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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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    iii. Flexible working 17 B. 7. iv. Flexitime 18 B.7.v. Family Friendly Benefits 18 B.7. vi. Advances of Salary 18 B.7. vii. Salary Exchange benefits 18 B.7. viii. Voluntary benefits 18 B. 7. ix. People Support service 19 C. EVALUATOIN OF HR PRACTICES AT FORESTRY COMMISSION 20-23 C.1. Evaluation of recruitment 20 C.2. Evaluation of Performance appraisal 20 C.3. Evaluation of compensation 21 C.4. Satisfactory career path 22 C.5. Evaluation of Training and Development 22 C. 6. Evaluation of Forestry Commission's HR team 22-23 D.

    • Word count: 4753

    Voluntary benefits 22 3. Evaluation of HR procedures and process of Scottish Power 23-26 3.A. Scottish Power's HR team add values to the firm 23-24 3.B. Effieeint recritment and selection process 24-25 3.C. Satisfactory Training and Devleopment 25 3.D. Benefits from IEX TotalView Workforce Management system 25-26 3.E. Evalution of job environemnt 26 3.F. Evaluation of employee reward 26 3.G. Employer of choice 26 4. Recommendations 27-28 4. A. Should give more emphasize on Health and Safety trainings to employees 27 4. B. Should hire better employees to improve services 27 4.C. Should recruit wide range of people 28 5.

    • Word count: 4845
  3. Entrepreneurship, my bachelor project is to analyze the situation of the ethnic female entrepreneurs in Denmark, based on the following questions: - Theoretical demonstration of entrepreneurship in historical context - Analysis of the

    divides entrepreneurship concept into five different groups which are classical approach, neoclassical approach, Schumpeterian, Knightian, and neo-Austrian approach. Culture indeed does have an impact on entrepreneurial activity and some cultures encourage entrepreneurship while some other cultures hinder entrepreneurship, though it is argued that there are other factors to be considered like a favorable environment which combines social, political and educational attributes which promote entrepreneurial activity. At present, on average, women make up 30% of the entrepreneurs in the EU. I am going to take a look at how women act across Europe in the business world. Women are increasingly represented in the labour market over the past generation.

    • Word count: 10976
  4. Recruiting and Developing a Team. As can be seen, in our team we have three main position sale promoters, customer relation engineer and market researcher. In the selection process, we will choose external resources which mean that we will recruit people

    Here is the structure of our team. As can be seen, in our team we have three main position sale promoters, customer relation engineer and market researcher. In the selection process, we will choose external resources which mean that we will recruit people outside the company. Our team is a project team which includes members is assigned to activities for the same project. Besides, our team is also a multidisciplinary team which concludes groups of professionals who come together to provide comprehensive assessment and consultation in abuse cases given.

    • Word count: 6915
  5. Managing different generations. Through the analysis of the Australian workforce it can be seen that there are predominantly three generations within the 21st century labour market. These are generation X, Y and the Baby Boomers. Each generation is shape

    This has resulted in each generation having evidently different attitudes and values towards work and life and how the two coincide with each other. In order to make an organisation sustainable, managers need to acknowledge the effect of these generations working together as a whole and how they will have to incorporate this into the organisational structure and policies. It can be found that in general the Baby Boomer cohort is hard working, loyal and devoted. They prefer structured work arrangement and have a high motivator towards pay related rewards.

    • Word count: 8914
  6. Leadership models

    With nearly $60 billion in revenue, PepsiCo employs 285,000 people worldwide. Nooyi started her business career with PepsiCo in 1994. She was named President and CEO on October 1, 2006 and assumed the role of Chairman on May 2, 2007. While at PepsiCo, Nooyi has played a vital role in starting Tricon, which is currently known as Yum! Brands Inc. She recommended spinning off Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut. She also took the lead in the acquisition of Tropicana in 1998, and merger with Quaker Oats Co.

    • Word count: 3319
  7. Watsons Bottled Water Company of Hong Kong. During the report, we attempt to explore and analyze the case of Watsons Water strike occurred in Aug 2009. Base on the managerial theory, we will find out some managerial problems and will provide several advic

    Besides, there are similar incidents occurred within a year. In 5th August 2009, more than two hundred delivery assistants started a strike and staged a protest outside Watsons Water's Tai Po headquarter. Since the company decided to increase in the number of workers per truck with unchanged commissions, the employees found out that their salaries would be reduced about $1500 per month after the change. Therefore, Watsons Water Union requested the company to change the unreasonable commission system and increase the commissions to 48 cents per bottle water delivered (a 12.5% increase).

    • Word count: 3921
  8. What are the current underlying causes and consequences of the glass ceiling in healthcare and education industries? And, despite statistics revealing a large number of women underrepresented in management positions, what justifies its persistence in thos

    History abounds with similar examples among armies, universities, religious institutions, and nations. In their 1987 review of the field of organizational behavior, House and Singh put much emphasis on the importance of leadership and decision making in organizational study (Park, 1996). Drucker (2004) observed that an effective manager does not need to be a leader in the sense that the term is now most commonly used. He concluded that whilst efficient higher level executives differ widely in their personalities, strengths, weaknesses, values and belief, they all have one thing in common: the generation of efficient and effective results.

    • Word count: 8764
  9. Stock exchange

    These shares are actively traded. Naturally these shares attract a lot of speculative multiples. These facilities are not available to the Group B shares. However, Shares can be moved from group A to Group B and vice versa depending upon the criteria for switching. The BSE has laid down several criteria for shifting the shares from Group b to Group A, such as, an equity base of Rs. 10 crores, a market capitalization of Rs.25-30 crores, a public holding of 35 to 40 per cent, a shareholding population of 15000 to 20000, good dividend paying status etc.

    • Word count: 10869
  10. This coursework deals with the Human Resource Management in the view of a 21st century human resource manager by comparing indigenous leadership philosophies on human relations of US President Barack Obama, Great South African Leader Nelson Mandela, the

    His father Henry Mandela was the chief of Tembu tribe. Mandela got educated in Fort Hare University and Witwatersrand University and finished his law in the year of 1942. His started his political life by joining the African National Congress Party in the year of 1944.Mandela's discipline and hard work got the attention of leaders of African national party and got him the post of secretary of the youth league in the year of 1947 .He fought against the apartheid policies of the ruling National party in the year of 1948 with the weapons like boycott, civil disobedience, strike and non cooperation which then became the policy of African National congress party.

    • Word count: 3052
  11. Pluralist organisational culture always leading organisational effectiveness.

    Many people believe that compared to homogenous organizational cultures, the multicultural organizations are more successful. Moreover, one of the basic facts is that in a multicultural organization, the levels of competition and the sense of individualism and respect for job is more which results in innovation, new ideas and revenue generation in these types of organizations leading to an overall success. However, the levels of staff turnover and staff dissatisfaction are at lower levels, which a noted as one of the decisive factors for any organization to survive.

    • Word count: 3301
  12. Expatriation and Repatriation Issues in International Human Resource Management

    Expatriation is a common business tactic in U.S.-based MNCs (Lee, 2007). As long as the organization decided to expand its business globally, transferring expatriates to manage other boundaries in varies countries could be a consequential approach for these MNCs. Pruthi, Wright and Meyer (2009, p.188) define "expatriates are either parent-country nationals (PCN) (of the country where the firm is headquartered) who are sent by headquarters to foreign positions or third-country nationals (TCN) that begin a career with a firm anywhere in the world and transferred to any posting".

    • Word count: 3754
  13. Context of Employee Relations and Industrial Conflict

    Even though everyone in the organisation are different and play different roles they are all working to achieve the same goals. This should be done without problems or conflict and the should always show loyalty to managers. The role of a union in an organisation of this perspective is often not encouraged as it can undermine authority and cause splits in the loyalties. Although the unions can be good for communications, they can also be disruptive when offering support. In these organisation team building and working well together are encouraged a great deal so as to avoid any problems or conflict.

    • Word count: 6611
  14. The aim of this report is to make available information relating to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in Bo Caf and to provide an overview of good practices at both the policy and workplace levels.

    The main conclusion of the report is that the future recommendations are to develop prevention strategies which protect employees in Bo Caf´┐Ż effectively. 1. Introduction The food and beverage sector employs more than 7.8 million people in Australia that is characterized by high job demands and high physical workload. Like most employers, they know that there is legislation about Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), however, they sometimes get around to address health and safety issues. According to the NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 (NSW OHS Act), all businesses are required to set up an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

    • Word count: 3387
  15. Free essay

    Essay on Group Behavior

    On the contrary, this paper will also concentrate on another group, work group which is a formal group. Work group also have similar goal and motivation. They also face problem while taking decision as there are so different types of members with different opinion. This paper will focus on these two group's behaviour from the perspective of decision making. Group A group consist with two or more individuals, who are interacting and interdependent and work together to achieve similar objectives.

    • Word count: 3290
  16. What are the attributes of an effective leader? Discuss with reference to well known theories of leadership and management style.

    Maxwell (2005, p.5), added that ''leadership is strictly influence''. He is of the opinion that there are five levels of leadership, each level stands upon the preceding one and will collapse if the lesser level is abandoned. As the leader progresses in the levels, the deeper and more concrete his leadership will be with a person or group of people. Level 1, position, the influence the leader has comes with a designation. People follow because they have to. Level 2, permission, is established on relationships. People follow because they desire to.

    • Word count: 3468
  17. Conflict management case study. Interview with the manager of the hotel Golden tulip Parkstad Zuid-Limburg and of the hotel Tulip Inn Maastricht Aachen airport.

    Golden tulip Parkstad Zuid-Limburg Golden Tulip Parkstad South Limburg is a four star hotel, recently built, which has opened its doors at March, 2010. The hotel is located at the Parkstad Limburg Stadion. The hotel includes 70 guest rooms and a couple of suites. There are several meeting rooms for conferences, parties and meetings. Short description of Frans' job in both hotels. At the Tulip inn hotel Maastricht- Aachen airport he's a general manager for years now. He has full responsibility for the overall management of the company, including the staff, the customers, the budget, the company's assets and all other company resources to make the best use of them and increase the company's profitability.

    • Word count: 5780
  18. Recruitment and Selection

    'Nowhere is this more important than with an organisation's recruitment, selection and retention functions' (Compton et al, 2009, p9). A very important theory that builds on this approach is the Human Capital Theory, which, according to Kearns (2005) as cited by Armstrong (2006), regards employees as 'value adders, not overheads' (p30). Line managers need to take in account the candidate and their experience in carrying out the recruitment and selection process, in order to carry it out in an efficient and effective way.

    • Word count: 5107
  19. This report explores and explains the behaviour of the employees at Oticon, a hearing aid manufacturing company. Using relevant theories, this report also discusses about the consistency of the approach taken by the company for restructuring

    This dragged Oticon into serious financial problems in 1987. The management followed a status quo approach in managing the company, and they emphasised greatly on shareholders differences of opinion. The company structure with three functional areas lacked interaction. 'The most appropriate structure is dependent, therefore, upon the contingencies of the situation for each individual organisation'. -Mullins (2007, pp.564-566). This is familiar from the Oticon point of view, as the reasons are lack of innovation, ineffective management, complacency and the emergence of innovative competitors.

    • Word count: 3968
  20. Workplace Employment Relations

    Scarborough develops Reed's work further. Unlike traditional professionals he says they have not got a body of knowledge to draw upon, but instead have scarcity value. They are more dependent on employers because to create knowledge they must interact within the firm using its information and communications technology (ICT) networks. Lastly they are more instrumental than traditional professional workers, emphasising knowledge related to its commercial value rather than its intrinsic value (Alvesson 2004). Knowledge can be divided into tacit and explicit knowledge.

    • Word count: 3082
  21. HRM strategies and recruitment theory

    Make recommendations for improvements. 1.0 The Department of Corrections Department of Corrections is a government department with the jurisdiction to enforce orders from the Government justice sector. The department's main function is to hold offenders to account for their actions and provide public safety. The activities of the said function constitutes offender management (in its 20 prisons and community based sentences), Parole administration, rehabilitation and re-integration with a focus of reducing re-offending while protecting the community from those threatening its safety.

    • Word count: 4634
  22. Free essay

    To What extent is legislation an effective tool in promoting social change?

    As the definition in the Macpherson report cited in Bhavanani (2001: 8) 'the collective failure of an organisation to provide an appropriate and professional service to people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin. It can be seen or detected in processes, attitudes, behaviour which amount to discrimination through unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and racist stereotyping which disadvantages minority ethnic people'. Impact of the Race Relations Act 1976 and (Amendment) Regulations Act 2003 Most of employers have bad records to practice racial discrimination which is quoted by the government in UK (Kirton & Greene, 2006).

    • Word count: 4653
  23. Quality Management and Operational processes

    The consumers of the CSC who can access subsidized health services are those from low to middle income earners. Customer satisfaction is measured against the services provided by Work and Income from the initial application, documents validation through to call centre performances on dealing with enquiries and the employees' plays a central role in delivering this public service . The demand for Community Service Cards has been on the increase since the advent of recession, swine flu and related seasonal influencers. The use of the Community Services Card scheme seems to have lowered the barrier against accessing GP services and according to the studies by the Ministry of Health (1999)

    • Word count: 3351
  24. InterClean Benchmarking

    The first issue to face is training the employees to work toward the new company strategic vision. The company has the opportunity to make major changes in their sales department that will launch their vision and move the company toward becoming a leader in their field. One of the decisions the senior management team needs to make immediately is how they will train their employees. By merging the two companies, InterClean has a unique situation in that they are merging two different sales approaches into one. "They'll need to develop customized packages of cleaning solutions and systems -- not just a patchwork of tools and services -- which include products and processes that meet our clients' needs" (University of Phoenix, 2006).

    • Word count: 4301

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