internal structure of the company, its external environment and the current responsibilities each manager has to accomplish. This project reveals the importance of knowing each manager’s attributions in order to achieve a high development level of the organization. This paper is an example of how each company should analyze its work in order to obtain the best results.

        Keywords: construction, external environment, internal environment, management strategy


I have chosen to deliver an analysis of a construction company while buildings and facilities surround us and are part of our daily lives. Every person is familiar with a new block of flats rising in front of his/her living, a neighbour renovating his apartment or even with his/ her own house renewal. As long as we exist, the construction domain will continue to develop because we all need places to stay and current utilities. We need to communicate with our relatives, friends or even visit new places, so we need roads and highways. We also like to live in a beautiful city with modern leisure centers and iconic buildings. For having all these, companies competent in building and installing have to exist.

One of these companies is SC SCIM SA (Constructions, Installations and Assembling Company), founded in Constanta, Romania. This is one of the major constructing enterprises in the area and handles significant projects. It is a medium sized company, having 110 employees.

According to the CAEN Code No. 4322, the basic activity of S.C. SCIM S.A. Constanta is classified as “Sanitary, heating and air conditioning installations”. The company also deals with civil and industrial buildings, hydrotechnical constructions, electrical installations, commerce and other special activities concerning constructions, foundations and drillings. The technologic level and resources allows them to execute the most demanding products and services in their domain of activity. The company’s motto is “Your dream deserves our experience!”, which shows the organization’s desire to fulfill the customers’ needs.


2.1 History of the company

SC SCIM SA Constanta (Constructions, Installations and Assembling Company) gained over the years a reputation as a professional, serious and progressive company. The company was founded in 1965, being part of Constanta Hydraulic Construction Enterprise, ICH. In March 1991, by Government Order No. 81/1991, the company is reorganized and becomes the Constructions, Installations and Assembling Company (SCIM) S.A. Constanta. The company was registered at the Register of Trade with no. J/13/664/1991 as a joint stock company. SCIM SA Constanta is still running in the same form and is listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange, on RASDAQ market.

In 2001 there was a capital increase of 1,301 shares. In 2005 there was a second change in the shareholders’ structure, the capital rising with 58,006 shares. In 2006, the company changed its headquarters to a new and modern building. The last change in capital occurred in 2011 when the shareholders contributed with more capital, meaning 800,000 shares, their number reaching 919,043.

  1. Shareholders’ structure
  1. Current business

The main concern of the company’s management team is customer and the interested parties satisfaction, the legal and other types of requirements to which the organization subscribes, the regulations applicable in the field of keeping up with the environment and health and safety system. The company has all the documents and licenses necessary for a proper activity of the company and for ensuring quality management:

  • ISO 9001: 2008: Quality Management System
  • SR ISO/ IEC 27001: 2006 : Information Security Management System;
  • SR/ ISO 14001: 2005: Environmental Management System;
  • SR OHSAS 18001: 2008: Health and Safety Management System;
  • SA 8000: 2008: Corporate Social Responsibility Management System.

S.C. SCIM S.A. Constanta concludes contracts with natural and legal persons for the execution of civil buildings and installations. It also deals with urban public works or industrial buildings, showing flexibility and the possibility of dealing with the required customer demands.

The company concludes contracts with the beneficiaries of the projects with a time period of 1 to 2 years. In the same time, it participates at auctions for a continuous development and growth of the company.

  1. Services

SC SCIM SA Constanta has a wide range of services available for the customers. The project coordination is ensured by specialists certified by the Ministry of Public Works and Territorial Organization (MLPAT) as technical execution responsible.  

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Fig. 3 The types of constructions the company performs


  1. Management team

The management team has an important role in the good functioning of the company. Each manager is responsible for his departments’ employees and activities. In the same time, all the managers must work together in organizing the companies’ activities according to their needs and objectives.

The current management team was formed in 2005 and it encloses only fully prepared staff with a lot of work experience and knowledge. They work together as a team with efficiency and effectiveness through achieving the company’s goal, which is ...

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