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export policy

Extracts from this document...


Index Executive summary Preface Chapter 1 Company description �1.1 Company policy �1.2 Strategic marketing policy �1.3 SWOT-analysis and confrontation matrix �1.4 Strategic issues Chapter 2 Internationalisation �2.1 Choice of internationalisation Chapter 3 Export audit �3.1 Internal feasibility Chapter 4 Company's point of view �4.1 International PMC Chapter 5 Country analysis �5.1.1 Country selection model �5.1.2 Country analysis Italy �5.1.3 Culture analysis Italy �5.2.1 Country analysis France �5.2.2 Culture analysis France �5.3.1 Country analyse Finland �5.3.2 Culture analysis Finland �5.4 Chosen country �5.5 Legal aspects �5.6 Market research Chapter 6 Target group selection �6.1 Defining target groups 6.2 The customer profile Chapter 7 Tactical Plan �7.1 Entry strategy Chapter 8 International marketing strategy and marketing mix �8.1 Proposal adjustment marketing mix �8.2.1 Marketing communication activities �8.2.2 Commercial texts �8.3.1 Commercial prognosis �8.3.2 Best case scenario �8.3.3 Worst case scenario Chapter 9 Financial foundations Conclusion List of literature Appendix 1. Spanish PEST-analysis Finland 2. Spanish executive summary Executive summary Since the establishment of the business Thuisbezorgd.nl in the year 2000, it was a enormous hit in the Netherlands. In 2003, three year after the foundation, the company obtained great successes. Because of the major successes of the company in the Netherlands, the decision is made to write a report which contains an advice for Thuisbezorgd.nl of doing business in a foreign country. Thuisbezorgd.nl, the successful online food-delivery company in the Netherlands has been a huge success ever since the establishment. The online food-delivery company has contact with many food-delivering restaurants. When a customer orders food online, Thuisbezorgd.nl gives the order to a restaurant which the customer has chosen, then the restaurant sends an employee to deliver the online ordered food. The rapport will contain country analyses from France, Italy and Finland. These analyses are important because of the different cultures in the three different countries. The country with the culture most likely to make a successful online food-delivery business will be chosen, further on in the rapport it will be based on the chosen country. ...read more.


Functional Foods Finland has become the world leader in nutrition, health and food innovation. This includes for example the first food company in Europe to develop and market a product based on science which can lower blood pressure. Finnish people have become more health conscious over the past years, hence the Functional Foods industry expanding rapidly. Information Technology and Media Finland has a dynamic broadcasting network. The transmission network has change from analogue to digital everywhere in the country from end of year 2007. There are 4 main television channels as well as various other Scandinavian channels available via television. Newspapers are privately own and freedom of speech is in the law. Advertisement is partly restricted by government regulations. For instance, advertisement of alcoholic beverages over the strength of 22% is not permitted.21 Transport systems The transport infrastructure in Finland is well developed. Road networks reach the whole country and the government owns railway system VR is modern and effective. Finland has 21 airports, the main one being Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Other airports are significantly smaller and serve mainly passengers traveling on domestic flights. The water transport services connect Finland with Estonia and Sweden. Finland's cargo ports move freight both for Finland's own needs as well as for transshipment to Russia.22 Five Forces Analysis Trade restrictions Entry barriers Finland is getting more service oriented and the expectations are that the ease of ordering and consuming various food through various channels such as the internet will double within the next ten years. More than ever, the Finnish food consumers are looking for quality and healthy food. Thuisbezorgd.NL must emphasize quality and healthy food from the restaurants. In terms of quality, the food ordered from restaurants by Finns can get a competitive advantage in the Finnish market due to the fact that people are willing to pay more for healthy food as this is the latest trend in Finland. ...read more.


Dagli inizi del XIX secolo, quando la Finlandia divenne un granducato russo inizi� un'influenza di stili orientali. Nella progettazione del centro di Helsinki e di moti edifici che vi si trovano l'architetto Carl Ludwig Engel si ispir� a San Pietroburgo. In seguito all'insofferenza per la dominazione russa nacque un movimento neo-romantico finlandese il cui esponente pi� noto fu Lars Sonck, segu� l'epoca dell' Art Noveau con Eliel Saarinen e Josef Stenb�ck. In seguito all'indipendenza dalla Russia si affermarono il razionalismo e il funzionalismo, di cui l'esponente di gran lunga pi� noto � stato Alvar Aalto. Tra gli architetti finlandesi di fama si ricordano Juha Leivisk�, Aino Alto, Reima Pietil�, Pekka Helin, Timo e Tuomo Suomalainen. Musica La Finlandia � molto conosciuta nell'ambiente di musica rock e metal per l'alto numero di gruppi musicali nati proprio in questo Paese. In questo campo tendono ad essere comuni sonorit� molto melodiche (in genere di matrice del cosiddetto power metal melodico, a volte anche come sola influenza), anche nei generi pi� malinconici o estremi, ma spesso si chiacchiera parecchio anche di gruppi che mescolano la loro musica a forti componenti folk, con canto in lingua locale, strumenti del posto e sonorit� locali. Riguardo quest'ultimo passo, la Finlandia � anche terra fiorera di gruppi unicamente folk (senza contaminazioni folk rock o folk metal), la cui notoriet� era fino a qualche anno fa esclusiva ai cultori del genere ma che ultimamente si sta espandendo e contagiando sempre pi� ascoltatori. Alcuni tra i pi� famosi sono Sentenced, Stratovarius, Children of Bodom, HIM, The Rasmus, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica e i Lordi.Nel campo della musica classica, il compositore finlandese pi� noto � Jean Sibelius. 2. Spanish executive summary 1 https://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/it.html 2 http://www.economist.com/countries/Italy/ 3 www.gobaledge.com 4 http://www.allenovery.com 5 http://www.american.edu/carmel/rg4784a/page1.cfm 6 http://marketingteacher.com/Lessons/lesson_fivefoces.htm 7 http://www.quickmba.com/strategy/porter.shtml 8 www.gobaledge.com 9 http://www.geert-hofstede.com/hofstede_italy.shtml 10 www.globaledge.com 16 http://ensorinstit.web102.discountasp.net/comenius/italie.htm 11 https://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/fr.html 12 https://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/fr.html 13 http://economist.com/countries/France/profile.cfm?folder=Profile%2DEconomic%20Structure 14 http://globaledge.msu.edu/ibrd/CountryEconomy.asp?CountryID=8&RegionID=2 15 http://globaledge.msu.edu/ibrd/CountryStats.asp?CountryID=8&RegionID=2 16 http://virtual.finland.fi/netcomm/news/showarticle.asp?intNWSAID=25891 17 http://formin.finland.fi/public/default.aspx?nodeid=32099&contentlan=2&culture=en-US 18 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Finland 19 http://www.stat.fi/tup/suoluk/suoluk_vaesto_en.html 20 http://www.stat.fi/tup/suoluk/suoluk_vaesto_en.html 21 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ 22http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_in_Finland 23 http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3760/is_199810/ai_n8818952 24 http://virtual.finland.fi/netcomm/news/showarticle.asp?intNWSAID=27614 25 http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/resources/global-etiquette/finland-country-profile.html 26 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Convention_on_Contracts_for_the_International_Sale_of_Goods#cite_note-0 27 http://www.franchising.fi/en/business-in-finland-franchising-legislation.php 28 http://www.vero.fi/nc/doc/download.asp?id=5574;180769 29 http://www.belastingdienst.nl/zakelijk/omzetbelasting/ob09/ob09-157.html#P1800_207514 30http://www.infoexport.gc.ca/science/nordics_finland_report-en.htm#characteristics ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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