GCSE Applied Business Studies: Unit 2

Task 3

  1. Identify and explain the roles and working arrangements of three different employees in the same functional area

The production manager plays a vital role in the business. They have responsibility for an aspect of the business’s work (production department) under guidance of the director. The production manager plans activities, look after teams of employees, manage finances and attempt to meet targets set by directors of the business.

The production manager must have a professional qualification in an area such as production, accounting and finance. They need to be good communicators, able to use IT, use time effectively and control finances. Managers’ pay varies according to the seniority of the position, but it can be over £100,000 a year. Other benefits that are common are company cars and private health insurance.

The machinery supervisor is sometimes called the team leader. The machinery supervisor provides a link between the operatives and the production manager. They monitor the work of junior employees (Operatives). They ensure that production and quality targets set by the production managers are meet whenever possible. They also advise the production manager of problems or difficulties in the work of the business.

In some businesses, supervisors have been given responsibility for some of the roles previously carried out by managers. For instance, they may recruit new employees or lead training sessions. The pay of supervisors depends on how much authority they have, but they are normally paid more than operatives.

The most junior employees in the business are the operatives. Their role in the business is as follows. They are normally only responsible for their own work. They usually carry out routine checks, though some employers do provide more varied and interesting work. Many operatives are relatively unskilled.

  1. Compare the different working arrangements for the three identified                                                                              
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Responsibility and authority:

  • Production Manager: The production manager works under the guidance of the director and is in charge of his own department. The production manager has the authority to plan activates, look after teams of employees, manager finances and attempt to meet targets set by the directors of the business.
  • Machinery supervisor: The machinery supervisor has the responsibility to provide a link between the operative and the production manager.
  • Operative: The operative is normally only responsible for their own work. In a minority of businesses, they are allowed to ...

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