Table of contents

Executive summary

Table of contents

The current market

The business opportunity

Business objectives

Managing the business

Products and services




  1. Executive summary

1.1 The Business idea 

From research and observation there appears to be a gap in the market for Caribbean fresh baked products with an element of organic edge in the area of Lewisham.

The increase in population of Caribbean immigrants has led to high demands for these products.

 In order to fill this gap, the proposition is to establish a new bakery on Lewisham high street providing a variety of products to cater for consumers needs. The most important reason for setting up the business derived from primary evidence from potential consumers that was received (see questionnaire) where most people thought it was a good idea.

Setting up a bakery has been both Shevon and Anne’s dream since years spent at university. The company will be managed on a partnership basis. Ann Fletcher will lead the team with 10 years financial experience from a well-established Bank. Shevon Oxford the other partner has a successful bakery in Jamaica. In addition to her industry specific experience, Shevon has had 2 years of management experience.  Terry McKay will be on the team as a baker with over five years of experience in one of Jamaica’s top bakeries. The final member of the team will be a part time shop assistant who will be recruited once the shop is established. The business will look to be a limited company once it is well established

1.2 Customers 

Commuters using the nearby transports links are possible customers and employees of banks, building societies and retail stores. Schools along with universities and colleges in and around Lewisham will also be customers for the bakery. The business will be in a prime location for all the employees of the surrounding area.

Lewisham is very accessible; the Docklands Light Railways (DLR) is a few minuets walk from Lewisham high street. It connects Lewisham, Greenwich and Stratford.  Lady well train station is a few minutes away so there is the potential of getting customers from far. Lewisham also offers mobility services for the less able such as door 2 door and beacon council and the bus garage is 5 minutes away with over 50 different bus routes available.

1.3 Mission

The Bakery’s aims are to:

  •  Be a base in the community, creating a neighbourhood atmosphere where customers feel comfortable and become instant regulars.
  • Provide healthy delicious baked Caribbean goods around Lewisham as this need has been realised.  
  • Seek fair and responsible profit, enough to keep the company financially stable for the long term
  • Pay owners and investors for their money and risk.

2.0 Company summary

“Home from Home” will be located at 14 Boone Street SE13 - The property is located off Lee High Road in line of four shops serving the local community. The bakery will be on the ground floor.

A list of fixed assets:

The expected level of stock is estimated at £6, 400 for the first year see cash flow for variances each month.

A list of suppliers can be found in appendix 2

2.1 Start-up Summary

The primary expense to establish the ‘Home from Home’ is the loan estimated of £50,000. This will cover the following costs:

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  • Rental Cost for the building for one year
  • Bakery equipment

Both Anne Fletcher and Shevon Oxford intend to invest £6000 (£3000 each) of savings to cover the other cost of start-up. These include

  • Advertising brochures.
  • Bakery ingredients.
  • Insurance.
  • Bakery accessories, i.e. plastic bags, carrier bags, cups, etc.

Break down of start up costs for the first month

.4. 0 Marketing

3.0 Products 

Home from home will offer a wide range of exciting products such as


  • Ginger bulla made from real Jamaican ...

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