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I will analyze the marketing activities of Caravelle hotel one of the biggest 5 star hotel in Vietnam, using the 7Ps model.

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Marketing analysis of Caravelle Hotel ________________ 12/1/2012 Marketing | Ho Ngoc Anh ________________ Table of Contents Introduction 1. Assignment introduction 2. The hotel introduction 3. Target segment Marketing mix analysis of Caravelle hotel based on the 7Ps? model 1. Product ? Service in the hotel 2. Prices 3. Places ? all places and channels that are related to the hotel. a. 19 Cong Truong Lam Son, District no.1, Ho Chi Minh city b. Website http://www.caravellehotel.com c. Social network 4. Promotion a. Commercial on media networks b. Public relation activities c. Customer relation 5. People a. Skills b. Knowledge: c. Uniforms: 6. Physical evidences 7. Process a. Before coming b. Coming c. During their stay d. Checking out and after leaving Conclusion and recommendation 1. Product 2. Place a. Website http://www.caravellehotel.com b. Social networks 3. Promotion References Books: Articles: Website: ________________ Introduction 1. Assignment introduction In this piece of paper, I will analyze the marketing activities of Caravelle hotel ? one of the biggest 5 star hotel in Vietnam, using the 7Ps? model. The assignment will include the introduction about the hotel, the literature study, the 7Ps analysis, the conclusion and some recommendations for their marketing activities. ...read more.


1. Promotion 1. Commercial on media networks One of the most effect tools to bring the hotel?s image closer to people in the society both in Vietnam and all over the world is using online marketing. By appearing on all websites, blogs or forums about travel and tourism, as well as online booking pages (for examples: thodia.vn, vinaboooking.vn, agoda.vn, etc?) Caravelle is now well-known with either Vietnamese people or foreigners. 1. Public relation activities Knowing the psychology of majority when there is a president or celebrity come to stay in one hotel, it means that the hotel has good service and very famous, therefore, Caravelle have been use a lot of relationships, conveniences and service qualities to have many famous customers like president of the US, New Zealand, Chile or celebrities like Michael Caine and Brendan Fraser. They also take part in in many activities like the Earth hour, or 3R campaign for a good image of an environmental friendly hotel with excellent services. 1. Customer relation Since 2010, the hotel started the customer care program named: ?Caravelle Heritage club membership? for their frequent guests and had a lot of participants. After becoming the member of Caravelle Heritage club, those customers can have bunches of benefits from the club like: having checking in time before 11:00 am ...read more.


It needs to be designed with the high privacy, where they can focus on their works and not being distracted from other facilities like TV or stereo. 1. Place 1. Website http://www.caravellehotel.com With the advantage that the Google page rank of http://www.caravellehotel.com is much higher than other hotels? website, then they should use this strength and develop it using upgrading and updating information frequently on the website. On the other hand, Caravelle should synchronize those languages are being used on the website. 1. Social networks With the strong development of social networks, Caravelle should remain and develop their social networks? channels (Facebook fanpage or Twitter account) and pay attention to synchronize the language for their customers. 1. Promotion Even the hotel has a big investment in the website (www.caravellehotel.com) and it can be said that is one of the most successful website about the professional, the hotel is not really focus on promoting activities for the website while one of the most effectively way is using the Google AdWords. While searching for the keyword ?hotel? using http://www.google.com.vn, we cannot see Caravelle on the first page, but other competitors like Sotifel, New World or Hotel Continential, etc? Similarity, while searching for ?Hotel in Ho Chi Minh city?, we also could not see Caravelle on the first page, but others competitors. ...read more.

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