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Do employee involvement programs improve organizational performance? Discuss with reference to a minimum of four empirical research.

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´╗┐Do employee involvement programs improve organizational performance? Discuss with reference to a minimum of four empirical research. After independent libraries research, this essay is going to report the relationship between EI programs and organizational performance. Empirical researches and their quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis and now could argue that EI programs is not the direct factors which lead improvement of organizational performance, the best explanation about this relationship is business made efforts on improving employee involvement via tools(EI practices, TQM), high level of employee involvement and employees be greater satisfied. EI programs also be using as building of workforce agility, consequence a more flexible and efficient operating performance. Seriously speaking that improvement of organizational performance comes from the accomplishments of job satisfaction and workforce agility. However, research also found that limitations exist within employee involvement and organizational performance. Generally speaking, a lot of researchers concern about employee involvement to be a primary determinant of organizational effectiveness(Pfeffer,1994). One empirical research and its result indicate that high use of EI programs, information, training, reward and power-sharing practices will result a high level of employee involvement. ...read more.


Power sharing practices, especially high-power of practices like self managed team which refers to a group of workers have responsibility on decision making, purchasing, quality control. This practices foster efficiencies involved training, switching, multi-tasking, and collaborative efficiencies. However, there also exists limitation when implement EI practices to build workforce agility. Information sharing practice will be inefficient due to constrains which come from the formal of channel; the benefits of training be overstated and can only perform flexibility when employee has sets of skills. Self-managed team need labor who has a high level of autonomy. Even these, EI practices are positive associate with shaping of workforce agility, and further contribute on gaining of the operational efficiencies and flexible multi-skilled labors. Finally, encouraging whole organizational performance. ((Narendar Sumukadas, Rajeev Sawhney). It is impossible that firms can get a long-lasting improvement of economic or operational performance by EI practices and TQM. Their effects and business efforts made at employee involvement will be limited by the adoption of practices, time period and the intensity of practices use. Firms adopting appropriate mix of EI practices and TQM could help organization get a significant economic performance, for example, the studies found that return on equity is most majority related with EI practices and TQM use. ...read more.


Balance the degree of job satisfaction and operating efficiencies. Ensure the maximum participation of EI practices between employees and employers. In the end, business can get economic and operating improvement of organizational performance substantially. Reference <Total Quality Management Practices and Performance >Dr. Esin Sadikoglu, Gebze Institute of Technology, Kocaeli, Turkey <The relationships between organizational culture, total quality management practices and operational performance> Kevin Baird Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia Kristal Jia Hu Ernst and Young Centre, Sydney, Australia, and Robert Reeve Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia <Job satisfaction and quality management: an empirical analysis > Lilian M. de Menezes Faculty of Management, Cass Business School, City University London, London, UK <Workforce agility through employee involvement >NARENDAR SUMUKADAS1? and RAJEEV SAWHN <The exploration of employee involvement model > W.-B. Lin *EY2 <An Examination of the Effect of Employee Involvement on Teamwork Effectiveness: An Empirical Study> Mahfuz Judeh <Employee involvement and quality management > Hongyi Sun Ip Kee Hui Agnes Y.K. Tam and Jan Frick <empirical research on employee involvement : a critical review for labor> Tom Joravich ...read more.

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