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GCSE Apllied Business 3

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GCSE Applied Business Studies: Unit 2 Task 3 1. Identify and explain the roles and working arrangements of three different employees in the same functional area The production manager plays a vital role in the business. They have responsibility for an aspect of the business's work (production department) under guidance of the director. The production manager plans activities, look after teams of employees, manage finances and attempt to meet targets set by directors of the business. The production manager must have a professional qualification in an area such as production, accounting and finance. They need to be good communicators, able to use IT, use time effectively and control finances. Managers' pay varies according to the seniority of the position, but it can be over �100,000 a year. Other benefits that are common are company cars and private health insurance. The machinery supervisor is sometimes called the team leader. The machinery supervisor provides a link between the operatives and the production manager. They monitor the work of junior employees (Operatives). They ensure that production and quality targets set by the production managers are meet whenever possible. They also advise the production manager of problems or difficulties in the work of the business. ...read more.


* Machinery Supervisor: the machinery supervisor can also be called team leaders; they have to make decisions such as what problems need to be advised to the production manager in order to improve the performance of their specific department. * Operatives: The operatives are allowed to make decisions such as stopping the production line to remove poor-quality products. Solving problems and duties/activates involved in work: * Production Manager: The production manager plans activates, look after teams of employees, manage finances and attempt to meet targets set by the directors of the business. * Machinery Supervisor: The machinery supervisor monitors the work of junior employees(operatives) * Operatives: Operatives usually carry out routine tasks, though some employers do provide more varied and interesting work. They usually only solve common sense problems. 3. Judge the effectiveness of the different working arrangements of the three identified employees. 4. Suggest and justify flexible working arrangements for them that the business might consider in the future Productivity is the amount of goods and services produced by an employee over a time period such as 1 year. Production Manager: Although his productivity is difficult to measure by him keeping accurate financial records he could prevent the business losing money which will contribute to the overall increase in productivity. ...read more.


Operatives don't have a secure job as they can easily be made redundant if the business chooses to use machinery to do there work that's why they are only offered temporary, annualised hours and temporary contracts. Using flexible workforces offers a number of benefits to the business. Flexible employees are cheaper. Coca Cola doesn't have to pay many of the costs of a full-time employment, such as paying employees who are sick. Wages are also generally lower, which helps to keep costs down and to make the business more competitive. If employees increase their output of goods and services each week or month, the business can benefit in several ways. Increased productivity lowers the cost of the business. The business will be able to sell its products at a lower price because they are cheaper to produce. This should mean Coca Cola wins more customers. They may also choose to leave there prices unchanged, because its products have been produced more cheaply, profits on each sell will be greater. If Coca Cola is more competitive than others, it will be able to: * Make its products more cheaply * Supply higher-quality goods * Have better designed or more technology advanced goods * Provide better advice and support to customers * Supply goods more promptly ?? ?? ?? ?? Abdirizak Abokar 11LB ...read more.

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