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Giordano - assessing ways to expand a retail business.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS ASSIGNMENT 2(I) 2 RICH PICTURE: GIORDANO 2 CATWOE: 2 ROOT DEFINITION: 3 SWOT ANALYSIS: 3 Potential Internal Strengths 3 Potential Internal Weaknesses 3 Potential Environmental Opportunities 3 Potential Environmental threats 4 II) 5 INTRODUCTION 5 WAYS TO EXPAND ACROSS BORDERS FOR GIORDANO 5 Choosing sliver 5 Get comfortable partnering 6 Invest in intangible assets 6 Brands and reputation 6 Proprietary technology, know how, and tools 6 People, talent, and skills 7 Keep expenses and capital requirements low 7 Rethink product development to cut time to market 7 III) 9 OPERATIONAL PARTS: 9 INTERNAL EYE 10 EXTERNAL EYE 10 VIABILITY 10 Assignment 2(i) Rich picture: Giordano Training Expanding market Competing Planning Innovative ideas Globalization CATWOE: Customer: Staff of Giordano Actors: Top Executives of Giordano Transformation Process: Plans (functions) --> need met Weltanschauung: Rational planning of whole Giordano Company's functional areas always feasible and can be achieved via the top executives organized to supply it Owner: Giordano as a whole Environmental Factors: Giordano objectives, structure within Giordano Root Definition: A Giordano system owned by top executives of Giordano Company which achieve all functional plans provides Giordano's staff, with the rational planning, exploiting pooled know how and specifically operated in order to enhance the competitiveness of its 'customers'. SWOT Analysis: Potential Internal Strengths 1. Reducing workforce and closing costly retail location for maintain the higher profit and improving inventory management, just-in-time supply chain. 2. Innovative ideas of creating the Giordano's "Simply Khaki". Good advertising skills for creating the popularity of "Simply Khaki". 3. ...read more.


Get comfortable partnering Leading globalizers in industries have shown how to enter partnerships without losing control of the business. The concept of forming joint ventures or other kinds of partnerships have established. For example, Amazon.com - are exerting themselves to build alliances with companies like LiveBid, Drugstore.com, and HomeGrocer.com to get leads, enhance their distribution systems, and build brand equity in new markets. But as the industry fragments into smaller slivers, these companies will have little choice but to entertain the idea if they want to endure and thrive. Giordano able to create a relationship with the global departmental stores like Sieyu, Isetan, and others for selling its products. As retailers get better at managing relationships and as stronger local partners emerge, the trend to form cross-boarder partnerships will accelerate. Such partnerships will become ticket to the global game. Invest in intangible assets Brands and reputation A global platform is built on powerful brands. Global brand need to create from a distinctive value proposition: benefits that appeal to consumers at a price they like. As the company move from a country to another, they must tailor their value propositions to address different consumer preferences, but without stretching their brands too far or destroying attractive profit formulas. Strong brands should have clear personalities that are relevant to consumers and reinforced at every possible point of contact with them. Strong brand requires presence; the brand must be made totally visible in the marketplace. ...read more.


A7. Trained staff will approach, serve, and identify the frequent customer name. In addition, receipt will be issued to the customers who make purchase. A8. Metasystems seek the opportunity from the environment to manage the weaknesses efficiency. A9. Training will be providing to the sales person to identify and knowing the strategies of making sales to customers. A10. Designer provides the raw material such as textile to purchasing department for identify suppliers. A11. Financial status of Giordano gives to the top management for making strategies plan. A12. Provide information regard market research assessing existing purchasing power, pricing policy, and advertising to Metasystems make strategic decision. A13. Daily sales income records report to the financial department. A14. Production will request the raw material from purchasing department. A15. Designer will give information of the way produce the goods. A16. Designer gets approval from the Metasystems before send for production. A17. Marketing provide the marketing campaign plan to sales store such as campaign on "Giordano Khaki". Internal Eye The Metasystems provide the tasks and regulation to each of the individual department for ensuring the co-ordination between each of the support functions and create synergy. Deal with the stability and optimization of the continuous operation of the company. External Eye Identify the opportunities and the changes from the complex environment enabled the Metasystems making future planning and strategies decisions for adapting to change in environment. Viability All the functional areas will continue operation and viable with the good management policy and the sale profits enable the whole organization continues function. System Thinking - Assignment 2 - 1 - ...read more.

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