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University Degree: Human Resource Management

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  1. With the desperate state of the UK economy, should managers resort to autocratic practices to survive the recession?

    There is definitely a close relationship between them, and to successfully manage people, one needs to exercise the role of leadership. Whereas Mintzberg (1973) assumes that leadership is part of the managerial role, Bennis (1989) and Kotter (1990) both separate leadership and management into two distinctive subjects (see Wilson, 2004). Leadership is focused on people, emphasises a personal and active attitude to achieve goals, and does not necessarily take place within hierarchical structures. Management tends to be rather impersonal, focused on strategies, structures, and systems.

    • Word count: 2414
  2. Recruitment and selection process

    Internal recruits have the advantage that they will be familiar with the business. However, business has a limited number of existing employees and they might do not have the skills or experience that the vacancy needs. By contrast, the external candidates have the advantage that they can bring new ideas, methods or knowledge to the company. However, advertising externally is an expensive process and the candidates are not previously known to the business which makes selecting to be more difficult.

    • Word count: 810
  3. Analysis of HR function and recommendations

    WHERE HR FITS IN: At Allianz HR fits within the company by supporting and contributing towards the development and accomplishment of the company's corporate strategic business plan and objectives through its HR business objectives. It is seen by the business as a strategic partner, an employee advocate and a change mentor. As stated by Dessler (2004) employers these days want HR "to address strategic issues involving the competitiveness and performance of their firms" (Dessler, G. 2004, p 5). Allianz has a tall organisational structure in place, following a mixture of the functional and divisonal structure.

    • Word count: 2386
  4. Free essay

    Essay on Group Behavior

    On the contrary, this paper will also concentrate on another group, work group which is a formal group. Work group also have similar goal and motivation. They also face problem while taking decision as there are so different types of members with different opinion. This paper will focus on these two group's behaviour from the perspective of decision making. Group A group consist with two or more individuals, who are interacting and interdependent and work together to achieve similar objectives.

    • Word count: 3290
  5. What are the attributes of an effective leader? Discuss with reference to well known theories of leadership and management style.

    Maxwell (2005, p.5), added that ''leadership is strictly influence''. He is of the opinion that there are five levels of leadership, each level stands upon the preceding one and will collapse if the lesser level is abandoned. As the leader progresses in the levels, the deeper and more concrete his leadership will be with a person or group of people. Level 1, position, the influence the leader has comes with a designation. People follow because they have to. Level 2, permission, is established on relationships. People follow because they desire to.

    • Word count: 3468
  6. Self study plan. My long term career objective is to become a HR manager working within a large national or international company that demands high standards from its employees.

    However, I do have some challenges, which is in oral communication and presentations. I cannot give formal presentations as well as I would get nervous quickly and start losing concentration on what I have to say. I feel that this is due to the fact that I am not confident in standing up in front of people and giving a presentation or speech. I also have a weakness in solving problems and critical thinking, as I cannot always solve a problem without guidance which shows that I prefer to be given step by step guidance which then helps me in solving complex problems.

    • Word count: 2184
  7. Relationship Marketing of OPTIONS THE FASHION MALL

    Loyalty program offered various value added benefit to their members in the form of tie ups with other establishments such as discounts at leading hotels and coffee shops, tie ups with credit card companies, offered free tickets to movie shows/events sponsored by the store exclusively to members of its loyalty program and an exclusive newsletter informing developments in the store and a facility of nominating family members as First citizen members of the store. Shoppers Stop offers online catalogues of various merchandises on their website and customers can also shop and order online.

    • Word count: 2850
  8. HRM. In this essay we are going to discuss the main types of appraisal method used in organisation and critically evaluate which ones are the most useful in practice, and also the discussion is included about the advantages a properly implemented apprai

    areas of performances where improvements would occur if appropriate training could be given; D to motivate the employee to do better in his or her present job by giving the worker knowledge of results, recognition of merits and the opportunity to discuss work with his or her manager. Appraisal reviews are usually categorised into three types. A Performance reviews, which analyse employees past successes and failures with a view to improving future performance. B Potential reviews, which assess subordinates suitability for promotion and further training C Reward reviews, fro determining pay rises.

    • Word count: 2611
  9. Conflict management case study. Interview with the manager of the hotel Golden tulip Parkstad Zuid-Limburg and of the hotel Tulip Inn Maastricht Aachen airport.

    Golden tulip Parkstad Zuid-Limburg Golden Tulip Parkstad South Limburg is a four star hotel, recently built, which has opened its doors at March, 2010. The hotel is located at the Parkstad Limburg Stadion. The hotel includes 70 guest rooms and a couple of suites. There are several meeting rooms for conferences, parties and meetings. Short description of Frans' job in both hotels. At the Tulip inn hotel Maastricht- Aachen airport he's a general manager for years now. He has full responsibility for the overall management of the company, including the staff, the customers, the budget, the company's assets and all other company resources to make the best use of them and increase the company's profitability.

    • Word count: 5780
  10. Recruitment and Selection

    'Nowhere is this more important than with an organisation's recruitment, selection and retention functions' (Compton et al, 2009, p9). A very important theory that builds on this approach is the Human Capital Theory, which, according to Kearns (2005) as cited by Armstrong (2006), regards employees as 'value adders, not overheads' (p30). Line managers need to take in account the candidate and their experience in carrying out the recruitment and selection process, in order to carry it out in an efficient and effective way.

    • Word count: 5107
  11. This report explores and explains the behaviour of the employees at Oticon, a hearing aid manufacturing company. Using relevant theories, this report also discusses about the consistency of the approach taken by the company for restructuring

    This dragged Oticon into serious financial problems in 1987. The management followed a status quo approach in managing the company, and they emphasised greatly on shareholders differences of opinion. The company structure with three functional areas lacked interaction. 'The most appropriate structure is dependent, therefore, upon the contingencies of the situation for each individual organisation'. -Mullins (2007, pp.564-566). This is familiar from the Oticon point of view, as the reasons are lack of innovation, ineffective management, complacency and the emergence of innovative competitors.

    • Word count: 3968
  12. The employment relationship. Within this essay the Psychological contract will be looked at closely to discuss why an understanding of this particular contract is important when managing people at work.

    Although the contract of employment is not itself the actual contract, once agreed it takes the contribution of both parties to change any aspects of it, this could be seen as an obstacle for the employer as economic situations change. However it is stated within the lecture notes that; "Increasingly contracts include clauses which allow employer to make adjustments to terms and conditions without the need to seek agreement from the employees or the representatives." It is stated on blackboard learning suite that Torrington, Hall and Taylor set out the rights and obligations that come with the contract of employment.

    • Word count: 1199
  13. Free essay

    Analysis of case study "Why Economics has been a fruitful for strategy" by Fiona Scott Morton

    Given this assumption, it is better to understand why certain strategies may or may not work for an organisation, so as to develop a better strategy for the future under specific circumstances. Oppositely, Morton shows that the normative side attempts to recommend basic approaches to strategy for organisations in a complex environment. Morton likens the normative side to a "cookie-cutter approach", which relies on the assumption that organisations are similar and to achieve a particular goal, a specific strategy must me followed.

    • Word count: 1403
  14. The role of HR in the modern organizations

    Human resource management has been distinguished in two kinds of forms: soft and hard (Storey, 1987). It is necessary to analyze and elaborate the distinction between soft and hard. Hard HRM stresses the "resource" aspect of HRM; Legge (1995a) refers to this as "Utilitarian Instrumentalism". This hard model takes HRM's focus on the central attention of the close integration of HR policies, systems, business strategies, and sees humans as a resource to be 'provided and deployed' as necessary to achieve organisational objectives.

    • Word count: 1390
  15. Benefits and Problems of Recruitment and Selection

    2.0 - Recruitment and Selection 2.1 - What is Recruitment? The first step to gather the right sales force is through recruitment. Recruitment is the finding of potential job applicants, telling them about the company and also getting them to apply. However, the company should focus on finding applicants who are potentially good employees and the entire sales organisation would ultimately depend on a successful recruiting approach, (Hair et al. 2009, 212). A recruiter's job is basically matching the skills of the potential job seeker to the needs of the company, (Futrell 2006, 515).

    • Word count: 2043
  16. Human Resources and the Resource Based View of the Firm

    However the likes of Lado and Wilson point out HR systems can be "unique casually ambiguous and synergistic...and thus could be inimitable." (Wright et al, 2001) Also whether resources can be considered a sustained competitive advantage and increase a firm's performance, human resources must be inimitable. Wright et al argued for the inimitability of individual practices, whereas Lado and Wilson noted that, with all its "complementarities and interdependencies among the set of practices would be impossible to imitate." (Wright et al, 2001)

    • Word count: 1656
  17. Workplace Employment Relations

    Scarborough develops Reed's work further. Unlike traditional professionals he says they have not got a body of knowledge to draw upon, but instead have scarcity value. They are more dependent on employers because to create knowledge they must interact within the firm using its information and communications technology (ICT) networks. Lastly they are more instrumental than traditional professional workers, emphasising knowledge related to its commercial value rather than its intrinsic value (Alvesson 2004). Knowledge can be divided into tacit and explicit knowledge.

    • Word count: 3082
  18. Change Management

    It is therefore paramount to take a holistic approach in managing change that may disrupt shareholders' norms and culture. The Westjet growth and change does not only affect employees, but customers because certain services and products are either withdrawn or introduced as part of growth. The company's challenge to manage growth and change are articulated while change management literature is reviewed against the current changes within Westjet. Based on the review, a change model and plan is proposed for the sustainability of growth and people management which include employees and customers Introduction and Company Background Founded in 1996 by Clive Beddoe and a group of Canadian entrepreneurs, WestJet commenced operations in February 1996, with three aircrafts and 220 employees, offering flights to four destinations within Canada.

    • Word count: 2905
  19. HRM strategies and recruitment theory

    Make recommendations for improvements. 1.0 The Department of Corrections Department of Corrections is a government department with the jurisdiction to enforce orders from the Government justice sector. The department's main function is to hold offenders to account for their actions and provide public safety. The activities of the said function constitutes offender management (in its 20 prisons and community based sentences), Parole administration, rehabilitation and re-integration with a focus of reducing re-offending while protecting the community from those threatening its safety.

    • Word count: 4634
  20. Free essay

    To What extent is legislation an effective tool in promoting social change?

    As the definition in the Macpherson report cited in Bhavanani (2001: 8) 'the collective failure of an organisation to provide an appropriate and professional service to people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin. It can be seen or detected in processes, attitudes, behaviour which amount to discrimination through unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and r****t stereotyping which disadvantages minority ethnic people'. Impact of the Race Relations Act 1976 and (Amendment) Regulations Act 2003 Most of employers have bad records to practice racial discrimination which is quoted by the government in UK (Kirton & Greene, 2006).

    • Word count: 4653
  21. What factors are associated with communication problems in Dancom? Discuss the impact of these factors on the inter-cultural tensions in the company and suggest some approaches to their resolution.

    So the local Russian sees the Danes as foreigners. Often they call them as "foreigners". So from the get go it creates a communication gap between locals and the foreigners. It is almost given that people from a similar group will communicate better. Whenever they come across a different group there is an invisible barrier between two parties. So any sort of communication is cautious and hesitant. At Dancom the interaction of host and foreign culture makes communication complicated. One of the biggest factors in communication problem is the Russian employee's perception of belonging to the organization.

    • Word count: 2508
  22. Quality Management and Operational processes

    The consumers of the CSC who can access subsidized health services are those from low to middle income earners. Customer satisfaction is measured against the services provided by Work and Income from the initial application, documents validation through to call centre performances on dealing with enquiries and the employees' plays a central role in delivering this public service . The demand for Community Service Cards has been on the increase since the advent of recession, swine flu and related seasonal influencers. The use of the Community Services Card scheme seems to have lowered the barrier against accessing GP services and according to the studies by the Ministry of Health (1999)

    • Word count: 3351
  23. InterClean Benchmarking

    The first issue to face is training the employees to work toward the new company strategic vision. The company has the opportunity to make major changes in their sales department that will launch their vision and move the company toward becoming a leader in their field. One of the decisions the senior management team needs to make immediately is how they will train their employees. By merging the two companies, InterClean has a unique situation in that they are merging two different sales approaches into one. "They'll need to develop customized packages of cleaning solutions and systems -- not just a patchwork of tools and services -- which include products and processes that meet our clients' needs" (University of Phoenix, 2006).

    • Word count: 4301
  24. Coastal County of Clerk Problem Solution

    Brewer should have slowly integrated some of the processes to an online application to bring technology into the workplace. This became a big issue as the population grew and an increase in property development called for technology that was not yet available. The next issue facing Accord is that there never existed an employee development plan in which the employees knew exactly what was expected of them and what their duties consisted of. Not only should this plan consist of employee expectations, but also their benefits and conflict resolution plans.

    • Word count: 3311

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