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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Benefits and Problems of Recruitment and Selection

    2.0 - Recruitment and Selection 2.1 - What is Recruitment? The first step to gather the right sales force is through recruitment. Recruitment is the finding of potential job applicants, telling them about the company and also getting them to apply. However, the company should focus on finding applicants who are potentially good employees and the entire sales organisation would ultimately depend on a successful recruiting approach, (Hair et al. 2009, 212). A recruiter's job is basically matching the skills of the potential job seeker to the needs of the company, (Futrell 2006, 515).

    • Word count: 2043
  2. Change Management

    It is therefore paramount to take a holistic approach in managing change that may disrupt shareholders' norms and culture. The Westjet growth and change does not only affect employees, but customers because certain services and products are either withdrawn or introduced as part of growth. The company's challenge to manage growth and change are articulated while change management literature is reviewed against the current changes within Westjet. Based on the review, a change model and plan is proposed for the sustainability of growth and people management which include employees and customers Introduction and Company Background Founded in 1996 by Clive Beddoe and a group of Canadian entrepreneurs, WestJet commenced operations in February 1996, with three aircrafts and 220 employees, offering flights to four destinations within Canada.

    • Word count: 2905
  3. What factors are associated with communication problems in Dancom? Discuss the impact of these factors on the inter-cultural tensions in the company and suggest some approaches to their resolution.

    So the local Russian sees the Danes as foreigners. Often they call them as "foreigners". So from the get go it creates a communication gap between locals and the foreigners. It is almost given that people from a similar group will communicate better. Whenever they come across a different group there is an invisible barrier between two parties. So any sort of communication is cautious and hesitant. At Dancom the interaction of host and foreign culture makes communication complicated. One of the biggest factors in communication problem is the Russian employee's perception of belonging to the organization.

    • Word count: 2508
  4. External and Internal environment factors in Industrial Relations

    (Michael Salamon, 2000) While management style is a set of proposals and actions that establishes the organization's approach to its employees and act as a reference point for management. (Michael Salamon, 2000) How industrial relations are conducted within a particular organization is determined by the frame of reference through which its top managers perceive the formal relationship with individuals and/or their representatives. Alan Fox (1966) suggested that managers may adopt one of two basic views: the unitary and the pluralist perspectives.

    • Word count: 2547
  5. Group Theory and Leadership

    BACKGROUND Importance of Groups in Organization Every organization is made of its individual members. If the needs of an individual and the demands of the organization are opposite, there is sure to be a conflict. Thus, it is the work of the management to arrange the individual and the organization in order to achieve proper goals (Mullins, 2005). Groups are social and interpersonal tools or technology of action through which we achieve success which is beyond individual power (Thompson and McHugh, 2009).

    • Word count: 2346
  6. Reflective Commentary on Group Presentation Task Work

    Reflection can be directly linked to learning because it enables an individual or a group of individuals to refer to past experiences, which then enables them to come up with new solutions and ideas to tackle future tasks and problems. According to Rowntree(1988), reflection means studying one's own study methods as seriously as one studies the subject and thinking about a learning task after doing it. He maintains unless this is done, the task will almost certainly be wasted. This report will go on further to analyse and evaluate two critical incidents, which occurred during the group case study of Dyson, and give a conclusion on lessons learned during this reflection.

    • Word count: 2148
  7. Role of Technology as a Knowledge Management Solution

    This will allow a valid conclusion to be made in which I will assess its effectiveness. In a year long study of international best practice (Skyrme et al, 1997), two definitive factors were identified. The first was to utilise knowledge that already existed within the firm, for example, by sharing best practices. Too frequently the knowledge needed to complete certain tasks, was found in other parts of the organisation. This information may have not been known or difficult to access.

    • Word count: 2618
  8. Training Needs Analysis

    In order to evaluate International Visas the mission statement, organisation structure, and corporate culture have been taken into account. When considering the mission statement of International Visas it is clear that it is an important part of the organisations ethos. It is argued by Freeman that basic assumptions about the organisations purpose, its values, its distinctive competencies and its place in the world. (Stoner & Freeman, 1992, p188). A mission statement is a relatively permanent part of an organisations identity and can do much to unify and motivate its members. Although the mission statement of International Visas is clear the message has to be communicated across the network of offices and not just within head office in which to improve motivation.

    • Word count: 2778
  9. Performance Management

    By exploring the benefits of appraisals for measuring performance and the views of line management & employees, it will be possible to consider the various weaknesses and arguments of abandonment and alternative modern approaches of interpreting appraisals/performance management. One of the key problems which arise from appraisals from a managers perspective is that they dislike the attributes required to be subjective in the appraisal process. "Managers experienced the appraisal of others as a hostile and aggressive act against employees that resulted in feelings of guilt related to being critical of employees" (Levinson, 1970, Cited Bratton J & Gold J, 2003, p252).

    • Word count: 2691
  10. Applied business Psychology

    However, she then became the admin secretary where she was not dealing with the public much. It included more of typing out referral letters, taking calls for the doctors, ordering equipment for the surgery. After 4 years of being an admin secretary she was offered the position of being the assistant manager which she took up. She was the assistant manager for 2 years and now has become the practise manager. Mrs Bhoja said that as a practise manager her job role included; dealing with patients, handling complaints, making sure that the partners of the surgery filled out insurance papers/ general practitioners reports that the doctors would need to fill out, making sure that the schedule

    • Word count: 2164
  11. I have written a detailed description for a recruitment and retention process of John Lewis. I have also explained all the terminology and given examples for each one. I then included all the documents involved in the process

    Vacancy Vacancy is when John Lewis needs someone to work for them. For example: businesses like John Lewis they might need someone for their web selling department to designing and selling John Lewis products. The vacancies might arise because may be it's, for example, Christmas time or John Lewis is growing. Job Analysis Job analysis outlines what the job involves doing. For example: someone who works in the sales department they would be expected to sells John Lewis products. Just because they work in the sales department that don't mean they don't do anything else they still have to do the basics like customers service.

    • Word count: 2949
  12. Immigration Policies and Unemployment in Switzerland

    For instance, in France, extreme-right party "Front National" used equation such as "immigration = unemployment" (Bade 2002). In Switzerland, immigration issues were politicized in the early 1960s and this led to limit immigration through a system of quotas. Because of this the social and economic problems related to migration, such as high unemployment and social marginalization, didn't affect Switzerland during the recession of the mid 1970s. They became more visible only at the beginning of the 19190s, much later than in other comparable countries.

    • Word count: 2476
  13. Looking at a couple of International businesses operating in financial services critically assess how they have responded to the forces of globalisation in their sector. To what extent is the globalisation process the cause or the effect of the credit

    There are differing views in the Globalisation debate as different segments of people have different views/perspectives on this concept. There are three types of views that each explains the nature and meaning of Globalisation. They can be referred to as the hyperglobalist, the sceptical, and the transformationalist views. "These define the conceptual space of the current intensive debate about globalization" according to David Held (1999). Hyper-globalists believe that consumer tastes and cultures are being standardised as global products are produced by global companies.

    • Word count: 2653

    People are finding that their state pension isn't suffice to live on and that they need extra income. Women may have suffered with their state pensions due to National Insurance contributions, some women took years off work to them having kids or being a housewife, when its come to retirement they've found out their state pension is reduced, although they can claim back 6years in some cases it still isn't enough. In both circumstances it has forced them to either go back to work or continue with their employment at the time.

    • Word count: 2320
  15. Solving communication issues at Ships Classification Malaysia

    SCM has now a total of 50 staff operating from the Head Office in Shah Alam, near Kuala Lumpur, an operation office in Penang as well as a branch office in Sibu, Sarawak, and East Malaysia. The business services provided by SCM are not only limited to Classification of Ships, however SCM has been actively involved in a number of Non-Classification activities which includes Project / Management Consultancy and Supervision, Company Audit and Maritime Security and Third Party Inspection. SCM has been appointed as Recognised Security Organisation (RSO)

    • Word count: 2801
  16. Face the Facts of Networking Sites

    Having a policy can mean more rules for staff & make them feel as though their been watched, Young & Case, 2004 describe a policy as 'Internet use policy is a written agreement for employees to comply with the rule of not engaging into the internet abuse activities' Setting up a computer that is solely used for internet use amongst staff could be introduced, this could allow them to access sites during their lunch breaks or even after work, this way it will help towards keeping the morale as high as possible & mean that they're not accessing these websites when they should be doing something else.

    • Word count: 2186
  17. Strategic focus drives HR to restructure

    Through involving people early it could lead to innovation. With the pace in which organisations change and they way in which certain markets fluctuate, dealing with change is a necessity in strategic performance as without it organisations could find themselves behind without being able to catch up. Decision making involving line managers can improve the way in which processes are done, the time it takes & help towards saving costs. As line managers have experience in performing the roles and work along sided the people that do them they can identify where mistakes are made, how to correct them, what people are exceeding at & how to further embellish that.

    • Word count: 2745
  18. Training & Development Assignment

    In an organizational dimension to the definition of transfer of training by noting that it is the extent to which the learning acquired from training sessions is applied and maintained on the job to increase performance and productivity. Despite transfer of learning being so vital, it is often the most neglected phase of the development program. There are three main categories' of the factors that will affect transfer of learning, namely, trainee characteristics, training design factors and work environment factors.

    • Word count: 2807
  19. Self-Esteem and Motivation

    He defined intrinsic motivation behaviourally, as engagement in a task with no incentive to do so. Since Deci's original study in 1971, intrinsic motivation received an increasing amount of-attention by persons in educational-psychological research. Educators began to question methods of behaviour-change traditionally used in the classroom confusion and controversy concerning Deci's hypotheses continues amongst researchers. Deci's studies, which offered a paradigm for the study of intrinsic motivation, at the same time generated even more questions about the concept. His studies are the impetus for this research. Foremost among the hypotheses suggested by Deci is the implication that reward damages intrinsic motivation.

    • Word count: 2123
  20. Organizational Behaviour

    They should know how to cope with it, accept it, plan for it and manage it. The reality, however, is that humans are not very comfortable with change. The concept of change per se can be embraced by each and every individual. By improving the way one thinks about work and how that work is structured is increasingly necessary in order to generate a range of qualitative opportunities. Furthermore, people struggle with effectively organizing for tangible change. How does one handle ambiguity, resistance, fear of the unknown? Why are any attempts at change full with false starts and plateaus?

    • Word count: 2771
  21. Motivating to Perform in Workplace

    But this will be depending on every individual's effort and performance. This study recommends the management of Technical Services Department to assess the followings areas to improve motivation: * Regularly diagnose the level of employees motivation and job satisfaction * Consider redesigning jobs when motivation range is low to moderate * Reduce employee physical strain, efforts, fatigue and health complaints * Regularly exams the error rate, accidents * Provide regular feedback to their employees * Managers must appreciate their works and praise their performance to enhance motivation. * Regular review - NHS Knowledge Skills and Framework - performance assessment for employees to review bonuses, performance related pay, promotion and recognition.

    • Word count: 2927
  22. ''Assessing the role of Expatriates in enhancing Local managers performance through the transfer of knowledge: A study of MNCs in Bangladesh''

    Therefore lack of initiative and pro-action is observed from these executives in any decision making. My project is going to look at this trend and analyse if this practice is actually good, if there is room for improvement and more importantly, if there is way to groom up local mangers to take over the roles of the expatriates. Aims & Objective: The aim of this research is examine the effect of expatriation in reality. I also want to see if the local managers of Bangladesh are actually gaining benefit from the process.

    • Word count: 2546
  23. Training and ICT

    and also issues within the IiP training activity. Facts will be stated concerning these issues and suggestions will be made in order for all sectors to be equal in acquiring this recognition One of the issues involved in IiP is the fact that while large minorities of workplaces have secured IiP accreditation according to Cully et al., (1999), with thirty-two per cent of workplaces with 10 or more employees having accreditation, there is evidence that the take-up of the Standard across different sectors of the economy is uneven.

    • Word count: 2547
  24. Critically examine the options available for workers and trade unions to build more effective outcomes

    By the 1970s the trade union members reached its peak point where it had about 13.3 million workers as members of the union; which was about 55% of the working population, this made them a force to be reckoned with the society were forced to take notice. By 1979 when the conservative party took over control under the rule of Margaret Thatcher it meant the death of trade unions in Britain. They felt that the power the unions had were too much and if not stopped will result in a lot of damages to the government plans for the society.

    • Word count: 2626
  25. To what extent is there a gap between the prescriptive model of recruitment and selection and organizational practice?

    After which it must design the most appropriate form of looking for the right candidate. The most widely used form of recruitment and selection is the interviewing system which is used when recruiting a large number. This system can be quite costly as it requires a lot of time and money. Thereby making it difficult to select the best recruit, and still be cost effective. From here it is possible to draw there first possible gap between organizational practice of cost minimization and recruitment and selection of the best applicant. This arises because there is a great restraint on the time and money allowable for recruitment but yet the only the best selection will suffice cause major friction practices and performance.

    • Word count: 2114

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