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Discuss the cause and consequences of job satisfaction. Explain the factors that are likely to be of particular importance for a call centre supervisor in managing subordinates

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Discuss the cause and consequences of job satisfaction. Explain the factors that are likely to be of particular importance for a call centre supervisor in managing subordinates. Schaffer (1953) defines Job Satisfaction as a 'conscious recognition of a state of tension'. Schaffer conveyed that 'job satisfaction will vary with the extent to which those needs of an individual which can be satisfied in a job are actually satisfied'. Katz ell (1964) finds that the term 'Job Satisfaction' has been used in a variety of ways. Frequently job satisfaction has been described as a complex and multifaceted concept, which can mean different things to different people. It is usually linked with motivation, but the nature of relationship is not clear. Job satisfaction is an emotion, a feeling, an attitude and a matter of perception. It comes from an appraisal of an employee's experiences at work. It involves likes, dislikes, extrinsic and intrinsic needs. It is within employee control yet also beyond his or her control. There is dubiousness about job satisfaction as whether it consists of a single dimension or multiple dimensions. ...read more.


The environment factor includes; working conditions, company policies and structures, relation with boss, colleagues and subordinates and technical issues. If the working conditions within the organisation are very stressful, then there will be dissatisfaction at the work place and as a result, negative consequences for the organisation. If working conditions promotes goal attainment then there will be a high level of satisfaction among the workers. As far as company policies and structure are concerned if there is an element of flexibility, then the workers will find there work more satisfying. Healthy relationships with bosses, colleagues and subordinates help in meeting social and personal needs at work, as an outcome there is an enhance satisfaction level among the workforce. Technology issues play a very major role in influencing job satisfaction; it has a significant influence on job satisfaction, as it demands new patterns of work organisation. This will affect the nature and content of individual jobs, the structure and working of work groups, changes in the hierarchical structure of jobs and responsibilities and the management task. ...read more.


the supervisor in bringing in the loyalty of its subordinates and minimizing the chances for transfer of distorted information at the subordinate level. Other point to be considered is structured incentives programme for the subordinates; this will help in minimizing employee's turnover rate. Further there is also a need of bringing in additional training programmes, new responsibilities and carrier advancement opportunities for the subordinates; this will make the supervision gain high level of motivation and commitment from its subordinates. The supervisor also needs to bring up its role as a counsellor to assist the subordinates in solving their personal and work related problems. And he/she must act upon the principle of immediate reinforcement, by rewarding the subordinates immediately as they gets benefits for the organisation this will make them feel more committed towards the organisation. There must be a provision for the introduction of new technology and new working styles so as to ease the work load and stress level from the subordinates, Supervisor also needs to work with a proper feedback system, which means encouraging subordinates instead of de-motivating them by communicating motivating feedback or results to them. Total Words: 960. ...read more.

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