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Dissertation proposal "Critically evaluate recruitment and selection process in employment agencies in UK with reference to Life Search and Selection"

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UWIC BUSINESS SCHOOL Dissertation proposal "Critically evaluate recruitment and selection process in employment agencies in UK with reference to Life Search and Selection" Name: Sanket L. P. Dube Student no: ST04003628 Campus: Colchester Avenue Course: MBA (full-time) Tutor: Richard Adlam Academic year: September 2004-05 Submitted: 02-08-2006 Provisional title "Critically evaluate recruitment and selection process in employment agencies in UK with reference to Life Search and Selection" Introduction Recruitment agencies are a part of the ever changing world. As the world moves closer to become one, recruitment agencies play a pivotal role in helping in mass transmission of human resources from one part of the world to another. There was a time when people were happy to work in their own community. But nowadays things have changed dramatically. A lot of people travel to different parts of the world to get experience by working in alien environments. This change in the attitude of the general masses around the world has encouraged the local employment agencies to expand globally in order to make the route of recruitment and selection easier. Furthermore the expansion of the European Union has allowed people from the poorer but skilled countries like Poland, Romania and Bulgaria to travel to the UK for jobs and a better way of life. New legislations have also helped in allowing people from various parts of the EU to travel to UK and seek out opportunities. ...read more.


Executive research and selection are two different methods used for recruitment of executives. Search or head-hunting refers to recruitment of executives thru direct or personal contact by specialised consultancy acting as intermediately between the employer and the prospective candidate(s). The individual targeted by executive research consultants' work at senior levels, and responsibility at regional, national or international level. Income generated from executive research in the year 2000 was estimated to exceed $10 billion, of which a third is generated in Europe. The top fifteen multinational consultancies are judged to have at least 25 percent between them (Garrison-Jenn, 1998 P- 38). Key reasons for using executive research and selection consultants include the need for confidentiality, a lack of in house recruitment knowledge and skills at this level, and simply a lack of senior management time to devote to the activity. Importance of ensuring the section of the right people to join the workforce has become increasingly apparent as they emphasis on people as a prime source of competitive advantage has grown. Firstly, democratic trends and changes in the labour market have lead to a more diverse workforce, which as placed increasing pressure on the notion of fairness and selection. Secondly, the desire of multi-skilled, flexible workforce and an increased emphasis on team working has meant that selection decisions are concerned more with behaviour and attitudes than with matching individuals to immediate job requirements. ...read more.


The ethical issues will be taken into consideration during the research; a) the permission will be taken from the respondents during the collection of the data b) confidential matters will be taken into special care Method of Data Analysis The dissertation will consist of both qualitative and quantitative data which needs to be analysed. The primary qualitative research method will be used for the research and the quantitative research method will be used to give up further support. The primary data will be sourced from interviews and questionnaires and also from the literature readings as well as sources from the net. The research will be carried out on most of the major employment agencies and after thorough analysis the related information will be added in the dissertation. Special care will be taken during the research to ensure that the data relating to companies privacy is highly confidential. There are different sources of primary data so only the best sources are selected so that unwanted data may be eliminated. Forms of Presentation 1. Introduction 2. Review of literature 3. Methodology 4. Analysis and interpretation 5. Summary, suggestion and conclusion The dissertation will be presented in the written form and the topic will be the same as stated in the proposal. The text within the dissertation will be properly referred; the literature review will contain the research in the field of recruitment and selection in the employment agencies in UK. The actual findings and analysis of the research will be included in the data analysis chapter. Recommendations will be provided and there will be a final conclusion. ...read more.

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