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I will discuss Service Management Frameworks, what they are, how they have developed and the perceived benefits of them. I will provide an analysis of MOF with its overall ability to improve service delivery. I will also explain and evaluate MOF and its

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Service Management Frameworks FdSc Foundation Degree Information Technology For Business Tutor: Steven Chanyi In this document I will discuss Service Management Frameworks, what they are, how they have developed and the perceived benefits of them. I will provide an analysis of MOF with its overall ability to improve service delivery. I will also explain and evaluate MOF and its impact on IT service delivery. Gary Wheadon 12/29/2011 When it comes to discussing the core elements, of IT systems found within a business environment, and how those elements interact within information systems, a business can utilise, for example, a transaction processing system, used within the retail sector, office systems, and decision support systems to assist management, knowledge management systems, database management systems, and office information systems. (SAUNDERS, Keri E. Pearlson Carol S., 2009, p.45) states "An important factor to most information systems is the information technology, which is typically designed to enable humans to perform tasks for which we as human beings are not well suited to, such as handling large amounts of information, performing calculations, and controlling many multitasking processes, which computer systems can manage much more effectively such as retrieve process, and store ASCII and non-ASCII text, still graphics, audio, and video". Hardware is the devices and other physical things involved in processing information, such as computers, workstations, physical networks, and data storage and transmission devices. Software is the computer programs that interpret user inputs and tell the hardware what to do. ...read more.


and also your business basic software requirements (such as adequate security features and technical support). According to (MICROSOFT, 2008) "Service management frameworks are the best available IT practices which are integrated, and to align IT to the business environment. They look in great detail at the principles and activities of information technology, and provide a firm set of comprehensive guidelines and policies for achieving stability, reliability for IT solutions and services. The framework looks at taking under its structure all of the actions and business processes involved in managing a solid IT service. It looks at the overall conception, development operation, down to covering system maintenance right through to the final point of retiring an operational system". The framework contains various service management functions known as (SMFs), which are collated together in various intelligent phases, that replicate the IT service life cycle. Each of these (SMfs) is pinned within a lifecycle phase. MOF can also decrease the risk of poor communication between teams in the IT department, by delivering better communication and co-ordination between the various teams involved in a project. Where an IT team has implemented MOF they can potentially recognise compliance and security issues when policies are reviewed. System testing is usually a process carried out by IT departments, and MOF, if it has been implemented can discover possible system integration issues prior to any new software being rolled out to a business. MOF has been developed from a core understanding of the lifecycle phases of IT. ...read more.


It is only a beginning within other attempts to tackle the IS researchers role in shaping The future and stability of IT systems. Whether it is speculating on particular technological improvement, or a system tweak, and by exploring the foundations of the service management frameworks, through implementation of it within many businesses and organisations, or critiquing the limited possibilities. My own view is on conclusion and summing up is that within visions of the future, the future of MOF and ITIL and their practice is both potentially limitless and unnecessarily limited. Our only enduring role in the future may be the stabilisation of IT systems through the implementation of operational frameworks such as MOF and ITIL. Only short of of observing and understanding, what we think is endurable, critiquing what we come to realize is unnecessarily durable, and considering and prompting the potential and need for operational frameworks to become mandatory within the commissioning of any system. Our Service management frameworks for thinking, observing, writing, and participating in I can only foresee them continually adapting and growing in alignment with the future of businesses IT requirements. In Dealing with the business continuity, the IT systems of the future may, therefore, be open to continuous exploration and experimentation within the use of service management frameworks, and one can only foresee a wonderful future indeed for operational frameworks based upon MOF and ITIL, to produce systems of rock solid integrity, peak system performance, and efficiency to the most optimal levels that could ever be possibly achieved, or even ever dreamed of. ...read more.

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