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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. Cape Breton Wallcoverings - HRM analysis

    Now they are facing a situation where the demand for their products is higher than their production capabilities at the moment. The company has to decide on whether to expand their plant or not. The AN consulting group provides an analysis with the focus on human relations management issues to give an answer to this question. At the end of the report are recommendations and implementation plan. Organizational profile History St. Clair Paint and Wallpaper Corporation was founded as retail store by late Harry Litwin in 1939. By 1989, it had grown to be a retailer, distributor and a manufacturer.

    • Word count: 7724
  2. International management. This essay aims to discuss challenges, which international teams have to face.

    Especially in China it is essential to understand local society and business standards for a functioning integration in the economic cycle. Many people wonder why this is important for the success of a company. Our thesis is very easy: If we don?t know and understand our environment, our customers and especially the people we are working with, we won?t be successful in the field we are working in. Upcoming questions concerning this statement will possibly be: What are possible problems of having a mixture of people coming together from all over the world?

    • Word count: 5483
  3. HR Strategy, The main area of this report will be evaluating the Human Resource Planning within Groupon.

    Nope, these aren?t tall tales and it?s not too good to be true. Groupon is active in more than 45 countries and 450+ cities worldwide. With more than 64 million global subscribers and more than 1 million active users in our online communities (Facebook, Twitter) in the UK alone, Groupon maximizes the customer flow for small to medium sized businesses by providing them with affluent customers via direct marketing. Groupon is a very entrepreneurial type organisation and consists of 600 employees in the UK alone.

    • Word count: 1169
  4. Assess the state of the evidence in favor of HRMs impact on organizational performance.

    Firstly look at the HRM measurement, then analyze performance measurement, afterwards assess the HRM?s impact on performance. 2.0 HRM measurement It is useful to consider what HRM is before studying how to measure it. Dessler(2010:2) suggested HRM could be defined as ?the policies and practices involved in carrying out the ?people? or human resource aspects of a management position, including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding, and appraising.? Figure 1 shows a relatively clear relationship between HRM activities, HRM outcomes and performance.

    • Word count: 1656
  5. Performance related pay

    The financial sector is very competitive and relies heavily on getting the best people for the job, so they need the ability to compete in the labour market for talented employees. Bankers in the financial sector receive a payment bonus that rewards them based on the assessment of their performance and contribution. Better pay and benefits attract better-quality candidates, giving the employer greater choice over whom to employ (Gilmore and Williams, 2009). Businesses use PRP to attract the best candidates as well as obtaining a heightened performance from their current employees.

    • Word count: 1981
  6. The relationship between HR practices and sustainable competitive advantage.

    (Schuler.R.S,MacMillan.I.C,2006) An organization?s human resource management practices are supporting the organization?s business strategy and provide valuable customer services. It is also helping the organization to enhance its performance to establish its competitive advantages by contributing to employee customer satisfaction and so on.( Cummings.F.T & Marcus.S,1994) Some people argue that the organizational competitive advantages is created by HR practice while other people states that the most important objective in an organization is the matching between HR practice and other organizational factors such as technologies and financial resources. HR practice itself can create sustainable competitive advantages for the organization nowadays.

    • Word count: 1356
  7. internship of Human resources.

    At first, HPC was established upon passion of 4 students of Ton Duc Thang University in the field of IT industry and the company?s office was just a master room in a house. In this period, HPC mainly provided computer maintenance services, web design, and network solution and computer components for business. Because of small scale company with the charter capital of 40 million VND together with a hard competition in the market, the company had to repeatedly on the brink of bankruptcy by the oppression of larger vital companies.

    • Word count: 4872
  8. History and Role of Trade Unions Report

    This causes conflict to arise between the employer and employees when dealing with the terms and conditions of employment, with the employers looking to maximise profit and employees looking to maximise wages. Subsequently this causes an imbalance of power which was/is widely regarded as unfair towards the worker. The role of a trade union is to use ?collective bargaining? and represent the employees to reach an agreement with employers that will inevitably improve the working conditions. ?trade unions are organisations of workers set up to improve the status, pay and conditions of employment of their members? (McIlroy J, Trade Unions in Britain today, 1995)

    • Word count: 1648
  9. Human Resource Management Case 1: Dallas Pet Foods: Building Morale

    Answer: Employee motivation is the level of energy, commitment, and creativity that a company's employees apply to their jobs. In the increasingly competitive business environment of recent years, finding ways to motivate employees has become a pressing concern for many managers. In fact, a number of different theories and methods of employee motivation have emerged, ranging from monetary incentives to increased involvement and empowerment. (Owen 2001) In this case I will motivate employees individually and in groups too. I will work with employees on an individual basis to help them set appropriate, meaningful and attainable professional goals.

    • Word count: 3413
  10. Preparation for an interview with Goldman Sachs.

    Has Lehman Brothers responded appropriately? What are your thoughts on JPMorgan and Bear Stearns? Be prepared to discuss the firms on the front page of today?s Wall Street Journal. You need to convince the interviewer that you have the necessary drive, capabilities, and personality best suited to become a successful investment banker. Gaining the trust and respect of the recruiters is very important for cracking these interviews. Talk about the company?s position in the industry and how it differs from that of other Wall Street listed firms ? both bulge bracket and boutique.

    • Word count: 1994
  11. The Korean history of HRM can be divided into 3 distinct periods. During these periods the HRM paradigm changed from seniority based HRM to ability based HRM

    The Confucius focused on order and hierarchy. The decision of those who were in authority were seldom challenged. Secondly, men were considered to be superior than women (Miles,2006,2007). Another characteristics of these societies is collectivism. They stress on the importance of human relations and the priority was given to the group goals rather than the individual goals. ?Geert Hofstede, in his study on the relationships between national culture and organizational culture found Korea to be one of the most collectivist societies in the world. (Hofstede,1980a,b,1996,2003; Perry,2002) These characteristics contributed to the ideas about how firms were organized (Rowley and Bae,2002, p.530,2004, pp.59-61).

    • Word count: 1972
  12. Head hunting. The growth of the executive search industry

    Therefore, considering the fact that ?the top incentive head-hunters offered was a better salary, followed by better career opportunities and a better title? (Rodier, 2011). It seems there is no doubt that this new field of commercial industry has thrived dramatically in the last 30 years throughout the world. In fact, that is part of the reason why a large number of people became willing to receive calls from head-hunters. Under increasingly intense competition, the emergence and growth of the headhunting business meets the great demand of a consultancy market as the pace of the internationalisation of companies is accelerating.

    • Word count: 2213
  13. How might effective organisational management influence the engagement of the workforce?

    Modern approaches also take external factors into consideration. It is important to understand the situation and adapt accordingly, with great importance on supporting personnel as this is more likely to improve productivity than if more focus is on production (Goodlight, 2007). The approach will influence the structure an organisation adopts. It is vital to have good structure as it allows control, which can positively affect both productivity and morale of the workforce because aims and job roles are clearer (Mullins, 2007).

    • Word count: 3250
  14. Industrial & Organizational Psychology: Diversity at Lloyds-TSB

    Lloyds TSB has a diverse working environment in terms of gender, age, disability, ethnicity and sex orientation (Lloyds TSB). They provide equality for all their staff. Equality means treating everyone as the same, regardless of their differences (Chron). According to Lloyds TSB, the number of female managers have almost doubled between 1998 and today. This shows that Lloyds TSB is promoting people based on their ability but not their gender. They have a thriving Women?s Network that provides networking and personal development opportunities. For age, Lloyds TSB recruits, train and promote people based on their strength but not age.

    • Word count: 4116
  15. NOGO Railroad Case Analysis - The company is lacking a Human Resource structure. Without this developed structure there is a lack of recruitment procedures, no clear job descriptions

    There is a threat of layoffs because of the poor use of payroll dollars versus work output. There is a company history of organized employees? resistance. 3. Poorly negotiated Union contracts has resulted in high employee expenses and limited options for change with the employee expectations on a daily basis. Union and its members have a strong hold on the company and have successfully leveraged that strength against the company?s best interest. B. Micro 1. There is little to no upper management direction or support.

    • Word count: 1111
  16. In this report, we looked at the case of the performance management of WIS NZ's telephone account manager.

    At the end, we recommend that Salesforce should implement some new strategies , such as sorting out employment complex, giving more personal attention, and etc, to finally make these problems to go away. Introduction An organization needs to influence satisfiers through performance management ? the "measuring, monitoring and enhancing the performance of staff" ? using a range of human resources management (HRM) tools such as: job descriptions, supervision, performance appraisals, continuous education, rewards and career development (Dieleman et al., 2006).

    • Word count: 2782
  17. Outline what you consider to the major issues and problems for HR specialists in Ireland over the coming decade.

    Introduction Human resource planning is a function of human resource management hence a short introduction of this subject is imperative. Human resource management has evolved considerably over the past century and has experienced a major transformation within the past two decades. From being a primarily administrative position as personnel management, it has become more strategic[1] in nature as organisations strive to increase productivity, improve service and ensure that companies adapt to the ever-changing business conditions. Whilst personnel management aimed at establishing and maintaining equitable terms and conditions of employment, human resource management integrates the traditional personnel management functions to corporate goals and strategies.

    • Word count: 2975
  18. Determining why Employee Job Satisfaction is Low

    Job satisfaction is very circumstantial and subjective for each employee and situation that is being assessed. Americans of all ages and income brackets continue to grow increasingly unhappy at work a long term trend that should seriously concern employers, The report, based on a survey of 5,000 U.S. households conducted for The Conference Board by TNS, finds only 45% of those surveyed say that they are satisfied with their jobs, down from 61.1% in 1987, the first year in which the survey was conducted. While overall employee satisfaction has declined to 45%, the percentage of employees satisfied with their jobs is lowest in the under 25 age group with only 35.7% satisfied.

    • Word count: 3540
  19. Case Study. The founder of the Flight Centre Ltd, Graham Turner claims that people are hard wired to work in small groups within larger groups.

    Vertical differentiation refers to the number of hierarchical levels in an organization (Robbins & Barnwell, 2006). At the Flight centre, the operation level involves retail shops. Each shop involves three to seven people working on one brand which is called a family. The area or a ?village? involves 7 or 10 families within one geographical region. The tribal country is a set of three or four villages. Each tribe is a different brand, brands include corporate traveler, flight centre and student flights (refer appendix 1).

    • Word count: 2488
  20. Major Challenges of Organizational Behavior

    We can also say that globalization brings peoples from all nations closer through a common medium i.e. internet, economy, education, etc. Process of globalization is mutual actions and act among people, government, companies and nations around the world motivated by international trade and investments and influenced by information technology. A lot of countries include famous auto manufacture can export their vehicles into Egypt, which cause an immediate effect on Aboulfotouh market share and yearly target sale volumes. *So it is very important as an automotive assembler to reduce cost, increase local parts component and quality to hold market share position.

    • Word count: 1675
  21. In this report, OmniBanks Diversity Efforts case study would be taken into account to illustrate the significance of diversification in the contemporary workplace

    Moreover, the process makes good business sense. Therefore, this paper will present diversity strategies in the workplace that focus on three main matters. First, four steps that OmniBank may consider taking to form a diversity committee consisting of: Step 1: Preparation before undertaking diversity initiative Step 2: Identify key participants Step 3: Recruitment of committee members Step 4: Establishment of objectives and strategies in form of charter Second, the establishment of the charter in which the OmniBank?s diversity committee pledges to direct the organization towards a working environment where harmony and equality among each and every single constituency to one another are matters of priority with the purpose of making the most of everyone?s effort for the bank?s prosperity.

    • Word count: 2748
  22. What is the purpose of discipline in employment, nature and function of disciplinary procedures using the research based on the ACAS code of practice 2009 and what changes has it made comparing the code of 2004 and 2009.

    In the ACAS 2004, drawing up disciplinary rules and procedures must involve management, employees and their representatives where it is appropriate (para 52, ACAS 2004), make rules clear and brief and explain the purpose (para 53, ACAS 2004), explain rules and procedures to employees and make sure they have a copy for themselves (para 55, ACAS 2004). Disciplinary procedures should not be viewed as a means of imposing sanctions but as a way of helping and encouraging improvement employees whose conduct or performance of work is unsatisfactory (ACAS 2000, cited Torrington et al pg 600).

    • Word count: 1589
  23. How far do the 2008/2009 changes in the ACAS Code of Practice on Discipline and Grievances help managers and employees to ensure fair and consistent standards at work? Discuss.

    Disciplinary actions are made by employers when misconducts arise or employees? poorly performing at work, for example of misconduct or poor performance; punctuality or productivity at work. If employees tend to continuously arrive late to work or productivity is low then disciplinary actions will take place for improvement. In the matter of disciplinary and grievances procedures, the procedures entails the establishment of disciplinary rules and regulations for good behaviour and performance, then when rules of discipline are broken, sanctions or punishments are established which are the consequences for not obeying the rules, then breaches have to be identified and dealt with by applying sanctions or disciplinary actions where appropriate.

    • Word count: 1867
  24. Evaluating St Vincents Hospital Recruitment Process

    I would not use any of the current recruitment processes because they all have failed to provide the hospital with an effective and efficient workforce. After switching and using new recruitment plans the company still failed to keep employees and continued to have a high turnover rate. I would centralize the hospital?s recruitment efforts because it would be much easier to recruit centrally and would be much more organized rather than being all over the place. Additionally, I would have a supervisor play a big role in the recruitment process since he or she will know what key things to look for in a candidate.

    • Word count: 779
  25. Executive Compensation in American Business

    Finally, it is important to understand the risks to American business should political attempts to radically transform the structure of executive compensation succeed. Compensation for a corporation?s top executives is often difficult for investors, employees and the public to understand, despite the push for greater transparency on this front. Part of the confusion stems from the variety of ways in which executives are compensated and the fact that much of the value of the compensation is not realized until years later.

    • Word count: 1720

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