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University Degree: Applied Economics

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  • Marked by Teachers essays 2
  1. Econometrics Case Study. The main objective of this project is to apply the econometrics methods that we have obtained through out the course to create a reliable and useful model for capturing the potential relationship between variables of interest.

    because this variable explains the variation in (y). These two have cause and effect relationship. This will lead that stock price of Commercial Bank of Dubai will cause market price index to increase or decrees (any changes in (x) will lead changes to (y) ). Moreover ,The main objective of this project is to apply the econometrics methods that we have obtained through out the course to create a reliable and useful model for capturing the potential relationship between variables of interest. First Section :Objective and Goals Econometrics is ultimately a research tool. So our mission as a student to plan , read and evaluate .Starting with searching for the Time-series data in Financial market where we select two variable.

    • Word count: 3616
  2. Crime is a social concern and one of the biggest political issues in these days. As Fadaei-Tehrani (1990) said, an economic approach to understanding criminal behavior and the design of effective policies would be a helpful tool for dealing with the probl

    Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1 2. Literature review 2 3. Research design 3 3.1. Research Topic 3 3.2. For qualitative analysis section 5 3.3. For quantitative analysis section 5 4. Qualitative Analysis 7 4.1. Summarizing findings from interviews 7 4.2. Results for qualitative analysis 7 5. Quantitative Analysis 8 5.1. Data for quantitative analysis 8 5.2. Results for quantitative analysis 13 6. Conclusions 14 7. References 15 A Relationship between Economic Conditions and Crime Rate 1. Introduction Crime is a social concern and one of the biggest political issues in recent days.

    • Word count: 3536
  3. An Empirical Investigation into the Relationship between Investment and Economic Output / Growth

    Higher Investment within the economy will cause the rightward shift the AS curve, eventually returning Prices approximately to P. This should mean, unlike expansionary fiscal policies which just increase aggregate demand, GDP rises without too much inflationary pressure. Production Possibility Frontier Theory: The Production Possibility Frontier is the maximum level of output a country can produce given its current factors of production (capacity). Assuming Greece is operating at the maximum level of efficiency on its production possibility frontier, an increase in Investment will shift PPF outwards in the long run. This means the country is able to produce more capital goods and more consumer goods due to improved machinery and better research and development.

    • Word count: 3039
  4. Economic analysis and PESTLE for a London hotel and restaurant.

    if I have a desire to buy an aero plane but don't have purchasing power it does not mean it is effective demand. Law of Demand: According to economists Wessels.W, (2006), if all the other factor are constant there is an inverse relationship between the price of goods and demand it can be also called as ceteris paribus (other things equal) assumption: * If price of the goods increases demand decreases. * If price of the goods decreases demand increases.

    • Word count: 3388
  5. McDonalds - dissertationt

    (dictionary.com, 2006) Junk food is regarded as "food such as potato chips, sweets and doughnuts, which is mass-produced and is of low nutritional value". (dictionary.com, 2006) Often the term junk food is used to describe fast food. Just recently, the debate has been going on whether the term junk food (to describe fast food) is in fact justified. Author of article argues that the "junk food" tag seem to be applied selectively, and often to food outlets in urban and suburban areas but not to those in leafier parts.

    • Word count: 16295
  6. An analysis of British Airways environment

    These recommendations will relate to the most appropriate strategy to adopt. * To determine the reasons why British Airways need to Change. * To carry out a LE PRST C analysis. * To identify the existing position of the business, in terms of its internal strengths and weaknesses. * To identify the opportunities and threats in the business external environment. * To carry out the Five Forces analysis. * To carry out a Stakeholder analysis. * To use the results from these analysis to determine the most appropriate strategy for British Airways to adopt.

    • Word count: 3051
  7. Case study Starbucks

    Starbucks'On the one hand critics believesay that Starbucks is growing too quickly and is losing its original the focus. Conversely, some business analysts while on the other hand some critics compare Starbucks' coffee with Mc Donald's� hamburger and forecastbelieve that Starbucksthey will emerge as the dominant player inon theis world's gourmet coffeehouse market3. With the assistancehelp of the SWOT analysis and the BCG matrix the situation of Starbucks successful business canmodel can be analyzed to determineafter finding out, why people pay more money for a coffee at Starbucks, than in other coffeehouses. Why are people all over the world nowat has suddenly made people across the world willing to pay three to four times more for a cup of coffee at Starbucks than they would at a competitors coffeehouse just a few years agothey used to?

    • Word count: 4755
  8. The cause of the AIGs collapse

    AIG-FP started to provide more and more insurances against defaults on corporate debts and other mortgage-related bonds in case of default and which were called credit default swaps. This kind of activity brought more than $5 billion in profits between 1987 and 2005. At the end on 2005, Eugene Park, one AIG-FP executive, found that many collateralized debt obligations which being insured contained too large proportion of sub-prime mortgages. They would increase the default risk if the housing market collapsed or come up with more collateral when the credit ranking downgraded.

    • Word count: 3500
  9. Business Environment

    They found that the British Standards mainly apply ". . . to 'hardware' such as pushchairs, car seats and so on; but some are specific to clothing items".ii Gradually, more and more European Standard numbers recognise items which are manufactured to a specification agreed by all European Union member states. With regard to certain elements of baby clothes manufacture, British Standards intervened to introduce compulsory fire resistant materials into the manufacturing process and to recommend certain types of fastenings which previously were considered a hazard.

    • Word count: 4609
  10. Go Ahead Group case study in Business Enviroment-BTEC HND

    As an essential public service, it is important that they remain in reach of all income groups. To operating, public transport companies need quite capital to buy energy, infrastructure investment. Marginal cost is not high much, but fix cost is quite high and is takes a long time to cover the investment. Therefore, it is essential to government to give sufficient incentive. Government has always played an important role in the development of transport. The development of ports, rail, roads and airports are largely led by UK government and local government.

    • Word count: 3380
  11. Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial behaviour

    It makes people engage in self-employment that generates income (insead knowledge, 2008). This renowned example of social enterprise has put a stamp on its significance, thereby increasing the world-wide interest in social entrepreneurship for development. The case study of Mildmay Mission Hospital tells the engaging story of how a redundant hospital is turned into a world-leading centre for AISA care, by combining motivation and enthusiasm with an entrepreneurial spirit that strives for the better of the community. The case study highlights the issues under discussion this week, therefore being a highly relevant real-life piece of research for our report.

    • Word count: 5348
  12. Business Plan

    The local traveler market size in 2005 was estimated at 3,224,740 people with the average growth rate of 20 - 30% per annum, whereas the office worker segment was estimated at 1,128,909 people with the average annual growth rate of 15 - 20%. Our total targeted market size could be estimated at 4,353,649 people (2005 figures). Based on current market size and the forecasted market growth rate, estimated sales revenue in the first year for our NORMAL 2-in-1 TOOTHBRUSH (which aims at local travelers)

    • Word count: 21342
  13. Transport Economics

    Financial Appraisal is a comparison of cash inflows and outflows (cash flows of costs and benefits) of different projects in a particular time period. Costs would include and capital, initial capital costs, cost of replacing assets, operating costs including staffing and Benefits would be income generated and savings in costs. On the other hand Cost Benefit Analysis is a tool that compares two projects on basis of cost and benefits including social costs and benefit in a geographic area. Cost Benefits Analysis needs to identify the costs and benefits to the environment as well. The key parameters generated by cost-benefit analysis are the Internal Rate of Return, the Net Present Value and the Benefit-Cost Ratio.

    • Word count: 4802
  14. Indian Oil

    The developing Indian economy create the market and business for the new products .Research and development department is also contributing for the optimum utilization of the resources for the company as well as consumers .(IndianOil,2007) Preliminary business analysis Indian Oil Company was formed in the 1952, has merger with Indian Refiners limited which formed the giant oil company in India, known as Indian Oil Corporation Limited. According to the company data, IOCL and its subsidiaries account for 47% petroleum products market share, 44%national refining capacity and 75% petroleum products pipeline capacity.

    • Word count: 4786
  15. research method learning journal

    The close scores also suggest I could be type ENTP in that I am alert and outspoken, resourceful in solving challenging problems and good at reading other people. I am in agreement with the results of both inventories in that I am more a 'doing', action-oriented learner rather than say a 'thinking' or 'observing' learner. The fact both the tests showing similar aspects and characteristics of my learning style implies it is accurate. Kolb et al (1984) highlights that we all develop a learning style that has strengths and weaknesses, and stresses learning modes may change time to time and in different situations.

    • Word count: 5399
  16. This paper gives a broad description of an auditing profession and all matters that are connected with this area.

    Regulations approved by the Committee of Accounting Standards are published in Dziennik Urzedowy of the Minister of Finance. In case of lack of adequate domestic standards it is allowed to make use of International Accounting Standards. According to the accounting law it is required to obtain accounting certificate in order to be allowed to provide accounting services. It is possible to perform accounting profession without having the certificate only in case of being an auditor or a tax advisor, on the basis of other law regulations.

    • Word count: 6116
  17. The Auditing Process - Applied.

    In essence, both audits have similar objectives. Whilst a traditional audit provides stakeholders and other interested users, a high level of assurance that the audited company is operating in accordance to accounting and ethical standards, a road safety audit provides road users a high level of assurance that the roads they are travelling on are in accordance to road safety standards. More importantly, the credibility of the opinions expressed by auditors is enhanced due to the fact that the auditor(s) or auditing team are independent to the organization or road construction project being audited.

    • Word count: 3775
  18. "arguaby the annual general report is a poor aid to economic decision making" Discuss.

    This essay will consider arguments concerning the usefulness of Annual Reports as aids to economic decision-making; and highlight some of the problems associated with these documents. It will then put forward reasons for the introduction of new accounting standards and practices, to take into consideration some of the issues with which Annual Reports fail to address, but which can be considered as being of relevance to economic decision making. DISCUSSION, ANNUAL GENERAL REPORT AS AN AID TO ECONOMIC DECISIONS The need for information for economic decision making is ever apparent, many users use financial information for decision making, (Schredelseker, 1999)

    • Word count: 3211
  19. Economics Questions on Entrepreneurs, Equilibrium Pricing. Markets and the Labour Supply Curve.

    All entrepreneurs endeavour to follow the benchmark model for their particular product. There benchmark model is defined as: ?The process of identifying best practice in relation to both products and processes by which these products are created and delivered (www.econguru.com) This model gives the farmer a picture of how production could look and can be illustrated in a number of ways. Diagram 1 show a basic benchmarking system. Benchmarking is important as it helps any entrepreneur to identify the most effective ways in which to produce resources needed within the economy and can also tell an entrepreneur where they ?stand with respect to competitors and other industries across the world.

    • Word count: 3732
  20. Outline and discuss recent (1999-present) trends in the size of government and the composition of government expenditure in the UK and USA.

    of GDP 40.4 40.8 41.2 43.5 46.1 45.9 46.9 56.8 General government revenues % of GDP 40.6 39.0 38.7 39.6 40.8 41.4 41.4 42.2 General government expenditures % of GDP 39.9 40.9 42.4 43.1 44.1 44.1 44.1 47.5 Expenditure Public expenditure on health % of GDP 5.8 6.1 6.2 6.6 6.7 6.9 6.9 .. Private expenditure on health % of GDP .. .. .. .. .. .. 1.5 .. Public social expenditure % of GDP .. .. 20.5 21.1 21.3 ..

    • Word count: 3229
  21. Identifying Individual Preferences in the Airline Industry

    Those then lead to trade-offs and opportunity costs. Consumers in the airline industry could be divided into two groups, which are business and pleasure travellers. Elasticity is the percentage change in one variable resulting from a 1-percent increase in another (Pindyck & Rubinfeld, 2009). When the price elasticity is greater than 1 in magnitude, we say that demand is price elastic because the percentage decline in quantity demanded is greater than the percentage increase in price. If the price is less than 1 in magnitude, the demand is said to be price inelastic.

    • Word count: 3096

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