Haroon Shan

Marketing objectives

New brand

I am going to introduce a new coffee drink for Coca Cola. The product will have a section at that when activated heats ups the drink.

“Profitable diversification and expansion of our range of products while advancing our core brands” (www.cocacola.com)

This marketing objective ensures that the company is able to stay in control of the beverage market and pressurise its competitors. The second part of the objective ensures that the company keeps on marketing its main brands such as Coca Cola. This is so that customers develop loyalty to the company because their favourite brand is always available. If they Coca coal decided to stop making one of their core brands than this would make many customers dissatisfied with the company and they may not buy any products from coca cola. The first part of the objective is that coca cola should always be developing new products so that the company remains fresh and can appeal to more customers and enter new markets. This would mean that its profits would increase and it will be able to spend more on marketing. The effect of this would be that its competitors will not be able to compete and will lose there market share. If coca cola is introducing new brands it will mean that there are more of its brands on a shelf in a shop which would increase the chance of the a person choosing a coca cola brand which will increase Coca cola market share and profits. My new product fits in with the first part of this objective. This new product will allow coca cola to diversify into a new market because it currently dose not have any products in that market while expanding its product portfolio. The product should be profitable because there is little competition in that market and because coca cola is such a large company it will be able to provide the necessary money for a large advertisement campaign.

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“Long term market growth of 3-4%” (www.cocacola.com)

This marketing objective links into the first one. This is because there are two ways of increasing marketing growth. One way is for competitors to make mistakes like coca coal did when it revised the recipe for coca cola. If another company made mistakes like this then coca cola would be able to increase its market share but this is very unlikely as Pepsi its main competitor is very profitable and has good procedures in place to make sure that its brand is liked. The other way is the first objective. This ...

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