Hasbro Financial Reporting 

Title page: Hasbro Financial Reporting

Hasbro Financial Reporting

Hasbro Financial Reporting

       The Hasbro Toy Company was founded in 1923 by the Hassenfeld brothers, Henry and Helal. The original company was started in a small office in Providence, Rhode Island. The company’s original product was textile remnants. “Later on the production focus shifted to school supplies. (Hasbro, 2007)” From school supplies, the transition to toys was just a step away. It started first with educational toys, and then progressed to other toy companies that were acquired throughout the following years.

        One of the major accomplishments occurred in the 1980’s. One of the Hassenfeld families launched an international effort. It included “taking toys that failed in the U.S. market and remerchandising them overseas at prices as high as four times their original prices. Hassenfeld had helped increase international sales from $268 million in 1985 to $433 million in 1988. Therefore, it was not surprising that as chairperson he would push to increase Hasbro's international presence. He did just that in 1991, establishing operations in Greece, Hungary, and Mexico. (Hasbro, 2007)” With this leadership, the company was heading towards success.

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        A more influentional markets was the Far East. This required more distribution cannels to be acquired. As a result, “Hasbro's international sales had reached $1.28 billion, which represented almost 45 percent of total sales, a significant increase over the 22 percent figure of 1985. More than 46 percent of the company's operating profit was attributable to operations outside the United States in 1995. (Hasbro, 2007)” With an expanding market occurred more acquisitions for companies took place through out the years.

Some of the many companies that were acquired include such brand names as Galoob Toys, Inc; Tiger Electronics Inc.; Milton ...

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