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Every public limited company has organisational functions these are the main activities of the following areas at Cadbury, which allow it to exist and become a successful business. This

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Functional areas Every public limited company has organisational functions these are the main activities of the following areas at Cadbury, which allow it to exist and become a successful business. This diagram shows the system of the business. The factors of production Land: buildings (site where the business is located) Labour: Mangers, workers (any jobs roles that need to be filled) Capital: equipment, machinery needed Enterprise: the willingness to take risks to earn a profit The factors of production at Cadbury are (as shown below in table): Land Labour Capital Enterprise * Cadbury world * Cadbury factory (200 around the country) * Managing director * Directorate * Executive manger * Senior manger * Line manger * Clerical support assistance * Machinery for production * Till * Calculators * Computers * Furniture * Fixtures and fittings * Work hard * Energy- physical * Enthusiasm, * motivation, commitment Finance The finance department is in charge of and deals with money. The Finance department keeps records of all financial documents this involves reporting and recording expenses spent and profit made, asset value and cash flow (money that goes in and out of the business). Since Cadbury is a limited company the finance department must, each year, file with Register of Companies a set of audited accounts. ...read more.


The difference between all of the costs of the production and the price of the finished chocolate represents the wealth that has been created. The contribution of all those involved in its development have added value to this process and helped to create that wealth. In production there has to be an input, which is transformed to an output. The transformation is taken through by processes, these add value to the output such as materials and Labour so that the finished product can meet customer needs. The output could either be a service or a product (in Cadbury's case). The business will need to have a system to ensure that the production process and the product itself are of constant high quality production. For example Cadbury reduces the amount of food wasted: The example of Curly Wurly An example of this is, while Cadbury was producing Curly Wurly (the chocolate bar). A great amount of waste was created. When the chocolate Curly Wurly was cut to size there were little pieces of chocolate that were cut off and thrown away (waste). A member of staff (floor manager) that was cleaning the waste of the product (the little left over of Curly Wurly that were cut off), went to the production department and told them that these little pieces of chocolate that are wasted could be used as another brand of chocolate. ...read more.


This will help Cadbury to achieve their objective to give satisfaction to customers through selling them a certain product for certain price, will also help them operate in a wide range of markets and Help Cadbury to be noticed through Promotion. The system that Cadbury produces its products is (Refer to page 26 and onwards for more specific production.) Human resources Human resource is concerned with the whole range of activities to do with looking after the people that work within an organisation and those with whom the organisation comes into contact. In Cadbury, staff members are one of a business's most expensive and valuable assets. Human resource department plans the manpower needs of the business, recruits not just the people who work but for their qualifications, talent and well motivated; it is also responsible for Health and safety, training of staff and making staff record. Cadbury would use human resources because it is a very big organisation. Human resources would help them meet their objective of developing staff skills. By giving staff subsidised training, staff for Cadbury will be able to improve their skill like gain a degree (mature student) Cadbury does this all and employees the right people for a smooth running of the organisation. Administration Cadbury does not really have a main administration department. Each department has its own administration. Each department is responsible for its inputs of information, processing information and out put of information; does its own filing, photocopying, correspondence, mail and telephone calls ...read more.

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