Question 3                                                                                      Oliver Latham

   During the years of the Second World War the British Isles were a hub of activity; factories churning out munitions and people working the land for a ‘better more efficient’ Britain. But was this new found patriotism just a façade to cover up more unlawful activities. Statistics show a significant increase in crime during the war years but this does not necessarily reflect the British people as a whole.

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   Looting was allegedly a big problem in large towns or cities where possessions were taken from bombed out buildings. Source G conveys this point as it focuses on the subject of looting during a bomb raids by AFS officers. The officers are shown to have stolen a number of valuables from a bombed out house including jewellery. This source is useful and reliable as detailed research into war crime had been undertaken before making the source. However it is an entertainment film so some details must have been dramatized.  

   Other evidence supports Source G. For example ...

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