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Critical analysis using management theory of CSR plc . CSR plc is a leading provider of multifunction connectivity and location platforms. CSR's technology portfolio includes Bluetooth, GPS, FM, Wi-Fi

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Creating magic you can enjoy 1. Introduction Management is leadership. It is the effective administration of the various organizational elements that make an entity successful, primarily in terms of people, processes, technology, infrastructure and overall strategy. Management is also vision and ultimately determines the path the organization will follow through the design of a detailed target-operating model (TOM). Effective management requires collaboration and a culture of continuous improvement in order to achieve organizational goals. There are many different ways of analyzing organizational effectiveness and leadership roles. The Competing Values Framework (CVF) is a theory, which is based on statistical Analyses of a comprehensive list of effectiveness indicators. http://www.valuebasedmanagement.net/methods_quinn_competing_values_framework.html The CVF serves primarily as a map, an organizing mechanism, a sense-making device, a source of new ideas, and a learning system. This framework helps determine a set of guidelines that may help leaders analyze and manage the interrelationships, congruence's, and contradictions among these different aspects of organizations. In other words, leaders will work more comprehensively and more consistently in ameliorating their organizations performance. The basic framework consists of two dimensions-one drawn vertically and the other drawn horizontally-resulting in a two-by-two figure with four quadrants; The first dimension is related to organizational focus and the second one differentiates the organizational preference for structure and represents the contrast between stability and control and flexibility and change. ...read more.


CSR is a big employer in the wireless technology industry. By setting goals it is possible to measure the commitment, participation and dedication of its employees. These factors are internal which are close to the company and have a direct impact on the organisations strategy (learnmarketing, 2010). The company must take these factors into consideration when it outlines its strategy and business plan for the future. How ever it is absolutely necessary to include efficiency, customer satisfaction and innovation to the role of human resources. Rational Goal Model (external) Employees are no good for a corporate like CSR plc if they do not fulfil their set goals. CSR does set itself major challenges in order to maximize profitably and customer satisfaction by innovating its products and technology used, for example by implementing new GPS functionality's. Also by broadening the appeal of its handset services by introducing another technology that can pinpoint positions of handsets when traditional GPS signals are not available. Further more CSR plc extended its wireless audio leadership with acquisition of APT and enhanced its expansion into new audio markets. http://www.beanstalkmanagement.co.uk/case-studies/csr2-case-study.htm http://www.mynewsdesk.com/uk/view/pressrelease/csr-plc-csr-expands-audio-expertise-with-acquisition-of-apt-445310 Open System Model (external) ...read more.


Technological changes can reduce or eliminate cost barriers between businesses, create shorter production runs, create shortages in technical skills and result in changing values and expectations of customers and employees. This is fundamentally important for an IT company such as CSR plc as it can be the key for the corporates survival. There wireless industry is growing more and more, nobody can argue that PDA's and smart phones have become so popular; they are the new digital trends of this era. CSR plc can't ignore this profitable industry. So it is constantly doing innovative research and producing new products for the industry. Environmental Factors: Environment conservation and protection is an very important issue, which has gained prominence because of deteriorating environmental balance, which is threatening the sustainability of life and nature. Nowadays, environment problems have become the big matters. Every tech company has to take the key roles to solve them including CSR plc. CSR plc has to be aware of several legislations e.g. laws concerning emission or waste disposal. Legal Factors: Nevertheless, with globalization, the rules of competition, trade mark rights patents and implications, plus price controls and product quality laws and several other legal factors have become important and therefore they need to be included while understanding the general environment. . ...read more.

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