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Research Report Title: Comparison of fashion in Islamabad and UK



The topic of the research is “Comparison of fashion in Islamabad and UK”. This research is being undertaken to have an understanding in relation with the changing trends in fashion and their impacts on the lifestyle of people of these nations. The subsequent study will help many upcoming talents of the fashion industry to know in deep about the culture and lifestyle of Islamabad and UK. A huge distinction can be noticed in the fashion industry of these two countries. Thus, this research report will focus on analyzing these differences with complete gist of the term ‘fashion’ in Islamabad and United Kingdom.


Fashion is similar with the art, a manifestation of life. The word ‘fashion’ is derived from the Latin word, which means ‘to make’. It is also referred as a state of mind. Generally, fashion is closely associated with clothing. However, it involves many areas and fields such as dance, music, arts, culture, cosmetics, lifestyle, personal grooming and architecture. Fashion is defined as the spirit where each and every individual feels comfortable from their mode of clothing and this comfort gets converted in to a personal style (Lewis and Hawksley, 2003). The style and customs prevailing in a given period of time is being characterized as fashion. The word fashion includes many elements such as: Shape, Line, Colour, Value and texture.

Importance of fashion

In today’s society, underrated importance is being given to style and fashion. First impression of an individual is being shaped by way of dressing and looks. Some of the importance of fashion is elaborated below:

  • Identity – Fashion helps in developing a sense of identity among the teenagers. It also reflects the independent and inclusive personality of an individual. Identity helps in signally the teenage belongingness for a particular group and team.
  • Protection and warmth – The basis purpose of dressing is to provide protection and warmness. This is considered as the secondary objective of fashion.  
  • As a sign language – Fashion can be taken as a way of communication. By this individual find themselves in a position to express their emotions and feelings.
  • Employment – Fashion has now become an industry which provides employment opportunities to thousands of people. In this sector, individual perform the role of researcher, marketer, manufacturer as well as labourers.

Fashion in Global context  

The global fashion industry is one of the most crucial sectors of economy in relation with the income, investment, trade and generation of employment. Fashion industry involves incredible assortment of products, impulsive demand, rigid and lengthy procedure of supply and small product life cycles (Alex, 2012). From the last two decades, this industry is at the evaluation stage.   Since, the world of clothing manufacturing requires little amount of capital and efforts, more concentration is moving towards the growing nations. They are still making a large amount of exportation (Blaszczyk, 2009). This can be inferred from the fact that the production of clothing is reduced in the industrial nations. On the other hand, the production of the growing nations is substantially increased by that time. Between the periods of eighties and 1997, the same trend was witnessed in clothing exportation from the growing nations. The global fashion industry earned a total income of around $1, 252.8 billion by the end of 2006. This value is more than 68% of the total industry value.

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Fashion in Islamabad and UK

The federal capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad is being characterized by beautiful weather, wide roads, shining sun light, desi Pakistani food and high speed cars on roads. Every citizen enjoys full freedom and can do all sort of work, illegal or legal (About Islamabad, n.d).  On the other hand, UK is remarked as a country which offers many opportunities, knowledge; people from diverse nations, high street fashions, brands and many other things (Changing trends in UK, n.d). People enjoy real freedom in this country. Rules are same for each and every individual. People, political parties, channels and ...

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