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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Discuss the relevance of management ethics in a modern business context.

    and internal ethics resources (conscience, moral skills). One method to promote liability in a company is by creating codes of conduct. Nowadays society requires that businessmen act according to certain principles and only by behaving this way will a business retain a share of the market (Mahoney, 1990). Publishing a code of conduct can also be a way to demonstrate an organization's agreement to ethical conduct but doesn't guarantee to be efficacious. Law may also be considered as a major ethics resource because many actions which are judged illegal, may also be ethically wrong.

    • Word count: 1303
  2. Time Management.

    Consultants say that on the average, professionals spend fifteen to eighteen hours a week in meetings. Most of them will say that at least five of those hours are wasted. Every organization has to deal with ill-managed meetings, and there are several ways to combat this. Most organizations feel meetings are more important than they've ever been before. Employers are increasingly encouraging more teamwork than ever before and look for more decision-making from their employees. Instead of the pyramid structures of the past, employers are looking for more input from individual groups. Problem solving on different levels is helping to increase productivity.

    • Word count: 1938
  3. Organizational Behaviour.

    Research shows that people are drawn to each other psychologically under condition of threat and frustration. (Victor H. Vroom & Edward L. Deci). It can also be said that many groups form because they provide opportunities to fulfil basic human needs. We are human beings we need to communicate, we need to socialise, mix around, and share our happiness and sorrows, which can be best done in a group. In organization where there is social behaviour amongst the members, passing of friendly remarks, jokes and conversations about matters of mutual interest give expression to many personal needs.

    • Word count: 2556
  4. An investigation into motivation of employees at Autoglass Ltd.

    Introduction Autoglass Ltd has recently become the world leader in vehicle glass replacement and repair with an annual turnover of �981.4 million in 2002. |The Chairman Nigel Doggett has requested a report to be produced on motivation in the work place after reading an article on motivating people in organisations. This report sets out to investigate the different theories academics discuss on the subject of motivation and what is the importance of understanding motivation. Primarily, the report will review and analyse the current motivation techniques within Autoglass Ltd.

    • Word count: 3255
  5. Human Resources planning.

    Successful HR planning in an organisation will ensure that the right people fill the right vacancies at the right time. It contributes to the effectiveness of all four functions of human resources. Recruitment and selection Recruitment and selection involve all processes involved in bringing new employees into a business, the job analysis, job advertising, selection and interview. All these processes are to help find the best quality applicant for the position. In any organisation the employees are their main and most important asset and a quality workforce will lead to success in any organisation.

    • Word count: 6073
  6. A Closer Look at the Structure, Culture and Motivation at Northumbria University.

    One should notice that this assignment does not provide an in-depth overall analysis of the university's culture and structure. This is due to the shortage of time, insufficient data and because of our lack of skills in carrying out in-depth business research. Northumbria University Background Northumbria University is a large metropolitan university, first established as a polytechnic in 1969 and inaugurated as a university on 1 September 1992 (Northumbria Unversity). Rutherford College of Technology, the College of Art & Design, and the Municipal, College of Art & Industrial Design merged to form Newcastle Polytechnic.

    • Word count: 5097
  7. The aim of the report is to provide some possible options that Bon Bon is open to regarding the course of action that must now be taken because of the various problems its is now facing.

    For each recommendation made a procedure i.e. laws, will follow and an outline of implications and policies involved will also be included. Section 2 In this section the internal and external impact on Bon Bon will be discussed. The internal factors will be ones that Bon Bon have control over. External factors will be those that influence that are outside Bon Bon's control. Section 3 After discussing what internal and external impacts are influencing Bon Bon, this section will include measures of how this impact can be minimised to the least and steps Bon Bon must take in order to do this.

    • Word count: 7177
  8. To what extent are individuals homogenised as "workers" or "staff" so as to make leading and managing a more simple process.

    Therefore, when undergoing a task in the organisation. It is a challenge for manager to ignore all the differences between individual and seem them as a group. As Furnham and Gunter (1993) point out: culture represents the "social glue" and generates a 'we-feeling', thus counteracting processes of differentiation which are an unavoidable part of organisational life. Culture differences may include a different race of people, different countries, Sometimes, even different areas may cause a different point of view. Also, there may be different sub-cultures within an organisation, there may be some common organisational values or norms, but in some respects there will vary between different work environment.

    • Word count: 1421
  9. What kinds of interventions are typically used to manage 'stress' at work? How effective are they?

    Finally, tertiary interventions focus on the rehabilitation of employees who are already suffering the consequences of work stress. This category includes psychotherapy, counselling and employee assistance programs (EAPs). As various publications make abundantly clear non-primary (that is, secondary and tertiary interventions) are much more commonly used in organizations than primary interventions (Cooper and Payne, 1988; Cooper, Dewe and O'Driscoll, 2001; Cox, 1993; ILO, 1992; Kahn and Byosiere, 1992; Kompier & Kristensen, 2001; Murphy, 1984, 1986, 1996; Reynolds and Briner, 1996).

    • Word count: 5788
  10. Time Management - Managing Activities

    Try to fix definite times when you would not like to be disturbed, and make the system work except for genuine emergencies. Plan your telephone calls. Make a brief note of what you want to say and what you want to find out. It saves time later. If you have several phone calls to make, do them all in a burst. When you start a piece of work, try to finish it without interruptions. If you have to finish it later, you will lose time picking up where you left off.

    • Word count: 1356
  11. The strategic role of Human Resource Management:

    It is indicated by the department turnover rate that is very low. Chap # 4 Personnel Planning and Recruiting HR Manager told us that they do Personnel planning and recruiting according to available budget. If budget is available and no seats are vacant but for service of the country Lawrencepur hire employees for only the service of the country. For Management Positions: > Advertising > Executive Recruiters > Referrals > Walk Ins For Professional And Technical Jobs: > Advertising > Employment Agencies > Executive Recruiters > Referrals > Walk Ins For Sales ,Office and plant Personnel > Advertising > Employment

    • Word count: 1373
  12. Human resources planning is a key part of the human resources function.

    There are three main Acts, which need to be applied during the recruitment process. The sex discrimination Acts, the race relations act and the Disability discrimination act. Sex discrimination Acts 1975 and 1986 The act outlines the fact that it unlawful to discriminate a person on the grounds of gender or marital status. Both direct and indirect discrimination is unlawful. To avoid direct discrimination organisations must choose applicants based on their qualifications and suitability for the job rather than gender. To avoid indirect discrimination, during advertisements and Job specifications organisations have to be careful that the criteria set down for the vacancy is not of a discriminative language.

    • Word count: 4289
  13. 'Employee behaviour is basically just a reflection of individual differences'. Discuss this statement with particular reference to theories of motivation.

    Personality, as one of those differences, can reflect the ability or inability to cope with the expectation and demands of organizations. An introvert, for example, would possibly not contribute himself to the job which requires expressiveness and implusiveness (such as salesman or M.C.). Individual values, attitudes, needs and expectations which build up human behaviour explain why and how individuals are motivated to satisfy themselves for certain goals in certain ways (Rosenfeld & Wilson 1999). The question about how motivation dominates individual behaviour will be discussed in the following essay.

    • Word count: 3363
  14. 'student motivation' .

    The first is referred to as motivators, which includes responsibility, advancement, and recognition via intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The other is known as hygiene factors (i.e. these factors include student studying environment, management, benefits and university policies). Unsatisfactory hygiene factors can act as de-motivators, but if satisfactory, their motivational affect is limited without motivators. Robert Harris furthermore, emphasised that 'student motivation' rationally has to do with students' desire to participate in the learning process in the academic literature called "some ideas for motivating students". The literature illustrated that many students' do poorly on assignments or in participation because they do not understand what to do or why they should do it.

    • Word count: 866
  15. Is motivation more important than ability in a successful competitive performance? To have ability in a successful performance some would say in necessary

    There are many examples of ability required in many different areas of performing, in sport they range from: hand eye co-ordination, flexibility, speed etc. Without these abilities certain skills would not be performed to a high enough standard to compete successfully, i.e. a serve in tennis. Without innate it has been said, you will never be great at performing. Motivation can influence our decisions, our learning and our performance. We would not be able to perform to our best level if we were in a negative psychological state of mind, some say mind over matter, but it has been proven in most activities this is not the case.

    • Word count: 1044
  16. Is motivation more important than ability in a successful competitive performance?

    Prizes or recognition, if the sportsperson wishes to gain more prizes then they will have to learn or improve new skills in order to better their last performance. Another extrinsic motivation also relates to cases where young sports people are forced into carrying on with a sport so as not to upset their parents. Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation although very separate ideas are also closely linked, for example within a long distance race the external factors are your other competitors, because they're trying to do their best aswell, you want to try harder to beat them however you may still have the desire to achieve success.

    • Word count: 1311
  17. Shell recruitment and The Gourami exercise. 'The Gourami exercise being a challenge where students are faced with ethical dilemmas, political sensitivities and engineering problems designed to give

    Also not only will the hired graduates be the best performers they are also more likely to fit better with the organisational culture and remain with the company for longer. Methodology The Gourami business challenge involves the gathering of 40 final year students studying from a range of disciplines. The graduates are given five days to prepare a strategic business plan for an imaginary operation at Shell.

    • Word count: 533
  18. Explain the role of motivation in enhancing a sports performance?

    Due to the fact that if you are playing in a local team it is for fun and to keep you fit etc, therefore you have intrinsic rewards. However they can also get motivation from extrinsic rewards by gaining praise and trophies. Where as a player that plays for England, is a cricket professional and they have a lot more extrinsic rewards. These are intangible such as praise, fame and winning along side tangible rewards such as money and trophies, such as the world cup.

    • Word count: 1104
  19. Managing Individual Performance

    Choosing the Team Building Case Files Building case files was the first task to be filled in the DARE group. The responsibility of this individual is, "conduct site visits to verify and research case histories and substance abusers' profiles" (Managing Individual, n. d.). Lisa Stafford was chosen for this position because she possesses characteristics that enable her to analyze situations quickly and is a hard-worker. Since the individual needed to travel to several locations and possess analytical skills, having an extroverted personality type is essential to succeed in this role.

    • Word count: 2563
  20. Recruitment and Training - NHS

    As for the other staff, this will not last for long and by right the Working Time regulations are UK Health & Safety legislation, which include 48 hours of work per week, minimum rest period of 2 days per 14 days and hours for night workers; not more than 8 hours in every 24. A job description is a document setting out the duties and tasks associated with a particular position. Managers are responsible for drafting copy for their adverts.

    • Word count: 825
  21. If Marks and Spencer grow in size and open new stores, then they will need more people to carry out jobs. These can be existing jobs which Marks and Spencer know how to recruit for

    who may make cause mischief within the company before walking out on the job leaving Marks and Spencer having to go through the process yet again.

    • Word count: 252
  22. Recruitment and Selection

    An employer has a legal responsibility to ensure that no discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief occurs during the Recruitment and Selection process. Equality of opportunity must be an essential part of the recruitment and selection process. Discrimination In an organisation it is important that the selecting committee are very aware of which kind of discriminations can arise. There are different types of discriminations which of two are direct and indirect discrimination .

    • Word count: 1940
  23. Our behavior also differs according to the environment around us, in the market place, workplace, university... While working with colleagues, our behavior is influenced

    Most of us who have got jobs are basically very capable people and that is why we were employed. Our behaviour at home is real but those of us who behave differently at workplace are wearing psychological mask which are detrimental to our vision of life and organisational culture. Of course those of us who behave differently at workplace have excuses to do so and say that we want to be good at work but others are not good. All four fingers are not alike, in the same way differences, inadequacies, problems and misunderstandings are natural among people. But we the people are endowed with god given abilities to respect differences in people, tolerate others point of view, help people in need, be efficient and honest to work and above all the will to change for the better.

    • Word count: 1013
  24. The report starts with the introduction to Human Resource Management (HRM) and the role it has to play within an organisation followed by brief introduction of the chosen organisation for the discussion-McDonalds Restaurants Ltd. Also, it gives the rea

    Traditional Personnel management deals with short term planning and controlled externally. With employee relations' perspective, it has low trust and less communication. It has lot to do with labour management.(limited to the people and not deals with strategy) On the other hand, HRM emphasizes that employees are critical to achieving sustainable competitive advantage and is central to organisational strategic performance.(Bratton and Gold,1999).HRM plays great role with organisation's corporate strategy. But to do this, all HR strategies must be integrated and must be in line with overall business strategies.(Lecture Notes,2004 Topic 1)

    • Word count: 3331
  25. A lot has been written about the need for HR professional to be a thinking performer and a business partner. How can I demonstrate these two attributes within my own organisation?

    The HR Business Partner ensures that the best people solutions meet the strategic aims of the business. Ulrich defines the qualities of a HR business partner as follows: * Focus on outcomes and not process * Measure results * Help to resolve business problems * Be able to hold their own in discussion with business partners * Ensure that HR strategy is aligned with business strategy The change of HR's role to business partner is well documented in HR publications and on HR websites.

    • Word count: 1802

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