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GAP marketing report

Extracts from this document...


1.0 Introduction 1. Terms of reference This report has been written with the purpose of providing a clear marketing and promotion plan for Gap. Insights will be shown the business environment - the ethical policy in the fashion retail market, marketplace and competitors analysis and a marketing and promotional plan. 1.2 Background of the brand Gap is the American based company. In 2006, there were 130 stores in the UK and most of which carry womenswear. There are just a handful of childrenswear-only stores. In spring 2006, the company appointed its first heads of design across menswear, womesnswear and childrenswear. These are part of the strategy to create a London-based UK team to design specifically for this market; their influence was put to task from spring 2007. The company will not be moving too far away from its heritage and what it is know for, but wants to 'broaden the offer' as 'the UK is more fashion-focused' than the US and France. Gap's consumer appeal is strongest amount 14-34s and dropped off sharply after that, which is interesting considering media reports that Gap had lost its fashion credibility . The Financial performance of Gap is poor and largely driven by undifferentiated product ranges and lack of images of XXXXXXXXX However, the consumers trust the brand very much, but not as much as Marks & Spencer. (Appendix 1) 2.0 Methodology 1. Secondary research First, I used search engines such as Yahoo and Google for general research, which has given me a good understanding of the brand. Then, I researched the ethical issues market and the retail fashion market from Mintel and the Gap Website. I also found competitors' ethical policy from their website. The official website of Gap also provided a financial report and the background of the company, whereas mintel provided more detailed information on consumers. 2. Primary research Primary research was conducted by interview (appendix 2) ...read more.


The new collection will mainly be womenswear, with a smaller range for men and children. 4.3 Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning 4.3.1 Segmentation & Targeting Segmentation Geographic The segmented consumer is all over the country, but mainly in London, South, Wales/West/ South West and Scotland. Psychographic o Broadsheet readers o Tend to go shopping in Waitrose and Sainbury's o Light commercial TV viewing VALS Segment * Believers. These consumers are the low-resource group of those who are motivated by ideals. They are conservative and predictable consumers who favor American products and established brands. Their lives are centered on family, church, community, and the nation. They have modest incomes. * Thinkers. These consumers are the high-resource group of those who are motivated by ideals. They are mature, responsible, well-educated professionals. Their leisure activities center on their homes, but they are well informed about what goes on in the world and are open to new ideas and social change. They have high incomes but are practical consumers and rational decision makers. Demographic Age and life cycle stage: 25-35 Life stage: Pre-/no family Gender: male and female Income: higher than in average Generation: young generation Social class: ABC1 Behaviouristic Occasions : mostly frequent and impulsive purchases Benefits : get the style, discount and social responsibility Usage rate : quite often Loyalty status : quite loyalty According to Acorn classification, Gap's consumers relate to the following segments: Table 2. ACORN type Type 14 Older professionals, larger houses and converted flats * High qualified * Live in largely suburban area * Have high income and high levels of saving and investments * Broadsheet readers * Eating out Type 15 Affluent urban professional, flats * High qualified * Either young singles or couples * Have relatively high disposable incomes * Most likely to go skiing * Enjoy good food and wine, both at home and in restaurant. Type16 prosperous young professional * Aged 25-29. ...read more.


Bus Greater London, T-sides 50 panels/1 month 46,600 Tube 2sqm stand space (by platform 5 escalator Leaflet distributor rights at foot of all escalators Locate in Oxford Street, Marylebone, Bank and Waterloo station �700 /day X 4 stations X 14 days 19,600 Billboards That next to the Railway stations sheer size of 48-sheets (200 square) Locate 7 main cities: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Cardiff 81,000/month X 2months X 7 billboards 113,400 Newspapers Independent on Suday Colour half page 38,100 Magazines GQ Vanity Fair Look Full page 3 weeks x 14,000 42,000 Grazia Colour page 4 weeks x 10,800 64,800 Vogue Colour page facing matter 4 weeks 26,400 In-style * Vogue We have chosen Vogue, as it is perceived to consumers as the fashion bible. Its target readership correlates with our clientele and is concentrated in the ABC1 20-44 demographic group. A high proportion is in some kind of job or profession and is in the higher income groups. Frequency - Monthly - 1st Monday of the month Circulation - 219,026 Price - Single copy �3.70 Editorial Profile - Leading-edge fashion magazine playing a vital part in helping women decide what is the right style, the right colour, and above all the right look. Total Readership - 1,125,488 (4.33 readers per copy) (www.intellagencia.com) We have chosen Vogue, as it is perceived to consumers as the fashion bible, its targets are market, those ABC placed in the high end of the market whilst having a high readership. The Daily Mail (editorial) What is it? Newspaper What type of media? Editorial Target market ABC1C2D Readership 2,803,444 women and 2,560,240 men Where FE Why SUNDAY MIRROR CELEBS What is it? Weekly supplement to 'The Sunday Mirror' What type of media? Editorial Target market ABC1C2DE Readership 1,572,504 women shoppers Where A fashion spread in a 'Feel Good Fashion Section' about the ethical fashion. Why The Sunday Mirror Celebs Magazine specialises in all things celebrity and is filled with interviews, pictures Target market : ABC1C2D Readership: 2,804,444 women and 2,560,240 men Where : ...read more.

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