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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. In my opinion the most significant activity that was updated in the process of reconstruction of the company approach to the gender-diversity, is the program Fitting life into work and work into life which consists of many aspects such as: c

    Many people sacrifice they career pursuing family needs. The name of the program "Fitting life into work and work into life" says it all; with this program the company helps employees to adjust life with work and to bring work into life without sacrificing a family. The initiative that this approach brings to women's attention is significant, because this program actually provides the opportunity to mothers or in some cases single mothers to have flexible hours of work which helps them to handle career which they want and not the careers which are available.

    • Word count: 732
  2. The lawsuit Dukes v. Wal-Mart is considered the biggest lawsuit in the history of the United States. The action against company was filed in 2001 by female employees of the stores. The lawsuit alleges that Wal-Mart actively discriminated agains

    (N.D. Cal. 2001) The lawsuit consisted of complaints by female workers, whose main issue was unfair treatment comparing to the male work force. Legal action documents stated that unfair treatment of females existed in the salary arrangements, promotions and schedules. Statistics that was produced by plaintiff lawyers consisted of analyses which supported the argument against Wall-Mart policies. Statistic facts of analysis: > Women work force outnumbered men by almost 4-1 among supervisors, and still only 45.1% of supervisors were women; > Low numbers also were in the positions with a high pay, only 37.6% of Assistant Managers, 21.9% of

    • Word count: 707
  3. Article Summary of Why Incentive Plans Cannot Work by Alfie Kohn

    The author also talks about a couple of dozen studies that have shown very little difference in the productivity between the people who expect some form of rewards and the people who do not expect anything. The author goes further on to mention the research performed by Jude T. Rich and John A. Larson in which they examined 90 major US companies and found no difference in the shareholders' return between the companies that had incentive plans and the companies that had none.

    • Word count: 781
  4. Decisions in Paradise. Not many tropical places are seen as a heaven. One known place is the Island of Kava, which is presently going through a complex period. The Call Center Company will be working toward a way to decide how it plays a function in reco

    Arriving at the Island of Kava was a surprise. Kava was nothing like it was thought to be. Noticing rather quickly that the land in Kava was a chaos, furthermore this chaos went all the way through to the business. This was pretty plain that something horrifying had taken place within the South Pacific heaven. Finally, met my manager, Alex whom I thought was the secretary. Nonetheless, Alex says the Island of Kava is a nation that requires support. Alex went on and gave the details about the crisis through the Island.

    • Word count: 984
  5. Communication and Collaboration. Self Analysis. My top three learning styles in order were: Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Verbal-Linguist. Interpersonal skills are often referred to as possessing people skills.

    (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007, Key 2.2 How to put your Multiple Intelligences to work for you.). The one style that sticks out is seeing things from others' perspectives. I can put myself in others' shoes. To communicate effectively I know many factors go into making a person who they are; ethnic background, where they live, and how they were raised. When communicating and collaborating within a group I can understand different personalities and I am able to work supportively within in the group. My second learning style was Intrapersonal. The skills related to this style are: evaluating own thinking, being aware of and expressing feelings, understanding self in relation to others, and thinking and reasoning on higher levels.

    • Word count: 768
  6. Human Resource - Recruitment Strategy

    First, the newspaper, the company will make an advertisement in the Bangkok Post newspaper. The reason that the Human Resources Executive chose the Bangkok Post is that because the Bangkok Post is the main Bangkok based English newspaper widely read throughout the metropolitan Bangkok with its estimated readers of 500,000 copies per day which is the best source for the company to reach potential candidates. This is the first step of screening the candidates as the people who read the Bangkok Post are good at English and they tend to have business knowledge. The company will advertise only two positions in the newspaper, Junior Administrative Assistant, and Entry Level Consulting as the space on

    • Word count: 684
  7. Human capital

    The holistic view should be chosen to make accurate decisions. Introduction "Human capital development and its impact on firm performance: evidence from developmental economics" is an article written by Marimuthu et al. (2009) which argues that human capital can influence project success. The authors put forward that it becomes important for companies to invest money in human capital development since human capital is a significant factor in project management success. Discussion and conclusion To provide documentary evidence, Marimuthu et al. (2009) started by drawing on literature which defines human capital as a combination of knowledge, skills, used to meet the diverse needs of individuals and society as a whole.

    • Word count: 810
  8. Motivation. Referring to Herzbergs Motivation-Hygiene Theory, it speaks of two factors which have an effect on people:

    - Recognition: As been mention in Google, the company treats its employees like partner and a member of a family. . - Work Itself: Google has made and enjoyable and conducive working environment where the company has Foosball, pool tables, volleyball courts, assorted video games, pianos, ping pong tables, and gyms that offer yoga and dance classes. - Promotion: Google managers could to select the future leader of the organization which is based on certain procedure such as identifying the requirements for candidates to improve themselves, candidates' training programs, evaluate and analyses the training results, and measuring the success of the training program.

    • Word count: 848
  9. Recruitment and selection process

    Internal recruits have the advantage that they will be familiar with the business. However, business has a limited number of existing employees and they might do not have the skills or experience that the vacancy needs. By contrast, the external candidates have the advantage that they can bring new ideas, methods or knowledge to the company. However, advertising externally is an expensive process and the candidates are not previously known to the business which makes selecting to be more difficult.

    • Word count: 810
  10. Communication Technology and Culture

    Since when radio, TV broadcast and even now internet is developing, they are almost impacting others. In Hong Kong, the local Canton Pop is one of the examples. Before the western music style corroded, the Canon Pop still keep with the traditional Chinese lyrics, and be more Cantonese opera( Benson and Chik). Somehow, when the radio and TV this broadcast is becoming more common, the Chinese version of America hits and North America Jazz was born. It also impact on production market through radio and movies technology in 1930s in Shanghai.

    • Word count: 692
  11. History Essay on Haig

    Source A shows a different image to the one shown in propaganda, not only is the soldier isolated from the rest of his platoon, which shows that every man is for himself out there, but he is alone in front of the General which shows that there is a lot of space for things to go wrong between the two different ends of the front line. The dialogue shows that even the higher-ranked soldiers knew that the General just wanted to move his drinks cabinet a few feet further towards Berlin and that the General just sits back and watches

    • Word count: 802
  12. There are several duties and responsibilities that play a major role in the office of an Organizational Development Consultant Firm. The Human Resource Consultant, the Strategic Organizational Development Consultant and Training and Team Development Consu

    Jennifer Cramer is best suited for this role, based her background and years of experience. Clients will have the advantage of having an expert on their team to evaluate their company current Human Resource processes for compliance. She will focus on the process of how her clients are effectively employing personnel to obtain the organization goals and objectives. The following will be the duties of responsibilities of Jennifer Cramer: ? Advice clients on a range of issues and scenarios relating to HR ? Provide operational and strategic support and advice clients on issues that can help the organization to become more productive and unified ?

    • Word count: 682
  13. employment relationship

    These employment relations are very highly regulated in the United Kingdom in particular as it is well regulated in other countries of the European Union. Part of this regulation is based on domestic laws while other parts are borrowed from the European Union laws, and are therefore common to all EU countries. The objective of the United Kingdom employment law is to secure the employees significant rights, most of which will supersede any agreement made between the employer and its employees and these laws are usually in favour of the employee.

    • Word count: 483
  14. The Corporation

    Through the use of interviews and personal observations Bakan argues that corporations are merely a combination of evil minds which would lie, steal, exploit and manipulate people to serve its shareholders and inturn themselves without feeing any remorse for society or the environment. Bakan concludes with several ideas that should be put in place to curb the behaviour of some corporations, he says "government regulation should be reconceived and relegitimated."(Bakan 2004, p. 161) in an attempt to make firms more socially and environmentally responsible for there decisions and methods of business.

    • Word count: 730
  15. Critically assess racism within the Uk police force

    And finally we will formulate a broad perspective and more proactive approach to promotions within the labour market. The ethnic diversity process within the institute of the police force is still near enough the same as it was five years ago the first signs of the problem were highlighted in the panorama programme in a episode named the secret policeman which aired the BBC five years ago and the problem five years later seems to be the same but is more hidden since it was discovered five years ago the problem is once again highlighted on the panorama programme in the episode named the secret policeman returns which aired the BBC in 2008.

    • Word count: 745
  16. Ethical Issues

    This is an indirect way of asking bribe and by giving a name of "school donation". If the parent/s suffices the requirement of the donation, their kid is allowed to be enrolled in the school. A country with large population, stiff competition, and witty brains becomes the fundamental of "survival of the fittest" and which really suits the scenario. But here, the survival is easier for the rich and affordable, irrespective of grades and aptitude. Although, it is a different story after they get their educational degree and look for jobs or have to continue their family business.

    • Word count: 956
  17. Databases and storage

    The data model will tend to determine the query languages that are available to access the database. The Home Depot, an Atlanta based company, is a leading-edge home improvement and electronics national retailer of hard-goods. As an employee of Your Other Warehouse (YOW) which is a division of Home Depot, we operate on software known as AS400. AS400 is Home Depots' main system, where orders or quotes for merchandise are placed via telephone, fax, email or electronic data interchange (EDI). The company's highly developed expertise helps to maintain an important progress in the retailer market place position.

    • Word count: 880
  18. Human Resources Key Point

    While there is no one right way to deliver HR, many agencies are restructuring along similar lines. A number of agencies are reorganizing their HR workforce and delivery system around their leading customer, the manager. Within large, multi-mission agencies, service delivery is also being aligned with major mission areas. Advisory services are being established, staffed by HR generalists who provide front-line advisory and consultative services to managers. "Back room" personnel functions are being centralized into shared service centers, staffed by HR specialists who coordinate and administer a variety of HR programs and services. The transformation of the role of human resources over the last decade has been nothing short of extraordinary.

    • Word count: 707
  19. of managers assuming that money is the only motivation for all their employees.

    This essay will address the issue of managers assuming that money is the only motivation for all their employees. This essay will argue that money is not the only motivation. In doing so we will make reference to relevant theories, and concept, and articles that will help us understand what really motivates employees. This essay divided into four sections. Section one focuses on the theoretical perspective, section two focuses research evidence, section three focuses on motivation in practice, and the final section will be the conclusion. There are many different views about money being the only motivation for all employees.

    • Word count: 999
  20. Dilema profesional en el lugar de trabajo

    Luego de la entrega del decreto, la Directora se reuni� con los traductores y llegaron al consenso, para no tener que darle explicaciones al Director de la Agencia, de que no se iban a realizar ning�n trabajo fuera de horas laborables dado a la naturaleza de la labor que ellos realizan. Proced� a indicarle a la Sud-Directora que no se hac�an traducciones y le dije la explicaci�n que la Directora de la Unidad me hab�a indicado a lo que ella me indica que ella era amiga del Director y que ella lo pod�a llamar para pasar por alto ese procedimiento y me insiste para que le hagan la traducci�n y que le volviera a preguntar a la Directora.

    • Word count: 975
  21. format exercise

    In the sporting world, the 2000 Olympics saw thousands of athletes motivating themselves, or being motivated by their trainers, in order to perform their best at their event. The training, which led to this, would be equally dependent upon motivational activities to promote success. What is Motivation? A dictionary definition of motivation is "either a motivating force or incentive". To apply this definition it would be safe to assume that an incentive or motivating force is needed in order to encourage people to do something. In the case of doing housework the motivation is not to have a dirty house.

    • Word count: 645
  22. motivating employeesFrederick Herzberg's two factor theory of motivation claimed that hygiene factors and motivation

    Herzberg believes that both needs need to be met in either order. Other methods are used for motivating within the organization. Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory (Two Factor Theory) To better understand employee attitudes and motivation, Frederick Herzberg performed studies to determine which factors in an employee's work environment caused satisfaction or dissatisfaction. He published his findings in the 1959 book The Motivation to Work. The studies included interviews in which employees where asked what pleased and displeased them about their work. Herzberg found that the factors causing job satisfaction (and presumably motivation) were different from those causing job dissatisfaction.

    • Word count: 750

"Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it"

-Henry David Thoreau

The key to any company's success, regardless of the industry, is to find and maintain a workforce of passionate, hard-working employees. Unfortunately, accomplishing this is just as hard as it sounds. If you think you're up to the challenge, then a university degree in human resources management could be the right path for you.

Human resources is all about communication, so excellent writing skills will be necessary for success. To boost your skills, study Marked by Teachers' collection of human resources management essays. The worked examples will provide you with a template for your own edits, and before long you'll be writing beautifully composed essays on everything from diversity management to work-life balance.

This is a highly specialised degree, so when you graduate, you'll be primed and ready for a career in human resources, management, or other roles in business and administration.


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  • Explore and assess the problem of motivation within the Business System Support Branch (BSSB) of Environment Canada.

    "Conclusion After thoroughly examining the problems at the BSSB branch of Environment Canada, we have provided them with an implementation plan to help turnaround their operation into a more enjoyable work experience. This includes changes in the leadership, motivation, and communication aspects. Managers will have to be more proactive, more forthcoming with information to their subordinates. Leaders must have a vision, and they must project it clearly, so that it is easily understandable by their followers. Communication is defined as the process of exchanging information between the sender and receiver. Managers spend a considerable amount of time communicating. They must ensure effective communication. Meaning, getting the proper information to the right individuals in a timely fashion."

  • In this assignment, I intend to discuss the many different teaching styles that can be adopted by teachers and coaches.

    "In conclusion it can be suggested that coaches adapt their teaching approach to the type of activity, age, ability and motivation level of the performer(s), environmental factors and their own personality and capability. Mosston's spectrum of teaching styles takes into consideration the proportion of decisions made by the learner and the teacher in the learning process. The more decisions that are made by the teacher, the more authoritarian the style. Each style in the spectrum has its advantages and disadvantages and should be chosen bearing in mind the factors just mentioned. Successful teachers use a wide variety of teaching styles ranging from strict to helpful to simply being positive and raising the performers motivation. (1435) Rachel Wilkinson 1"

  • Out Line the key features of HRM as an approach to managing people in the workplace. Compare and contrast the HRM approach with more traditional personnel management. Assess the advantages of the HRM approach for employers.

    "6. Conclusion Through outlining the key features of HRM, comparing and contrasting with the similarities and differences between the two, assess the advantages of the HRM approach for employers, it can be concluded that, comparing with traditional personnel management, HRM is a development, which originated from personnel management and is a better way of people management. Strategic integration and the promotion of employees' commitment are key features of the HRM model that bring about a new role and scope for the personnel function in the organization. It is the vital to the ongoing success of an organization in today's highly competitive market place. A strategic approach to HRM does everything to ensure that the right number of the right types of motivated, energized, and self-directed people with creative ideas and corporate commitment are there to manage the organizations business and in return the people are given adequate reward, agreeable job securities, continuously enlarging opportunities, and reinforcing employer-employee relationship. Reference and"

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