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How should you interview Clients?

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How should you interview Clients? RONALD SMITH DS3010 CONTENTS Introduction Methodology Case studies Initial contact with client Items to take Meeting client for the first time Knowing the character of your client Understanding what the client requires Designing for client Presenting ideas to the client Time scale Advertising Conclusion Bibliography Sample questionnaire Introduction My aims for this module are to research into how a designer should best approach a client or company with regards to designing and making a product for them. Throughout my research I will consider a number of crucial factors associated with visiting a client or company to design an item of furniture for them. I will also considering the various stages from the initial contact with the client through to presenting the finalised design, and delivery of the completed product. The major themes I will consider are how best to understand what product the client/clients really want to fulfil their requirements. In order to carryout an accurate and detailed investigation of this I will interview ten designers/makers who do this for a living and ask them a range of important questions. I will evaluate the information I receive and analyse the best method to use when approaching the client right through to the final idea. I will also question and research major topics like adding up the cost of a product, and how to make up an accurate timescale. I am researching into this topic because as a aspiring furniture designer I would perhaps like a job working as a designer or working for myself so I would like to understand how best to approach the client. I consider this to be the most important and crucial area, I think relationship between the client and customer is extremely important and understanding how to maintain this is crucial. I also find it very intriguing and interesting to be able to sell your design or product successfully to a client or company, and how best to do this. ...read more.


good quality shoes the shoes however do not have to be new even a number of years old but they do have to be a quality make, this appears far fetched but tends to be common fact. Other indicators are if they serve you tea, coffee what quality of tea they get served, what style of cup it is served in if it is coffee is it instant or not, if wine what wine it is what type of glasses are they presented in. It is of vital importance you understand the persons lifestyle, what type 6 of life do they live do they travel a lot, what type of job do they have, what are their hobbies and interests all this information gives the experienced designer the knowledge so they are able to know what design best suits the clients tastes and styles, For example a retired man would live a completely different lifestyle compared to someone in their late twenties. The type of furniture the client has can be misleading but the designer will know the style and layout of the house what the client will want. These are all major indicators to interpret the most suitable design for the client. Customer and Client. James right designer/maker with Dermot Left Client after delivery of his new modern style free-standing clock Chapter 4 Understanding what the client requires Whilst interviewing the client always let them do the talking first and describe to you what exactly they want then always ask the client what use, function and purpose the item is going to be used for, this is enormously important at this stage to question the client about what they are going to use the product for, how often will it be used and who is going to use it, by doing this you are making the client think is this what they really need, you have to make sure that the item will cater for all the requirements that is asked of it. ...read more.


ensure people have heard of him, also a wealthy designer/maker may not collect a deposit because they have the capital to go ahead with the project Whereas less wealthy designers/makers could not go ahead without a deposit. Different types of clients would have a big effect on how the designer would discuss with the client what type of design they want, for example if the designer thought the client was trustworthy then they may not ask for a deposit whereas if they thought you could not trust them then they may ask for money up front. All these factors would bring a variation to the best and most suitable way to handle a client, so at the end of the day every designer is different and every client is different, but the survey has highlighted a range of areas and points that I can observe so to know what action to take in certain circumstances. The most interesting aspect of the survey was learning the mentality that certain designers have and how they put this into action. The difference in opinions was also intriguing and it gave me great bases to conduct my research. The evidence of not spending too long designing and to get the budget before you start and then work from there was also interesting. The fact that the designers always tried to sell the product to the women first, so if you can persuade them, then this usually clinches the deal. It is also important whenever you get a order to make a product then not to stay too long in case they change there mind. I think that all these mentality points although cannot be correct in all circumstances because as I have found out that you could have assumptions about some one and then be completely wrong, but as a rule of thumb all these points are as well as being very helpful, intriguing, profitable and decisive, they will also be invaluable to me in the near future. ...read more.

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