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Cooper Industries Case Study

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The Marketing Plan "Forbidden City Restaurant" BUS348 From: Xinghan Chen & Xunle Liu ID: 106841673 & 107341277 To: Prof. Lori L. Pack 12/7/2009 Executive Summary * Forbidden City is a fast casual restaurant serving fresh Chinese food, fast, at affordable prices, in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We serve both Modern Chinese food (Forbidden City's Special Sesame Chicken, Authentic Lemon Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, etc) and some Traditional Chinese food (Mongolia Hot-Pot, Chinese home-made special Fish, etc) in order to satisfy all customers' tastes. * The fast casual restaurant emerged to meet the demands for better-quality foods at a slightly higher price than that of fast food, and our restaurant will have a great environment site with Forbidden City's style fitment. * The restaurant will be counter-order and table-service with a personal average cost around $10-$20. Store hours are from 10am to 11pm from Monday to Saturday, and 12am to 8pm on Sunday. We will also order a special window for take-out orders. * The size of the restaurant will be approximately 1,500 square feet with 50 seats. The first location will be selected opposite the Smith Heaven mall near the middle country road and the restaurant will with a parking lot. ...read more.


However, more and more competitors will exist at the same time. We have already had Yingyang Buffet and Liaohe fast food nearby. How to distinguish from these restaurants becomes our key objective in the future. Market Segmentation Target Market: Multi-segment Targeting (All kinds of people living nearby and also a lot Chinese students in Stony Brook University need their native food.) Consumer Segmentation Variables 1) Geography Local residents; Stony Brook; Centereach, Smithtown and so on. 2) Demographics Young college students Age 18- 24 would probably eat at Forbidden City 3) Product Relatedness Benefit consumers in pursuit of low calories and good taste in a low price. 4) Psychographics a) Busy consumers People demand fast, convenient food to fit their busy lifestyle. Many working Americans lead fast-paced lives with little time to prepare lunch or dinner. With the number of dual-income families on the rise, as well as longer working hours, eating lunch or dinner out is often the easiest and most convenient option. b) Increased emphasis on health and quality The American culture is becoming more health-conscious. Low-carb, low-fat, and low-calorie crazes, have contributed to Americans' demands for healthier and better quality food. Restaurants are responding to these demands by adding healthier food selections to their menus. ...read more.


Marketing Research: 1) Online Survey on our own website, Facebook 2) Paper Survey in the newspaper 3) Telephone Survey for selective customers Sustainability of the Product . Economic Benefits Criteria: It is good for the U.S. economic that the restaurant will bring U.S. some job opportunities which the unemployment will be reduced and also bring U.S. more taxes. Environmental Benefits Criteria: To environment, the restaurant will only use recycled plastic box or plates that will not influence the eco system. Social Benefits Criteria: The fast growing development of China attract U.S. people to find out more about this mystery country, hence, food will be good thing for them know more about this country; as a result, there will be a large growing demands for Chinese and healthy food in the U.S. It will be a long time for the restaurant to develop and develop more subsidiaries. Furthermore, the restaurant will also take some convenience to society, if people, who do not like cooking at home, can eat at the restaurant which brings them a lot convenience, after all, eating lunch and dinner is a necessary thing to do in everyone's everyday life. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 | Page Forbidden City Restaurant ...read more.

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