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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Is Organizational Behavior Modification a form of manipulation?

    By advancing the interests of the manipulator, often at the other's expense, such methods could be considered exploitative, abusive, devious, and deceptive. In this context, there is nothing devious in making employees do something which could redound to their own benefit like preventing accidents in the workplace or coming to work on time. OB Modification, therefore, is not a form of manipulation; hence, it is not unethical practice, because managers are openly sincere in their aim of preventing negative behavior and encouraging employees in a positive way.

    • Word count: 756
  2. This essay will explore and assess human resource management (HRM) in India, drawing upon the law and legislation relating to HRM and how it affects the employees and employers in India

    By emphasising welfare and the health and safety of workers, the Factories Act 1948 has strengthened the provisions for the workers by providing safety officers, canteens and crèches in large factories. The second category is shops and commercial establishments, who are regulated by the Shops and Commercial Establishments Act (date varies for different states however between 1958-1961. The Shops and Commercial Establishments Act is also state controlled and therefore each state provide the working hours, time and method of payment and other regulations regarding labour within the industry.

    • Word count: 3229
  3. Human Resource Management (HRM) is introduced to enhance productivity in an organization by addressing their working environment and treating them as valuable human capital.

    PRE-HIRING PHASE The first phase of employment cycle involves HR planning and job analysis. Planning maps out strategic HR plan to prepare organizations for changes related to technology or resources. The first step of planning is to determine the organization?s business objectives. Organization has to focus on innovation, quality or cost reduction to ensure the HR practices align with the focused objective. This essay will emphasize on the objective of innovation as the need for long-term productivity. Only with a clear business objective can an organization develop HR practices, which motivate and lead employees on the right track.

    • Word count: 2484
  4. Human resource management - Microsoft problems and recommendatins

    The major issues addressed relating to employees in this study are: Forced Ranking, Recruitment & Selection of employees, Cultural issues due to Mergers and Acquisitions, Resignation of top-level employees and Teamwork issues. The analytical study is divided into three major parts: The Introduction of Microsoft and Human Resource Management, Situation Analysis and Recommendations and final Conclusion. INTRODUCTION HISTORY OF MICROSOFT Paul Allen and Bill Gates, childhood friends, with an interim passion in computer programming and a zest of establishing

    • Word count: 5002
  5. Discuss why attempts at stress management interventions appear to be concentrated disproportionately on reducing the effects, rather than reducing the presence of stressors at work.

    Such interventions can include job redesign and work-load reduction. Secondary interventions are more reactive in their purpose and concentrate more on reducing the effects or severity of stressors to the individual, using stress management training for example which can help an individual cope more efficiently. Tertiary interventions are also reactive and often include a treatment programme such as an Employee Assistance Programe which often includes couseling and other forms of health promotion for individuals with existing problems. Tertiary interventions are similar to secondary interventions in the way they focuss on the individual and do not attempt to reduce the presence of stressors.

    • Word count: 2662
  6. The role of expert and lay knowledge in understanding and managing risk.

    Beck?s account of Risk society (1989) claims that we are changing from an industrial society to one where, 1. There are significant effects from modernisation. 2. Invisible risks that cannot be determined by an individual?s own means. 3. Dependency on expert knowledge. 4. ?The extent of people?s material exposure to danger/harm is essentially reliant on knowledge created by experts? (Carter and Jordan, 2009, p.80). 5. Rapid growth in public awareness of risk. 6. The amount of risks within society focuses at the distribution of harm. While examining the two types of knowledge used in determining how risks are made and understood this report will provide evidence for the importance of expert knowledge as Beck saw it and for lay knowledge and public opinion which is not so straightforwardly determined.

    • Word count: 1214
  7. Increasing Employee Retention with Work-Life Balance Case study.

    As our company grows, if we do not put these policies in place, our employees will begin to experience large amounts of stress, which would not only increase the risk of the employees leaving the company, but would also cause low productivity, and increased time off (Hitt, Miller, & Colella, 2009). Not having family-friendly policies in place can also make our employees resentful and cause them to think that we do not care about their personal lives. This is a huge risk for our company; our labor is the most important asset we have, and if we do not put policies into place that illustrate our commitment to them, we are at risk of losing that value.

    • Word count: 1545
  8. Leadership Case Study - The candidate chosen for this assignment is a Junior Lecturer with an experience of approximately four years

    Teachers are a relevant example of leadership in modern life. They are paradoxically mischaracterized as incompetent leaders, however, in reality they should be considered as in-dispensable assets in the truest meaning of the word. They ultimately control the learning and intellectual development of young people in their charge and play a vital role in cultivating the new generation. For these reasons, the following description of leadership styles is based on the experience of a junior lecturer. BACKGROUND OF INTERVIEWEE: Tenure 2008-Present Current Position Junior Lecturer, Oral Pathology Department. Baqai Dental College, Karachi.

    • Word count: 1560
  9. Bebin team roles

    However, once too many Plants were in the team, bad ideas concealed good ones and non-starters were given too much airtime. Similarly, with no Shaper, the team ambled along without drive and direction, missing deadlines. With too many Shapers, in-fighting began and morale was lowered. Meredith Belbin studied the behaviour of managers while they were engaged in a complex management exercise. Their different core personality traits, intellectual styles and behaviours were assessed during the exercise. As time progressed different clusters of behaviour were identified as underlying the success of the teams.

    • Word count: 4133
  10. Lbour Relations Case Study - the Screen Actors Guild strike 2008-2009

    The SAG?s main issue was gaining an agreement that would include residual payment for actors and actresses. These residual payments or royalties would come from material that is resold on the internet at places such as iTunes, Netflix, and many other sites that have movie downloads with a membership. The royalties would also come from DVD and Blu-Ray sales which are not included in the current contract (Whitford, 2007). This would be beneficial to the actors and actresses as it would increase their income in a time of uncertainty.

    • Word count: 7930
  11. Human Resource Management - HRM approaches, HR Planning, Job Evaluation, Reward Management system and organization exit strategies.

    Furthermore, it has distinguished between personal management and human resource management and its historical development. And, the roles of human resource practitioner have been assessed evaluating its responsibilities and activities. In task two, an evaluation of the procedures and practices used for recruiting and selecting suitable employees is done. This evaluation consists of an analysis of human resource planning, the information required and the stages involved in the process. And the recruitment and selection procedures are being proposed to the given hypothetical company where it has justified why interviews are better preferred than other selection techniques.

    • Word count: 10330
  12. Is Leadership Nature or Nurture? Discuss with reference to theories whilst critically evaluating available evidence.

    There lies a multitude of research on the subject of leadership. The underlying topic of discussion in most of the research is whether leadership is influenced by nature or nurture. Are there people predestined for leadership from birth or can people be trained and moulded into leaders? When discussing this, authors may choose to focus on role occupancy, which is whether people occupy positions of leadership in organisations (Arvey et al. 2006), or the effectiveness of those already in leadership positions. With the debate in mind, role occupancy seems to be a better fit as it provides more insight on whether those thought destined to lead actually take up leadership positions.

    • Word count: 2416

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