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Campana- case analysis

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Cooperate Overview - Campana "Know us, Love us" (Thai-German Ceramic Industry Public Company Limited) Company Profile: Thai-German Ceramic Industry Public Company Limited Ticker: TGCI Exchanges: BAN 2006 Sales: 2,202,300,000 Major Industry: Construction Sub Industry: Brick, Clay & Refractory Products Country: THAILAND Employees: 1075 Business Description Thai-German Ceramic Industry Public Company Limited (TGCI) is Thailand's first manufacturer of ceramic tiles, under the internationally recognized "Campana" brand. Established in 1969, with over 36 years of experience, the company currently produces high-quality floor and wall tiles with a daily production capacity of 70,000 square meters. Thai-German ceramic industry or TGCI was established in 1969 by Mr. Santi Opanayikul. This company is the first company that produce ceramic tile in Thailand. The first capacity to produce is 1500 meter square and then got supported by BOI. The company produces the product under the AGROB trademark. The company is the leader of the new technology of producing from Italy. Then the company changed the trademark from AGROB to be CAMPANA since 1979. In 1980, the company has become Thai German Ceramic Industry Public Company Limited. In 1988, the company has used the highest technology to produce ceramic tile. This machine can help increase the efficiency of production due to it can produce many products and design in one time which helps save cost and time and the company will be able to sell more products. Moreover, the company also uses the efficiency and their skill to develop to best products and design to serve their lovely consumers. The company expands the capacity to be 36,000 square meters in order to produce more products. The company also expands their capacity of production into many areas like Saraburi. Mission statement "We are committed to producing international quality products and intend to develop our products, technology and also our human resources in order to provide satisfactory products and services to our customers which will lead to the progress of our company and country (Campana, 2007)." ...read more.


They try to search for the information by themselves and make the requirement to the builders. The second problem- The stock inventory. Year 2005 stock average = 365 757545432+80133345 =107 2 Year 2006 Stock average = 365 2006801333457+682848319 = 127.7 2 In the year 2005, the company has to hold the inventory only for 107 days. The shorter of the time period is the better so that means the company can convert the inventory to become the profit sooner. In this case, the year 2006 the company has to carry the stock for the longer time which is 128 days. The balance sheet shows that the inventory has been in the stock for the longer time. Due to this, the company had to absorb the cost of holding more inventories. In addition, because the products were not selling as fast as they should, the company had no cash to pay back its debt, therefore, had to incur more debt to cover its current one. The reason why the products were not selling as well as they should which causing the inventory stock to increase can be caused by the strong emerging competitors or the products were not meeting the needs of its customers. Third Problem - Increased Debt collected time period Campana is facing the problem of their customers not paying back = Revenue from sale and service Net account receivable year 04 + net account receivable year 05 2 Year 2005 = 2181968000 =28.74 175085085+243695931 2 Year 2006 = 2127795718 = 41.52 243695931+241593221 2 Before the customers can pay back within 29 day but in the last year it takes longer time to collect the debt to be 42 days This problem can occur because So The Company has inefficiency system on collecting the debt so it cannot collect debt on time or the customers did not pay on time or the retailers has cash shortage problem due to the previous problem that the products could not sell. ...read more.


.....donno Have customer database to determine profitable customer. The company should ...cut out the customer that pay late bit maybe they pay late because they have problems we should help them...We should be nice. .....donno Recommendations Action Plan Reference "Comparative Advantage, n.d.", "The Comparative Advantage of The Ceramic Industry in Thailand", Retrieve 24/11/08, From: Campana, 2005, "About us", Retrieved 24/11/08, From: http://www.tgci.co.th/thecompany/aboutus/aboutusindex.htm Appendix 1 Production process There are 6 steps. 1. Prepare for the mud: We will use the special mud and mix it with water in order to get the best raw material and meet the right standard. 2. Producing dust: We will spray the mud that ferment in the pool into the hot weather therefore, we will get little soil in many different sizes. Then, we will keep it the silo for 24 to 48 hours for the moistness will be gone. 3. Process to produce tiles: The soil in the silo will be use to produce the tiles. We put the soil into different design of the patterns to meet the need of customers. 4. Decorate the tiles: The tiles that already pass the process of baking to get rid of moisture, then it will come to process of enamel the tiles. This process will enamel the tiles into different style and color by using the screen and sprinkle crystal on it. 5. Baking the tiles: All the tiles that already decorated will be put into the oven for baking them. In this process, the soil tiles will change to be tiles ceramic. There are three steps of increasing the heat in the oven. a. Pre heating b. Firing c. Cooling 6. Separating the quality of the tiles: We will separate each tiles into the best, moderate and low quality according to the company standard. Then, we will measure the size of each tile. After that, the tiles will be packed in boxes and keep it in the inventory. Sample of the products ...read more.

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