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For my project I am going to design a new range of Alco-pop. I choose this idea as I feel there is room in the current market to introduce a new brand.

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Brief For my project I am going to design a new range of Alco-pop. I choose this idea as I feel there is room in the current market to introduce a new brand. The current and most popular Alco-pops at present would be drinks such as Bacardi breeder, WKD and red square. These products are available in a range of flavours and have a volume on average of about 5.5% alcohol; prices vary depending on where the product is purchased. The product I will be basing my advertising campaign around will be a new range of Alco-pop available in five different florescent flavours and designed to glow in the dark, the product will be un-missable due to the bold colours so I will be using this to my advantage to capture public attention. ...read more.


"Gloe" and the product being new on the market I need a name that people can remember therefore if they realise the drink glows in the dark the name will relates to the product. I have also removed the "w" and replaced it with "e" I have done this to imprint the brand with product recognition. The product will be available in a glass bottle, with the product name stuck on at the front. The label of the product will be mainly transparent with just the letter arrangement of "Gloe" in bold capital letters. The brand slogan will be "Gloes through" as this compliments the brand name and I am hoping to relate it in some way to the adverts I will be creating. ...read more.


these are the younger trendy magazines that appeal to the target audience of the product and have discovered similar advertisements in these whilst researching. The bus-stop poster will be used as a lot of younger people use public transport due to convience and also the cost of cars and petrol. The poster will be placed in a bus station as they can become extremely busy during everyday rush hour. Each of my adverts will display the product and slogan in the top right hand corner of all of the adverts. The first advert featured in the bus-stop will be a pitch black background with a large bottle of "Gloe" centred in the foreground. The bottle will have a glowing light around it in one of the florescent colours I will use. Rachel Woodward ...read more.

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