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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Using reference to the academic literature, analysis and explain the main human resource issues and dilemmas raised by Hume & Co.s decision to build its international presence.

    Labour turnover is similarly high among younger women consultants. They resigned from the company in their early 30, reasoning family and childcare decision. Though it was later discover by the company that these women consulted joined in other companies, who are Hume & Co competitor. Outsourcing of knowledge is high as because these women consultants know how and core components of the company that are transferred to competitor companies through them. Staffing issue in another vital HR issues as Hume & Co.

    • Word count: 3542
  2. Human resource management. I have analysed the HR strategies of Prime retail store which is newly build store at Wembley at UK which include grouping of the organisation in terms of its employees, the turnover, the location and a number of other factors t

    HR management view 9.0 Performance Appraisal 10 > Performance appraisal helps to develop employee relation > Reward system and effect > Reward and punishment effect company's performance 10.0 Conclusion 12 15.0 References 14 2.0 Introduction: Researchers describe that today; many successful organizations are increasingly tying Human Resource Management closely to the business practices. Hollinshead and Leat (1995) also describe there should be a link between HR policy, strategy and practice and overall corporate strategy in its competitive environment. Coopers and Lybrand ( 1992 )

    • Word count: 3916
  3. Employee Empowerment. When employee empowerment is used within an organization, the organization will be helping the employees through new strategies and philosophies to make decisions.

    When the strategy of a flat organization is used, employees will be motivated to be involved in every aspect of the organization. This strategy is one that enables the ability to work as a team, and to practice good decision-making. In order for a flat organization to be successful, they rely on the work teams and each individual to have the ability to empower on another. "In flat organization, decisions are made faster, entrepreneurial creativity of employees is released, and ideas are managed better" (Gates, n.d.).

    • Word count: 1079
  4. Leadership. There are many styles or ways that a leader can use to motivate people. The basic three styles of leadership are: autocratic,democratic and lassiez-faire.

    Lassiez faire: gives full authority as well as responsibility to the employees and leaves them at their own. Gives no direction and expects them to solve their own problem. It's very difficult to choose one single style of leadership. The leader must be flexible enough to behave according to the demands of the situation. Stick to any one style of leadership does not enhance productivity and in such changing global scenario it would have an adverse effect. Acombination of leadership should be exhibited depending on various factors. The world has becoming globally so advanced that change has become a daily phenomenon.

    • Word count: 3056
  5. Communication and Collaboration. Self Analysis. My top three learning styles in order were: Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Verbal-Linguist. Interpersonal skills are often referred to as possessing people skills.

    (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007, Key 2.2 How to put your Multiple Intelligences to work for you.). The one style that sticks out is seeing things from others' perspectives. I can put myself in others' shoes. To communicate effectively I know many factors go into making a person who they are; ethnic background, where they live, and how they were raised. When communicating and collaborating within a group I can understand different personalities and I am able to work supportively within in the group. My second learning style was Intrapersonal. The skills related to this style are: evaluating own thinking, being aware of and expressing feelings, understanding self in relation to others, and thinking and reasoning on higher levels.

    • Word count: 768
  6. The Applicability of Traditional Organisation Behavioural Theories. Those in the lower hierarchy levels of the organisation are often regarded as pursuing the individual goals of earning a decent salary and progressing through the organisational hierarchy

    The system would be beneficial to the Paper Plane Corporation in study one in ensuring the highest of productivity on the production line where efficiency is vital to success in the contract for the RAF. Not all elements of Taylors' approach we agree with, the parts we do however are listed below: * Development of a standard method of performing each job * Selection of workers with appropriate attributes for each job * Train workers using the standard method previously developed, and established as most efficient * Managers should follow procedures to ensure consistency and reliable behaviour * Support workers

    • Word count: 6249
  7. Free essay

    Human Resource Management Practice at the Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of Education

    This will be geared towards improving organizational performance, facilitate better management of schools and achieve a higher level of effectiveness throughout the broader educational system. Staff efficiency and organizational effectiveness is a growing problem for MOE and the entire public sector, this is critical to an organization which promotes the educational systems for the nation of Trinidad and Tobago. In November 1996 (Internal staff Memo MOE), The Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister and Head of Public Service Authorities mandated all public sector organizations to implement a new performance appraisal systems, in keeping with the Vision 2020 objectives of the nation.

    • Word count: 3233
  8. Personality Assessment Instrument. Assessments of personality are conducted through several means: questionnaires, observations, and projective tests. The science of management has had many studies prepared on the topic, however, now studies have been und

    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator's purpose is helping people understand psychological types. The core of this theory is that random behavior in people is actually very orderly and consistent, this is because of the critical differences people use their judgment and insight. Characteristics over the four dimensions are: Favorite World - does the person's attention on the outer world or inner world? This is called Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I). Information - does the person take in basic information or do they interpret it and more to it? This is called Sensing (S)

    • Word count: 1915
  9. Evaluate your performance as a team leader and your ability to lead a team effectively, commenting on your strengths and areas for improvement.

    A leader should provide as much structure as possible in this stage. It was important from the start that I facilitated discussions on a level that all members could understand, ensuring that everybody was invited to participate, the aim being to support and empower the members, by adopting an anti-oppressive approach, enabling my team members to be actively involved in the decision making. I noticed that others may felt less confident about talking within the team and there were certain members who rarely spoke at all.

    • Word count: 2421
  10. With reference to UK and global perspectives, critically evaluate what it means for organisations to be strategic in their approach to Human Resource Management.

    (Agarwala, 2007). An example of this could be the adaptation of the formula one pit stop practices by the budget airline industry. Similar to the way formula one, pit stops operate certain practices have been adapted by the budget airlines to get their aircrafts ready to take off as soon as they land. The airlines make no money when on the ground. This approach not only looks at altering the business strategy but the human resource management strategy as well.

    • Word count: 1932
  11. Performance Appraisal: Remedial Action. he first purpose of this review is to analyze theoretical aspects of performance appraisal system. The second purpose of this review is to discuss and analyze performance appraisal system (EPAP) of Commonwealth Ban

    defined performance as "is multi-dimensional construct, the measurement of which varies depending on a variety of factors." On the individual basis performance is a record of the person's accomplishments. Kane (1996, pp 123-45) argues that performance "is something that the person leaves behind and that exists apart from the purpose." Performance management can be defined as a strategic and integrated approach to delivering sustained success to organization by improving the performance of the people who work in them and by developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors (Armstrong and Baron 1998). Bartol et all (2010, p.405-406)

    • Word count: 4314
  12. In the current business environment, what role do job design and workforce diversity play in attempts to improve individual and organizational performance.

    The third purpose of this review is to integrate job design and workforce diversity. If HR managers design jobs in such way that promotes and manages workforce diversity in an organization, then both individual and organization will have improved performance in the current business environment. Job Design Defined A job consists of a related set of tasks that are carried out by a person to fulfill a purpose (Davis, 1966). Job design has been defined by Noe et al (2010) as: "is the process of defining how work will be performed and the tasks that will be required in a given job.

    • Word count: 4013
  13. Sales personnel and responses to staff turnover.

    A company that mainly deals with sales, gains the biggest proportion of its revenue from the sales transactions the company does with its customers and clienteles. Thus, it is important to keep the company's sales up and going. The sales industry makes up a big proportion of the economy. Doing sales with customers is not a simple task. It is not just about an exchange of item for money. A sale's success also depends on how the company's salespeople persuade the customers to do sales with them.

    • Word count: 3218
  14. Transformational Leadership. Transformational leadership involves the provision of leader influence on subordinates, but the effect of this influence is the empowerment of subordinates, who are also leaders in the transformation of the organization. Wit

    al., 2010). These aspects of charismatic leadership are use of personal power, loyalty to the common cause, a clear vision of the future, the ability to take risks, and act effectively in situations of uncertainty. The leader, according to this theory, can only be a person who possesses a certain set of personality traits or a set of certain psychological traits. Various authors have attempted to provide these essential leader traits or characteristics. In American social psychology, these sets of traits were recorded with particular care, since they had become the basis for constructing systems tests for the selection of persons - potential leaders.

    • Word count: 2127
  15. Costco Vs Walmart. This paper will discuss the viability of increasing wages to attain higher productivity rates in the workplace. I will argue that implementing a wage increase for current employees will not necessarily result in higher productivity and

    Cascio bases this argument on the premises that Costco, a store with similar objectives to Sam's Club, is able to successfully run a profitable business not at the cost of employee wages, quality of product, return to shareholders, or profits (81). Costco believes that providing higher wages results in higher productivity (82). On average they pay their employees $6.89 higher than Wal-Mart employees and provide above average benefits yet most agree that they are still the lowest cost provider (82).

    • Word count: 1017
  16. Evaluate the impact of discipline in The British Army and justify the need for, role of and effects of such discipline.

    All of this is merely the spirit of team play; that is, putting the interests of the team above one's own for the greater good of the team. The word 'company', 'troop', or 'unit' is merely the name for a team, and military discipline is nothing more than this same spirit of team play. It is the most important aspect in the Army. In civilian life lack of discipline in a young man may result in his getting into trouble which will cause his parents and teachers regret or sorrow.

    • Word count: 2580
  17. Organizational motivation and leadership in the workplace. The selected organization is a private company called I.W. Industries in which is categorized under Screw Machine Products and Manufacturers.

    They employ more than 200 employees and estimate annual revenue of $20 to $50 million dollars. This organization's home base is located in Melville, New York and does business all around the world (I.W. Industries, 2011). I.W. Industry's vision, mission, and strategies are based on new innovative products that are needed by other manufacturers and distributors to meet consumer demands as well as their needs. Having a strong and happy work environment, this organization has provided a great relationship among vendors, clients, as well as their own employees.

    • Word count: 1878
  18. Vietnam - workers rights, pay,pensions and hours.

    a year. Employers must compensate workers according to overtime pay rates. Overtime during normal working days is paid at 150% of the normal rate, whereas those working night shift overtime must be paid at a minimum of 180%.Workers working during weekends and on holidays without taking other days off are entitled to earn 200% and 300% respectively of the normal rate as well. Social Security Social insurance in compulsory or voluntary forms shall apply to each of the categories of beneficiaries of enterprises in order to ensure that workers benefit from appropriate social security.

    • Word count: 4014
  19. Making the Tough Team Call. The IMP team has been unsuccessful at completing their project and progressing through the stages of the Tuckman five stage model. They are currently stuck in the second stage of storming without having fully completed the firs

    The intended effect would be to give the team, through the use of maintenance and task activities, goal direction and role assignments. Introduction: The International Management Program (IMP) is a program designed for high potential managers and has been run by the company Continental AG. Continental aimed to see how potential managers would handle themselves under the pressure of completing these strategic projects that were important to the company. Cross-functional and national teams were created with a mentor and met for week long modules every 6 - 8 weeks.

    • Word count: 6839
  20. Free essay

    Demonstrate knowledge of recruitment processes within Tourism and Hospitality organizations

    Job vacancies normally arise for reasons such as retirement, promotion, new department and job changeover. Then a job description is designed by the HR team which explains the duties of the job and the position of the job holder. Then an applicant's specification which represents the ideal qualifications, experience, personality skills mentioned. Thus the job vacancy is being advertised in apt place either media or web with appropriate details required.( R. L. Compton, Alan R,2009) The responding candidate must enclose a covering letter expressing their interest towards the job with a copy of curriculum vitae which is a short account of personal details, qualifications and experience.

    • Word count: 1875
  21. What Makes A Good Leader?. In this assignment I intend to explore some of the aspects related to effective leadership within an organisation.

    Morley et al in Principles of Organisational Behaviour (p346) describe this as " the assumption that it is possible to identify a unifying set of characteristics that make all great leaders great". There was great interest in this area of leadership in the mid 20th Century and it gave rise to detailed knowledge and understanding of the leader element in the leadership process. The core traits established from this study included intelligence, dominance, self-confidence, energy, activity and task-relevant knowledge. A critical evaluation would suggest there are over sixty characteristics one can find within this theory and thus it begs the question; what is the most important one for effective leadership?

    • Word count: 1498
  22. Key strand of thought in Sociology. In this assignment I intend to examine in detail some of the main strands of thought associated with industrial sociology. To avoid the notion of schools of thought within sociology the term strand has been coined

    The scientific management's advocate was F.W Taylor whom was an American engineer and consultant between 18-56-1917. Essentially what Taylor tried to do was develop an efficient work-force by cutting the unnecessary workers which became surplus to requirements due to the experiments he conducted which focused on the time being the factor. Taylor's formulation signified producing more for lower cost per unit, usually by eliminating unnecessary workers. Similarly, 'how quickly' signified that time and money were equivalent. Above all, efficiency was a science (Norton, 2006 p.

    • Word count: 2035
  23. Performance Appraisal case study

    While this may create some controversy, the company will have to manage this. The HR Manager should be severely disciplined for his actions, up to termination (contingent upon his performance in other areas). Finally, to solve this issue from an organizational standpoint, the company should implement hiring and promotion procedures and follow them. They should also institute changes to the appraisal system and train supervisory staff on performance management. Problem Statement The selection of Jose Luis for promotion was not done in a suitable manner.

    • Word count: 3773
  24. Leisure Time Ltd a consultancy Agency located in Fiji was hired to present a critical analysis on whether or not Hotel Denarau should attract British business tourist.

    Immigrants have accepted several aspects of the indigenous culture, but a national culture has not evolved. The country consists of more than three hundred islands, approximately 110 of which were inhabited; most of the population is concentrated on the main island of Viti Levu. People from different parts of India came to work as indentured labourers on sugar plantations. European immigrants came primarily from Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain. Viti Levu contains the major seaports, airports, roads, schools, and tourist centres, as well as the capital, Suva. Fijian, Hindi, and English became the official languages after independence in 1970.

    • Word count: 2662
  25. This report suggests recruitment and selection methods for hiring quality staff for the proposed crche & child development centre (C&CDC) at Elgin Pharmaceutical in consistent with the high road HRM practices it has been pursuing in the knowledge intens

    As Elgin's Senior Human Resource Manager, I have been asked by the CEO to propose suitable strategy for the recruitment and selection of exceptional C&CDC staff. As the reputation of the company is of prime importance rather than the cost, the staff hired should hold high standards in terms of caring qualities and passion for child development apart from being well qualified. This report therefore goes for a holistic review of many factors related to this hiring. Before moving forward, one must bear in mind that the company is going to hire this kind of staff for the first time

    • Word count: 4943

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