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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Review of Article: "Hyatt Hotels Applies Supply Chain Principles to Staffing Management to Improve Hire Quality and Reduce Costs" From: Workforce Management, July 2003

    It has been one of the most powerful tools of business transformation. Supply chain management is a concept that is well known and well used throughout the business world today. It has brought along many changes in businesses that have produced long term benefits for companies and, most importantly, consumers. A supply chain is a network of facilities and distribution channels that give a company the ability to receive materials and supplies, manufacture goods, and distribute goods to wholesalers, retailers, and customers. Today, supply chain management principles are also being applied by Hyatt Hotel to staffing management principles to improve their internal mobility and external staffing processes.

    • Word count: 1170
  2. After extensive research it has come to our knowledge there are many issues with BP, these are, organisation, health and safety, motivation and communication amongst the employees, predominately between managers and workers

    Merrit, 2005) by applying this system to the scenario, managers would have been able to create shift system and this would have allowed the organisation to be more effective where employees would feel they were being considered and have the breaks they needed and thus could have avoided this situation totally. Using the behavioural theories as a concept, the Ohio state model declares that having an initiating structure and consideration makes a high high leader. Like the sociotechnical system this means that managers get to know the subordinates on a deeper understanding to help improve the communication flaw.

    • Word count: 1089
  3. In this essay, I am going to evaluate the effect of job satisfaction on work performance.

    For example, (Iaffaldano, and Muchinsky 1985) have found and described link between satisfaction and performance as a link between two factors that logically or intuitively should connect but in reality do not. On the other hand, (Judge and Thoresen and Bono and Patton 2001) have found that satisfaction and performance are only slightly related. Next, I described value percept theory and job characteristics. In 1976, (Hackman and Oldham) argue that skill variety; task identity, task significance, autonomy and feedback result in high level of three psychological states, making work tasks more satisfying.

    • Word count: 1794
  4. Is it important for Business and Management students to study organisational behaviour? Why? Give reasons and examples to support your position

    Business and Management students who want to become managers need to study organisational behaviour so they can gain strong interpersonal skills such as communication, problem solving and teamwork abilities. This results in a manager caring about their people. Managers can then predict how others will behave in a given situation. They can then find ways to respond to conflict and gain the respect of the members of their team by listening to them. Getting along with people is very important to success.

    • Word count: 1617
  5. Managing project teams has plenty of theories, from motivational theories to types of teams to be managed. All have the same basic concepts which enable them to be successful. Most theories point to some type of motivation for teams to be successful.

    Their objective was to find out some teams just seemed to work and others hit the rocks. They wanted to control the dynamics of teams to discover if - and how - problems could be pre-empted and avoided. The research revealed that the differences between success and failure was not dependent on factors such as intellect, but more on behavior. The team identified separate clusters of behavior, each of which formed a distinct team contributions or "team roles". The study defines team roles as a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way.

    • Word count: 1639
  6. Critically argue whether particular HRM approaches are essential for business or merely a passing fad or fashion.

    There are two types of rewards which are financial and non-financial. Financial reward is the pay that in form of money, such as salary, bonus, and benefits. Non-financial is a measure that give employees psychological satisfaction, such as the training, job development opportunities and comfortable work environment. Armstrong(2004) thinks reward management is not just about pay and benefits, it is also concerned with non-financial rewards. There are so many contents in reward management, it is the most difficult and challenge area in HRM.

    • Word count: 1711
  7. My Personal Swot Analysis.

    None urgent work includes; personal changes forms such as address changes, holiday balance, changes in the personal circumstances such as marriage, divorce, and telephone enquiries regarding how to complete personal change forms. SWOT ANALYSIS What are my strengths? * I have been studying towards diploma. * I have been working with the company almost four and half years and so I have good understanding of the organisation and experience of working with my manager. * I am fully committed to support for the company success.

    • Word count: 1833
  8. Todays selection processes are impartial, rational and effective. To what extent is this statement a myth?

    Getting this wrong can have serious legal implications. Efficient - cost effective in methods and sources. Crucial point is the amount of time it takes to conduct interviews etc - time away from normal job increases cost. Also bottlenecks at sign-off points increase the time. Effective/Rational - producing enough but not too many suitable candidates, and ensuring identification of the best fitted for the job and organisation. Getting this wrong can lead to inefficient workforce, low morale, high staff turnover, etc. Interviewing According to CIPD website (2011) "interviews remain popular because as well as providing information to predict performance, interviews also give an opportunity for the interviewer and interviewee to meet face to face and exchange information".

    • Word count: 1503
  9. Leadership and Motivation

    Leading is the ability to influence others in a group. Being a good leader takes understanding of what motivates others. Leaders want to influence things to continue or create change. Either way it takes a person with certain skills to do the task. Motivation can be considered in two major models, intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is that which from within the individual, team, group, or organization. Its execution brings about production and self-actualization. Extrinsic motivation is that which originates outside of the individual or organization under scrutiny. Team Motivated Elementary problems are prevented or solved at the source.

    • Word count: 1319
  10. Stress in the Workplace Some theories that are deemed to have a possible impact on the forensic psychologist in the workplace are stereotyping, sexism and working conditions. These factors can cause stress in the workplace as they may create adverse work

    The social learning theory is the main culprit responsible for explaining how stereotypes are formed. People tend to learn stereotypes from their parents or people they see as figures of authority. The cognitive psychology on the categorisation process gives an insight into how stereotypes are formed by children. This states that when children are given a lot of things to remember, they generalise the group in order to remember it with greater ease. Children listen to the generalities made by their parents and apply them as they age. At a young age, a child's brain absorbs a large amount of information in a small period of time from their parents and their surroundings.

    • Word count: 1502
  11. Describe two transferable skills a student will acquire at university and evaluate their importance to a future employer

    Some transferable skills may be more important than others in the job market, but some employers may seek specific skills. Kevin Gallagher explains the two different types of communication in his book 'Skills Development for Business and Management', "Verbal communication is communication that uses words - either written or spoken. Non verbal communication is communication which uses other means.". Verbal communication looks at the tone of voice, the speed in which we talk and the language used when talking. This is used in our every day life and is the most common form of communication.

    • Word count: 1225
  12. Compare and contrast the key features of the academic fields Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management

    Human resource management is the organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, and training; whereas industrial relations refers to the rights and responsibilities and all the things in the work and employment relationships. These two aspects are relevant but not the same. Understanding the similarity and difference is helpful for further study on the labour force and corporate governance. Industrial Relations The definition of industrial relations is different made by different people.

    • Word count: 1308
  13. Company-based vocational training system VS Professional Certification training system, which is better in China?

    Vocational education & training is an important part of Human Resource Development. It is broadly defined as any type of job-related learning that raises an individual's productivity, and includes learning in formal vocational training centres or institutes, or in the workplace, both on and off the job (Mun C. Tsang, 1999). The two main parts of vocational education & training in China are Company-based vocational training system and Professional Certification training system. Which of these two learning activities is more efficient for a company to train their employees? The answer is still not clear.

    • Word count: 1839
  14. Employee Empowerment. When employee empowerment is used within an organization, the organization will be helping the employees through new strategies and philosophies to make decisions.

    When the strategy of a flat organization is used, employees will be motivated to be involved in every aspect of the organization. This strategy is one that enables the ability to work as a team, and to practice good decision-making. In order for a flat organization to be successful, they rely on the work teams and each individual to have the ability to empower on another. "In flat organization, decisions are made faster, entrepreneurial creativity of employees is released, and ideas are managed better" (Gates, n.d.).

    • Word count: 1079
  15. Personality Assessment Instrument. Assessments of personality are conducted through several means: questionnaires, observations, and projective tests. The science of management has had many studies prepared on the topic, however, now studies have been und

    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator's purpose is helping people understand psychological types. The core of this theory is that random behavior in people is actually very orderly and consistent, this is because of the critical differences people use their judgment and insight. Characteristics over the four dimensions are: Favorite World - does the person's attention on the outer world or inner world? This is called Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I). Information - does the person take in basic information or do they interpret it and more to it? This is called Sensing (S)

    • Word count: 1915
  16. With reference to UK and global perspectives, critically evaluate what it means for organisations to be strategic in their approach to Human Resource Management.

    (Agarwala, 2007). An example of this could be the adaptation of the formula one pit stop practices by the budget airline industry. Similar to the way formula one, pit stops operate certain practices have been adapted by the budget airlines to get their aircrafts ready to take off as soon as they land. The airlines make no money when on the ground. This approach not only looks at altering the business strategy but the human resource management strategy as well.

    • Word count: 1932
  17. Costco Vs Walmart. This paper will discuss the viability of increasing wages to attain higher productivity rates in the workplace. I will argue that implementing a wage increase for current employees will not necessarily result in higher productivity and

    Cascio bases this argument on the premises that Costco, a store with similar objectives to Sam's Club, is able to successfully run a profitable business not at the cost of employee wages, quality of product, return to shareholders, or profits (81). Costco believes that providing higher wages results in higher productivity (82). On average they pay their employees $6.89 higher than Wal-Mart employees and provide above average benefits yet most agree that they are still the lowest cost provider (82).

    • Word count: 1017
  18. Organizational motivation and leadership in the workplace. The selected organization is a private company called I.W. Industries in which is categorized under Screw Machine Products and Manufacturers.

    They employ more than 200 employees and estimate annual revenue of $20 to $50 million dollars. This organization's home base is located in Melville, New York and does business all around the world (I.W. Industries, 2011). I.W. Industry's vision, mission, and strategies are based on new innovative products that are needed by other manufacturers and distributors to meet consumer demands as well as their needs. Having a strong and happy work environment, this organization has provided a great relationship among vendors, clients, as well as their own employees.

    • Word count: 1878
  19. Free essay

    Demonstrate knowledge of recruitment processes within Tourism and Hospitality organizations

    Job vacancies normally arise for reasons such as retirement, promotion, new department and job changeover. Then a job description is designed by the HR team which explains the duties of the job and the position of the job holder. Then an applicant's specification which represents the ideal qualifications, experience, personality skills mentioned. Thus the job vacancy is being advertised in apt place either media or web with appropriate details required.( R. L. Compton, Alan R,2009) The responding candidate must enclose a covering letter expressing their interest towards the job with a copy of curriculum vitae which is a short account of personal details, qualifications and experience.

    • Word count: 1875
  20. What Makes A Good Leader?. In this assignment I intend to explore some of the aspects related to effective leadership within an organisation.

    Morley et al in Principles of Organisational Behaviour (p346) describe this as " the assumption that it is possible to identify a unifying set of characteristics that make all great leaders great". There was great interest in this area of leadership in the mid 20th Century and it gave rise to detailed knowledge and understanding of the leader element in the leadership process. The core traits established from this study included intelligence, dominance, self-confidence, energy, activity and task-relevant knowledge. A critical evaluation would suggest there are over sixty characteristics one can find within this theory and thus it begs the question; what is the most important one for effective leadership?

    • Word count: 1498
  21. In this research, I would like to set the scope within my company FPT Corporation, Vietnam.The main purpose of the research as stated before is to test the relationship between employees incentive and their organizational commitment.

    The main purpose of the research as stated before is to test the relationship between employees' incentive and their organizational commitment. Since all those who are part - time, collaborators, and internship employees, there is the high possibility that the level of commitment to our organization is not so high, therefore, in my research I would like to focus on full - time employees. This is an individual level research with quota sampling. Because the result of the research will be used for our company in particular so these samples from fulltime employees are representative enough.

    • Word count: 1549
  22. Describe what types of incentives can be included in an organizational remuneration strategy.

    Furthermore, there are also stock options, which allow an employee after a certain time to buy and own part of the company, as a gesture of a job well done. This is a productive benefit because, since they own part of the company now, they feel obligated to help improve the company. Last but not least is the bonuses given. Bonuses are a sign of good faith given by the employer to the employee as a sign of job well done or for certain or special occasions.

    • Word count: 1024
  23. This case study is based in Malaysia in order to assess four multination chemical industries so as to find out if the remuneration strategy applied is cohesive with global ways. Another focus was to find out if globalised foreign owned Multinational compa

    Remuneration strategy used by MNC's in Malaysia are such as cash compensation which can be referred to essential or basic pay, housing and survival allowances, other miscellaneous allowances such as living cost allowance, exceptional and motivation or incentive payments as well as bonuses just a few to mention. When looking at the four companies from the case study the results show that, all the four companies' emphasis on pay for performance as well as provision of better gains or benefits.

    • Word count: 1157
  24. HRM concerns in the implications of western companies setting up in Asia and Far East

    In India most of the HRM policies and practises are still very influenced by castes, social relationships and politics. Another common problem is the lack of skilled work force especially in areas such as middle management. In some companies the recruitment procedures are have being very weak and some interview are done through the phone and half the employees even turn up for a proper interview. The annual personal turn over ranges from 20 to 80 & at some companies and due to lack of skilled staff the companies have being forced to an annual increase in salaries between 10 to 20%.

    • Word count: 1783

    However the view on using the workforce as a tool in enhancing the performance of an organisation is a bit new. The impact of the workforce in organizational performance has moved away from the questionable intension of being just an economic man to a more complex man and this makes it difficult to use money alone to motivate workers to perform at their highest level. This optimization of the workforce, encouraging them to go that extra mile thereby making an organisation to perform at a higher level is what motivation is.

    • Word count: 1222

"Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it"

-Henry David Thoreau

The key to any company's success, regardless of the industry, is to find and maintain a workforce of passionate, hard-working employees. Unfortunately, accomplishing this is just as hard as it sounds. If you think you're up to the challenge, then a university degree in human resources management could be the right path for you.

Human resources is all about communication, so excellent writing skills will be necessary for success. To boost your skills, study Marked by Teachers' collection of human resources management essays. The worked examples will provide you with a template for your own edits, and before long you'll be writing beautifully composed essays on everything from diversity management to work-life balance.

This is a highly specialised degree, so when you graduate, you'll be primed and ready for a career in human resources, management, or other roles in business and administration.


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  • Explore and assess the problem of motivation within the Business System Support Branch (BSSB) of Environment Canada.

    "Conclusion After thoroughly examining the problems at the BSSB branch of Environment Canada, we have provided them with an implementation plan to help turnaround their operation into a more enjoyable work experience. This includes changes in the leadership, motivation, and communication aspects. Managers will have to be more proactive, more forthcoming with information to their subordinates. Leaders must have a vision, and they must project it clearly, so that it is easily understandable by their followers. Communication is defined as the process of exchanging information between the sender and receiver. Managers spend a considerable amount of time communicating. They must ensure effective communication. Meaning, getting the proper information to the right individuals in a timely fashion."

  • In this assignment, I intend to discuss the many different teaching styles that can be adopted by teachers and coaches.

    "In conclusion it can be suggested that coaches adapt their teaching approach to the type of activity, age, ability and motivation level of the performer(s), environmental factors and their own personality and capability. Mosston's spectrum of teaching styles takes into consideration the proportion of decisions made by the learner and the teacher in the learning process. The more decisions that are made by the teacher, the more authoritarian the style. Each style in the spectrum has its advantages and disadvantages and should be chosen bearing in mind the factors just mentioned. Successful teachers use a wide variety of teaching styles ranging from strict to helpful to simply being positive and raising the performers motivation. (1435) Rachel Wilkinson 1"

  • Out Line the key features of HRM as an approach to managing people in the workplace. Compare and contrast the HRM approach with more traditional personnel management. Assess the advantages of the HRM approach for employers.

    "6. Conclusion Through outlining the key features of HRM, comparing and contrasting with the similarities and differences between the two, assess the advantages of the HRM approach for employers, it can be concluded that, comparing with traditional personnel management, HRM is a development, which originated from personnel management and is a better way of people management. Strategic integration and the promotion of employees' commitment are key features of the HRM model that bring about a new role and scope for the personnel function in the organization. It is the vital to the ongoing success of an organization in today's highly competitive market place. A strategic approach to HRM does everything to ensure that the right number of the right types of motivated, energized, and self-directed people with creative ideas and corporate commitment are there to manage the organizations business and in return the people are given adequate reward, agreeable job securities, continuously enlarging opportunities, and reinforcing employer-employee relationship. Reference and"

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