Contract Creation and Management    

“Contract Creation and Management”

        A contract is formed any time two people make an agreement to do, or not to do something. Contracts can take on many forms, from a verbal agreement sealed with a handshake, to a formal complex written contract. Certain types of contracts, involving commercial transactions, must be in writing in order to be valid. The parties may only modify written contracts through written agreement. In addition, if an estimate is incorrect or the scope of work changes in a contract, the parties need to write an addendum and both parties need to sign it to modify the original agreement.

Business clients can rarely define every requirement and foresee every implication that may result. Project managers cannot foresee every risk or problem that may come up on their projects. The key to successfully managing the project is to make sure that there is agreement on a process for revising the requirements when needed. Amendments should contain the same degree of specificity for changes that the original contract contained. The principle areas where changes are made and for which amendments are required include scope of work, costs, and period or performance. (

The contract between Span and Citizen-Schwarz (C-S) is a very complex contract which involved the efforts of many people over an extended period of time. While the goal of every reputable contractor is to deliver a high quality product, sooner or later a customer may be unhappy with the quality of the work on a particular project. On occasion, this may lead to a dispute of the terms of the contract. In the past months, we have earnestly attempted to meet C-S new requirements, which have caused us to have to spend time reviewing the changes, incorporating them into the workflow, which has caused us to fall behind in our delivery schedule. When any one aspect of a project is delayed, it can create a domino effect for the subsequent phases of the project.

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It is very important to review what needs to take place when changes to production are needed. Each side must come together to evaluate the overall impact of a proposed change. C-S requirements have grown disproportionately since originally determined, making it difficult to accommodate such changes within the approved budget and original established timelines. C-S can have an idea of what they want, but Span must provide input to let them know the intricacies of such a change and to inform them of all the aspects within the process that will be impacted as a result of the change. This ...

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