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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Is money the only motivational factor?

    For example an employee may prefer to work on their own rather than in a friendly team. In order to have good motivation employees needs have to be established. This is shown in how lack of motivation equals reduced effort and lack of commitment. An example of how employee's needs could be satisfied is through involving them in discussions so that they feel recognised and wanted. A business could also set up discussions with management about goals and working practises which would make employees feel their opion counts and also that their contribution is valuable. In the long term this may result in the employee being willing to work longer hours or take responsibility.

    • Word count: 1789
  2. How can ASDA (Farnborough) Improve Employee Motivation?

    First of all with low motivation nothing will improve without something being done therefore the situation will gradually deteriorate. Low motivation could cause a poorer level of customer services, problems regarding quality, high staff turnover causing recruitment problems and ultimately sales will drop as more and more customers are affected. ASDA's statement regarding motivation is "Getting things done, with and through others, willingly and well." Taken from www.ASDA.co.uk. In short the problem is to find the best solution to low motivation by tackling the individual areas mentioned above. Background Knowledge Many people believe that they are motivated simply by money, however this is not entirely true.

    • Word count: 1592
  3. Motivation in PPP Healthcare

    A factor, which effects motivation, is that every individual has different needs. For example an employee may prefer to work on his or her own than in a friendly team. In order to have good motivation employees needs have to be found. This is shown in how lack of motivation equals reduced effort and lack of commitment. An example of how employee?s needs could be satisfied is through involving them in discussions so that they feel recognised and wanted. A business could also set up discussions with management about goals and working practises which would make employees feel their opion counts and also that their contribution is valuable.

    • Word count: 682
  4. What is Motivation ?

    Needs and Expectations In order for an employee to be motivated, his/her needs and expectations must be met. There are three categories for needs and expectations. They are : 1) Economic rewards - such as pay, benefits, pension rights, material goods and security. This is an instrumental orientation to work and concerned with other things. 2) Intrinsic satisfaction - derived from the nature of the work itself, interest in the job, and personal growth and development. This is a personal orientation to work and concerned with 'oneself'.

    • Word count: 599
  5. The factors that motivate first line management in engineering companies.

    In every organisation motivation is a major subject. Every organisation wants its employees to be motivated to work and the organisation will try to help its employees to be motivated to their work. In summary, this research is of both personal and generic value in illuminating the impact of motivational techniques within a chosen organisational setting. Literature Review Engineering is simply context of the study but not the core. In the same way first line management are the population to be studied. Evans (1992) defines the First-Line Manager, as "the supervisor is the official manager of the work Like a manager he is responsible for determining objectives, planning/organising, communicating, controlling, motivating, etc", and this will be the definition brought forward for this study.

    • Word count: 2391
  6. This is a report for the Directors Board of the Cosmopolitan Hotels, to identify the projection of improving the business of the Wheatley Park Hotel over the next year.

    * We will offer 500 basic memberships that worth �500 each p.a. to local residents for using leisure facility which would potentially generate �25,000 extra profits p.a. 1.2 Quality Policy Statement and Measurable Objectives 1.2.1 Offering Quality Service After doing some researches based on academic theories and practical results and interviews, Total Quality Management (TQM) is a way to create competitive advantage to give the best services to customers - we have to focus on the service quality offered to customers in the competitive hotel environment.

    • Word count: 2721
  7. Critically assess the reliability of the various methods that could be used to gauge a candidate's personality during the recruitment process.

    The concept behind these tests states that environmental and social factors are seen as being negligible; instead a person's personality is viewed as being genetically based which would render it less susceptible to change. Various psychologists have proposed a number of different models to gauge a person's personality. These vary primarily in the number of factors that are taken into account. Popular among tests that are designed along the nomothetic approach are Cattel's sixteen personality factor (16 PF) test, Eycenck's personality inventory (EPI), Goldberg's five factor model and the Myers-Briggs Type indicator (MBTI).

    • Word count: 1565
  8. Annual Anxiety: The Quest for the Ideal Performance Evaluation

    The bottom line is employees want to know how they are doing, and their companies want to tell them. In a nutshell, the problem with most systems of performance evaluation is their failure to address more than a handful of specific traits the company deemed important at one time or another. The solution involves more than developing a new form, however. There are at least six factors that will lead a company to produce a system that works for employees, managers, and the company. Performance--The first factor necessary in the quest for the ideal performance evaluation is that it must be exactly that: performance based.

    • Word count: 2612
  9. Managing Diversity within the Organization

    Primarily, challenges associated with diversity need to be addressed and overcome in order to prevent serious problems. Challenges of Workforce Diversity The challenge facing diversity is to bond an organization that may be divided along lines of sex, race, ethnicity, religion and generation. Society is made up of different people therefore making it often difficult to unite those differences without creating a uniform strategy. One has to bear in mind that diversity in one business will be different from another business (Hodson, 1993).

    • Word count: 2128
  10. This report defines the value of teamwork from the project management perspective, focusing mostly onto events as projects.

    Particularly, in the past 200 years there has been developed a complex understanding of the teamwork principles in practice, with new perspectives that reveal its complexity. Guidance on how teamwork can be effectively developed in modern organisations has been offered by different authors, whom?s suggestions will be further discussed in the next chapters, followed by a reflective insight in the author?s personal experience. Interestingly enough, it seems reflection represents the most comprehensive tool for learning and self-development. Issues such as conflict resolution, trust and cooperation, task conflict, problem solving, the cognition of the team, team processes such as decision making,

    • Word count: 4304
  11. How does work experience benefit your future career?

    Hence, students with work experience are in favor because the employers acknowledge their CVs and it is more likely that they will get invited for an interview. A recent report by High Fliers Research Ltd. (2013) found that employers view work experience as one of the ways by which students can exhibit their competencies and skills. Moreover, work experience is specifically of a high value to students because they can develop various employability skills. For example, Gualt, Redington, and Schlager (2000)

    • Word count: 1552
  12. Emergency plan for secondary school. The Emergency Incident may involve significant threat, damage or injury to property and individuals, and may have a longterm impact on students

    ? Sudden outbreak of communicable diseases(SARS, Avian influenza (H5N1)) 2.2 Terms used in the plan. The Emergency plan incorporates the four elements of comprehensive emergency management, namely: 2.2.1 Prevention and Preparedness Prevention refers to those activities which eliminate or reduce the number of occurrences of disasters. It is important to identify, assess and prioritize local and regional vulnerabilities to emergencies. 2.2.2 Mitigation Mitigation attempts to lessen the impact when the disaster does occur. It refers to efficient utilization of all available resources during an emergency.

    • Word count: 5161
  13. International Leadership & HRM The effective leadership model

    For example, interpersonal relationship orientation and task-oriented leadership behavior can effectively improve the performance of the organization and employee satisfaction. The characteristic of today?s global business world is by increasing the competitiveness and sustainable development. There is a very important thing, is the leadership. A business sustainable development is one of the biggest factors in their senior managers how to manage and lead. An important part of the operating organization, which is guiding the members toward goals and objectives, it is the process of leadership (Thomas and Cheese, 2005).

    • Word count: 2972
  14. What do you believe to be the primary moral wrong committed by discrimination? What do you see to be the primary moral justifications in favour of affirmative action? Based upon your position do you believe that affirmative action is justified? Why, or why not?

    The answer to this fundamental question is critical to answering additional questions regarding the essence and scope of discrimination. For example, is rational discrimination backed by good reasoning wrong? And is affirmative action, actually promotes equality or does positive discrimination in fact contradicts the notion and produce adverse results? The concept of discrimination mediates between moral and legal reasoning and is a subject that open grounds to many ambiguous and conflicting debates as it violates one of the fundamental ethical principles. Due to the boundless amounts of explanations for the existence of discrimination, it is too broad in scope for this essay to analyse in the depth required.

    • Word count: 2469
  15. Identifying and Solving a HR Problem at Hovertec Helicopter Builders.

    This report is to document the actions of this company - those that repress low performance. Otherwise, we give an overview of the interaction between the company and their employees whom responsibility has efficiently powers affecting the expression of Hovertec. In order to improve helicopter loom - assembly method, we have done some analysis and find out the problems as below in the main content of this report. 1. HOVERTEC CASE STUDY 1. PROBLEMS OF INTER-DEPARTMENTAL CONFLICTS: 1. Human Resources: 1.

    • Word count: 3118
  16. Critically evaluate the extent to which academic research enables practitioners to meet todays HRD challenges

    It is the blending of these core research areas that in many ways provides HRD with its distinguishing theoretical base. Having said this it is also the reason why ?the process of defining HRD by academics, researchers and practitioners is proving to be frustrating, elusive and confusing? and suggests that HRD has not established a distinctive conceptual or theoretical identity? (McGoldrick et al, 2001; p.344). On a simplistic level HRD is the process of increasing the capability of the people within the organisation by means of development.

    • Word count: 3333
  17. What can organisational learning, and the search for the learning organisation, offer to companies seeking improved financial performance in the modern workplace?

    While there is a body of organisational learning research which proclaims the commercial benefits afforded to an organisation committed to learning. Many scholars also lament the dearth of empirical research to support the optimism surrounding the link to organisational performance. This paper presents a literature review that draws attention to both the research that supports the case for organisational learning as the key to improved financial performance and that which questions the validity of such claims. It also suggests some areas of further research that may help in addressing this issue.

    • Word count: 14910
  18. Do employee involvement programs improve organizational performance? Discuss with reference to a minimum of four empirical research.

    Also, when employee with a high level of satisfaction, they will have positive moods at work, to be highly committed to their employers, and their careers (Carson et al,1995; cohen,1995). A positive work attitude and productive workforce would result a better economic organizational performance via improvement of the degree of customer satisfaction. There is clean-cut suggestion that job satisfaction and organizational commitment have strong positive relationship, due to high level of committed for organization, there will be less absenteeism and job turnovers, thus, a stable working condition will support the achievement of organizational common goals and strategic objectives.

    • Word count: 1175
  19. Health Safety and Welfare for Construction

    Robinson (2012) These regulations encourage everyone to work together to make health and safety an integral part of the design, construction and management of projects, they help to improve planning and management from day one and to identify hazards so that they can be eliminated or properly managed. CDM 2007 places legal duties on virtually everyone involved in construction work as everyone controlling site work has health and safety responsibilities. Checking that working conditions are healthy and safe before work begins and ensuring that the proposed work is not going to put others at risk, requires planning, organization and applies whatever the size of the site.

    • Word count: 3857
  20. The Recruitment & Selection Process of The Canadian Armed Forces Vs. Scotiabank

    The following is a list of benefits offered to family members: 1. Community orientation 1. Low-cost access to outstanding sports and physical fitness facilities 2. Diverse mix of leisure activities 3. Youth services and programs 4. Child care facilities and emergency child care 5. Second language training for spouses 6. Employment assistance for spouses 7. Relocation benefits and services, and cost-of-living differential allowances 8. Dependent education management program for families living abroad or moving to a different province 9. Domestic travel and family-care related benefits 10. Morale and psychological support: Member Assistance Program, Operational Trauma and Stress Support Centre?s, family separation and reunion counseling, self-help groups 11.

    • Word count: 6735
  21. Problem Statement: How to improve the HPWS in Haier China, and implement it in Haier facilities worldwide.

    This resulted in people migrating from rural areas to the cities in search of jobs. The Chinese also became willing to change their traditions and habits to match the requirements of the new industries. Technological Not Relevant Cultural China was always influenced by its centuries of traditions and culture. Authority and hierarchy was respected. Traditional values were passed on from generation to generation and adhered to. The Chinese culture also resisted changes and influence from modern and foreign elements. SWOT Matrix for Haier Strengths 1.

    • Word count: 1801
  22. HR Case Study - Nitish, a highly promising recruit, is finding it difficult to perform well in his job and is losing motivation

    Lack of consistent organization culture i.e. not completely mechanistic or organic in the company 3. Organization lacks structure hence leading to Role conflicts Eg. Meena who is an Operations Head is handling HR division without a clear reporting head 4. Director roles of Finance and HR are vacant implying the lack of Role models for the respective departments Opportunities 1. Head office appreciates the work for the divisions from India and France out of the existing 12 country divisions; hence viable chances of growth 2.

    • Word count: 2041
  23. How have I improved particular academic skills during this module, and how do I plan to develop my skills further in order to improve my next group collaboration and my overall academic performance?

    One of the most important skills is said to be goal setting. This is due to the fact that if you set yourself goals, you will have the ambition and motivation to do tasks, become successful and in a stronger position in life (Richard Addy, 2012). However when setting your goals they need to be realistic and achievable. If they are not, this will result in lack of success. To improve this academic skill you should start off with small goals such as completing an assignment and then gradually build up your goals.

    • Word count: 1289

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