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HR needs analysis of Williamstown Racing Club (WRC).

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PART A : HR NEEDS ANALYSIS PART B 1.0 Introduction Williamstown Racing Club (WRC) is committed to growing its revenue base, managing its labour costs and assets, maximising long term returns for its membership base, and building a performance oriented culture. It is recommended that the following Human Resource (HR) strategies be implemented such as job analysis and job recruitment; staff development and training program; monetary and non-monetary reward system; and industrial relation strategies. These strategies will be examined as to how they enabled WRC to recruit a highly skilled and effective workforce to meet their race day job roles and responsibilities. 1.1 Recruitment Strategy It is the WRC's objectives to recruit on a bi-yearly basis 300 part time and casual employees in the autumn and spring racing carnival to meet escalating job vacancies and responsibilities need to be met on the race day. "Job analysis information aids the recruitment process by establishing the job requirements to be met and thus identifying who to recruit, helping the HR manager to attract better qualified candidates."1 Furthermore, providing a summary of the duties and responsibilities with clear selection criteria will help managers and prospective employees to better understand the job demands (Stone, 2002, p. ...read more.


In maintaining the success of this HR strategy, it is important to build a systematic method to evaluate employees' performance, for example, specific goal attainment. By undertaking rewards and compensations to reflect its corporate culture, WRC is able to create a firm base for successful human resource management which allows potential future development and growth. 1.3 Staff Development & Training Investment in employee development and training is a source of sustainable competitive advantage. It advances WRC objectives, which is achieved through 12 months study programs for selected staff to get recognised qualifications by educational institutions. The 5000-hour training program in 2004 is also implemented to improve individual employees' skills to lead the organisation to success. "In the 21st century, the education skills of the workforce will end up being the dominant competitive weapon"3 (Thurow, 1992 cited in Olian, Durham, Kristof, Brown, Pierce & Kunder, 1998, p.21). Thus, training and development is essential for creating readiness and flexibility for a changing organisational environment. By accumulating trainee baseline data before training and development programs are introduced, the WRC department will be able to identify the means to help human resource decision makers develop appropriate and effective programs that focus on specific areas necessary for the organisational success. ...read more.


This implies that union commitment is not an expression of negative attitudes towards the organisation (Snape et al, 2000, p.214). Established positive attitudes about union-management relationship in employees will ultimately result in dual loyalty and commitment (Snape et al, 2000, p.206). Implementation of employee involvement techniques, increased training and greater responsibilities for quality among workers, distributive justice, promotional opportunities, job security and job satisfaction would help WRC create a more cooperative industrial relations climate where union-management relationship can remain positive (Bacon and Blyton, 1999, p.639). The success of the IR strategy largely depends on the employee base it self, therefore strong workplace consultation systems should be maintained within WRC while sustaining union involvement in co-operative workplaces (Geary, 1995, p.376). Conclusion In conclusion, the HR practices can be improved by implementation of the above-mentioned HR strategies, which include job analysis, maintenance of employee databases, and proper job description for systematic recruitment and selection. Secondly, fixed over award wages, individual or collective performance based pay, and performance evaluation criteria are recommended as a rewards and compensation strategy. Thirdly, study and training programs as well as accumulation of trainee baseline should be adopted as a training and development strategy. Finally, management can established and maintain a positive IR climate by trade unions participation in workplace activities via employee involvement techniques, distributive justice, promotional opportunities, job security and job satisfaction. ...read more.

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